Failed Post : Stay Balance and Save, OK !!! … (Another me, yasu and HYDE)

somehow LJ just erased my draft, usually there will be Restore Draft sign on the left side of update post …..

but i didn’t see it again. Maybe this is because i wrote another post after it so it kinda erase before post? ah i dunno. I’ll write again, i hope this is gonna be the same like what i wrote yesterday and make me better to. Because writing is always make me feel better about everything. About my life, this hell and all The Black Hole where i am now. So yes, this is gonna be a long and boring post …

Let’s start with the first failed, and this is the BIG one ne. At least for me who keep tellin everyone as the fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry. But failed to get this?,  …….


yasu      :     what, you can’t get it after how you tell everyone about getting this …
noi         :     yes, i know it ya_san. This must be another conspiracy ne. A conspiracy between all ATMs and the world to keep me away from you  …
yasu      :     ah, stop it …
noi         :     but that’s the only reason ne,
yasu      :     find another reason …

actually this is because there’s something wrong with my card that make me failed to add my Paypall balance, so i have to fix it tomorrow  ne, because there’s no bank open at 10:00 PM. Nah the next day after i fix it and add my Paypall balance, there’s already this BIG


on the Official Online Shop web for that Parker & Sarouel Original Set, and what else i can say but another big Whueeee with Willy The Whale. I am sure if i keep failing like this eventually i have to join Willy The Whale to have a Free Live in the ocean. …..


noi        :      then sayin bai bai to you ya_san ….
yasu     :      that’s impossible …
noi        :      why ….?
yasu     :      you and the ocean, really? forget it. You know why …

so my plan that day to have a Black Friday with buying that Acid Black Cherry Parker & Sarouel Original Set instead of buying some DVD’s on failed again. But may be i should do this ne …


Spent The Black Friday by eating a Black Apple with Acid Black Cherry ….

but it gave me another question. And the question is : where should i find that black apple ne? should i go to Black Hole to find it …? Well i am now living in a very deep Black Hole and there’s no clue about when i am gonna  be out of this even the smallest one.


finally i use that 13,000 yen on my Paypall to buy the upcoming L’Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 LIVE at Madison Square Garden, the limitted one. Release on December 26th, 2012. According to this site, the details is

Limited edition

– 2DVD + 2CD

– ¥11,980(tax in)
– Special package
– 2CD LIVE at Madison Square Garden (19tracks)
– Live photo book
– Picture label

Track list

1.   Ibara no Namida
2.   CHASE -English version-
4.   HONEY
7.   Jyojyoushi
8.   X X X -English version-
9.   fate
10. forbidden lover
12. Caress of Venus
13. Driver’s High
16. Anata
17. winter fall
18. Blurry Eyes
19. Niji

and because it’s only 11,980 yes, and i pay it less that that because i use all points that i have on CD Japan. Yes, points that’s what i love about buy things on CD Japan. The point counting, and then found out how i can pay the items that i want less than it use to be using a weapon named points. Waw that’s quite fun ne.

who knows maybe i can see my self there on the DVD, because i and all other cielers think this DVD is gonna be like the las Live in Paris  DVD. Where the Paris live is the main part but there’s also other part as a documnetary for other country’s live. Who knows ne, i say who knows i can see me maybe on Jakarta or Bangkok part. Because i didn’t see me on the LiVE and LIFE 2 Photobook.

i never buy L’arc stuffs all by myself ne, usually Tekki is the one who will do that. Maybe i’ll add to pay the shipping cost or tax … etc but mostly i didn’t pay anything, it’s all by herself. But not this time. She said she can’t buy that becase she already use the money to but The Complete Series of Hercule Poirot.


You know the Belgium detective from Agatha Christie, so if Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with Sherlock Holmes nah Agatha Christie with Hercule Poirot. even she also created another character like Miss Marple and Mr. Parker Payne, but Hercule Poirot. is her best. Poirot and Holmes, they both solve their cases in different ways.Sherlock with his brilliant deduction and he did search and find the evidence by himslef. Remember what SHERLOCK BBC did in A Study in Pink case where he search all over the place for the pink suitcase, and yes he found it.

But Hercule Poirot make his deduction from his flat, sit on his chair, maybe with one or two time phone call to all his informan, visiting all people thank he think have connections to the case. If Sherlock Holmes always have Dr. John Watson, Mr. Poirot have Dr. Hastings, and for the love (is it love …?) SHERLOCK have The Woman Irene Adler while Mr. Poirot have Countess Vera Rossakoff from Rusia.

I love both 2 detectives above, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Mrs. Agatha Christie enchanted me on their own way. And i really can’t wait to see and have a marathon for this next December. I think tekki now is more British ne. She only watch BBC series, especially Benedict Cumberbatch. name all Beni‘s work i am sure she know it and she even buy DVD’s with Beni inside.

now there’s  a British spot in our DVD racks, and now i realized that spot is bigger than it use to be ne. And not only that, she drink a milk tea now and change my Vanilla Latte with a milk tea … really? i don’t like milk tea, i’d rather add some lemon to my iced tea than add milk. I dunno it taste weird ne, milk is oK with coffee cream but tea, aha sorry i’ll pass this tea time with SHERLOCK and Jim Moriarty.

So when there’s someone say Keep your Watson Close but Keep Your Moriarty Closer on SHERLOCK fandom, nah for me in this fandom … ah no i mean on this Bahama Love Triangle where i am involved in,  it would be this way :

Keep your yasu close, but Keep your HYDE closer ….


HYDE       :      so i am the enemy …?
noi            :      no, of course not …
HYDE       :      then what ….
noi            :      i’ll finish this first OK ..

my point is in this something that i call as The Bahama Love Triangle, at this time when i can’t be close to yasu thanks to the brilliant conspiracy from all ATMs and the world (i wonder what make them know each other ne) but i still can be closer to HYDE_san.


Remember First Knight? . So when i have this a BIG wish to cut off my cable TV because i read that there will be no L’arc_en_Ciel on the upcoming NHK Kohaku, somehow this movie is all around my telly. I watched this about 4 times now, and it just break my heart by seeing all of them Arthur, The king of Camelot, Lancelot The Knight and Guinevere trapped and broken heart_ed for something caled a Love Triangle.

i watch many movies/telly series about Arthur and his Round Table Knights, but i think this movie is the best, it showed me how feelings of filial, love, respect and honor as one, and how it torn their heart apart. If i am not mistake this movie is an 2005 America movie based on The Arthurian legend with Sean Connery as King Arthur, Richard Gere as Lancelot and Julia Ormond (you may know her on The Legend of The Fall with Brad Pit) as Guinevere.

The story begin when Arthur, The King of Camelot decide to find a wife in his late age, He is not young anymore. He porposes to Lady Guinevere. Lady Guinevere who is so much younger than Arthur (her father is a very good friend of Arthur). She accept the proposal with her knowledge about Arthur as a great King and noble man. At that time he didn’t think about love much, or maybe she did think about that and sure if sooner or later that love woll grow between them.

She start her journey to Camelot, to be the queen but in the middle or her journey she attacked by Prince Malagant, Arthur’s forever enemy. With only few guard with her sure she need some help. Then there’s a young knight named Lancelot who help and save her. That knight is not an ordinary knight ne, because he asked a kiss from the lady for return. And then as we all know there’s love start to sparkling between them.


As a educated lady, Guinevere know exactly who is she and what happen that day (she kissed the knight who saved her, only one kiss, but yeah that’s a deep kissu btw) was wrong and she supposed not to do that. But i think she jusat can’t resist Lancelot. Hey, who can resist a man like Richard Gere ne …. xD. So they both say

soo … Good night …


yasu      :     eeehh ….
noi         :     ups sorry, i mean say Good Bye ….
yasu      :     be serious OK
noi         :     well. i think i am listening to that song too much ne …


back to the story … so weeks later they meet each othe again in Camelot. But this time in a very different situation. Not as a young knight and a single lady, but as a Knight and The Queen. But the love that they leave for a not long time ago in the forrest come again, Sure i can imagine how they both feel for each other. The feeling is real but sure they can’t and they should’nt make it real. Nobody know about it.


When prince Malagant kidnap Guinevere again to hurt Arthur, Lancelot go alone to save her. And of course in everyone eyes it looks like something that a loyal knight have to do for his King and Queen, but for Lancelot it is more than that. Imagine about a woman that he love is in danger, he did what a gentleman will do go fight and save her no matter what.

After the dramatic saving, both Lancelot and Guinevere can’t hide the feelings between them any longer. One day when they were alone with horse they can’t resist to have another kiss. It only one simple kiss, but Arthur see it.

Arthur, he is mad, mad and very mad, As a man, he feel he’s been betrayed by his kinght that he trust so much like a brother and his wife that he love so much. As a King that betrayed feeling is bigger and hurt him. That’s why he decided to open an open trial in front of all the people of Camelot about this. How Guinevere and Lancelotguilt for betraying The King.

An open trial make Arthur ask to open all the city gate, he want to allow all people who live outside city gate able to enter the city and watch the trial. But what happen that day used by Prince Malagant to attack Camelot. With no preparation at all, suddenly Camelot is already surrounded by Prince Malagant army.

Prince Malagant ask Arthur to kneel down to him infront of his people so everyone will see how their king surender like that. But Arthur is not Arthur if he so that, instead of kneel down he say to all his people his last command as The King of Camelot, and his command is :

fight ……!!!!

Maybe Arthur already know if his time to death is comin, The battle didn’t,  went well for Arthur. At the end of his life he finally see the love in the eyes of his queen, the woman that he really love. But that love is not because of him. And then he gave his kingdom and his queen to his knight that he trust like a brother, Lancelot.

What i love about this movie is it can bring the shoud’a clould’a would’s things to me. After watch it sure i am gonna think if they (Guinevere and Lancelot) didn’t meet each other before Arthur sure that forbidden/hurt love wouldn’t happen, and how Arthur supposed to send one or two of his knight to guard Guinevere on her journey to Camelot, so Lancelot didn’t have to save her and asked a kiss for return.

Then i am thinking about my own Bahama Love Triangle, sure i don’t want that happen to me (i’m Guinevere btw), King HYDE and yasu (as Lancelot). The feeling that i feel about them should be stay the same like this ne, keep balance so ……

Guys, stay balance OK …..!!!


yasu      :     what, i am Lancelot and you Guinevere ...
noi         :     yes, who else ….
HYDE    :     yasu_kun, can we find another girl …
yasu      :     sure, we can do that, Let’s go …
noi         :     no, no, no there’s no another girl ne, only me in this
BLT (read : Bahama Love Triangle) … kyaaaa … *run after them*
HYDE    :     bye bye fangirl …


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