Butterflied Post : Next December is Gonna be MAGIC … (Another me, yasu and My Matsu Wa List)

i really can’t wait for December to come, how many days again to Dec 8th ….?

whoaaaa ……. *dancing with the Moon*

OK, you all know why, huuiiii  …. *still smiling*, so it’s only about another week, and my journey to Wonderland (read : Tokyo) is gonna start. You all better get ready to call me Alice. My friend Cristine and Steffie already there, and now it is my turn to go there and beat all the things that scare me about what may happen on my journey to accomplish this 1,000,000 steps closer to this man …


yasu      :     i know it, you scare …
noi         :     yes, a little bit because who knows ne ya_san, someone will kidnap me on my way to see you, you know like what happen to
Lady Guinevere  omo, that’s scary …. ….
yasu      :      ah another movie, but if that’s happen i am not gonna help you btw ..
noi         :      OK, you are busy, very busy …
yasu      :      nah, you know that

Next December my Matsuwa List is gonna reach the top, the top of my live as a fangirl to watch my idol live on stage for the first time and also for yasu to complete me. I am still incomplete btw even HYDE already did that when he came to Jakarta last Mei 2012 and now it’s time for yasu to complete me. So there you are on my updated Matsuwa List :

L’Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012 LIVE at Madison Square Garden


Hercule Poirot Complete Series


and do a marathon to watch it, and i have a nice preparation to keep my eyes open ne. As you all may know i am a coffe addict, and nothing can’t stop me on my coffee time except ran out of coffee. That’s why i always only buy 1 box with 5 sachets inside. But this time is different ne, i bought this


so nothing can’t stop me now, i am gonna kill myself with that 50 sachets inside of that coffee bag. waw that’s gonna be all night long awake ne …. *drolling* ….

~   Can’t wait to work with the new Komatsu WA450

Ah, OK ignore this one, because this one is not fangirl related ….. xD

~   Lay may hands on this FOOL’S MATE January 2013 issue


from this FOOL’s MATE Official Website in this January 2013 edition released today, Acid Black Cherry as the cover and opening feature, OMG there will be a lot of yasu. A complete interview with yasu :  starting with the latest from Acid Black Cherry,  solo works, visual of his works and the video what had been stuck, unforgettable memory, and even lead to life-style and the philosophy of love, the staff, hairstyle, and also the supporting members …

omo look at him, a new necklace or he just add some new stuffs on it ? and that hair it’s more blonde than before or there’s something wrong with my eyes, and it seems like i am not the only one who think it loos like a wig. or that’s because there’s too much gel on his hair so it became Erect_ted like that …?

So i think it would be better if there’s someone grab his hair (of course gently) so we all know and sure if that’s not a wig while i am changing into Snow White’s Wicked Stepmother asking this

Blonde blonde on my Facebook wall, where do you hide your lovely black hair? ….. ajajajajaja …. *dumped to limbo*

FM (2)

noi       :    don’t get me wrong, you are the mirror btw not Snow White
yasu    :    that’s not funny, Facebook Wall  …?
noi       :    yes, Facebook. but you don’t have to answer that btw   …

after see it again with my non blurry eyes and another amazing images, sure that’s not a wig, but it keep tellin us to think that can be a wig ….


cc : nekoyamato @meba

while i still have to wait another 9 days to get it from CD Japan. So 9 days, that’s mean i am not gonna be at home when it arrives ne, omo damn, i should buy this when i am already in Japan ne, with less shipping cost. OMG i didn’t think about that, Yukiko who run fast to a bookstore today and get this FOOL’S MATE January 2013 edition, updated her blog that i always love and make my heart beat fast for that ….

OMG, that’s a nice joke, And it also make me realized that i have to upgrade my Japanese reading and understanding, see i even got it wrong ne and get lost again in my own translation.


yasu     :     you didn’t get it ….?
noi        :     yes, but for you ya_san, i’d lost forever ne …
yasu     :     then get lost and i will never find you …
noi        :     so i am the one who gotta find you? OK boss …..

~    The Hobbit


i am gonna watch this movie in Japan, i am not gonna missed the chance to join this Bilbo Watson on his adventures. Peter Jackson really want Martin Freeman to play as Bilbo, he even want to wait until Mr. Freeman finished his shoot for SHERLOCK2 BBC. so this is gonna be awesome ne ….

and last but not least is …..

~    The upcoming 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”


now it’s already November 30th. so the first live at Fukuoka is gonna start very soon and sure the “Erect” euphoria is bigger now especially for everyone who going to see the Fukuoka live. According to 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】‘s lattest tweet, this trucks already arrive in Fukuoka


everyone can’t wait for their date to see this live coming, including me, and i think they already send my tickets ne, because they already post he complete “Erect” Official GOODs ….


for Goodies that we only can buy at the venue : i love the TOTE bag, the case, socks, an ABC pants and eh is that a wrist band ….? last but not least is the JKL set with rope inside, they posted with a very M pose of yasu


and said if this rope is different from the last one. Well i am not sure about this JKL set because if i buy that for what? i don’t have someone or at least a horse to tied btw, …


not only GOODs that we can buy at the venue this time they also allow us to buy LIVE DVD, CD and Blu-ray 「Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』」with a bonus poster, and if you buy more than 5,000 yen, you will get one of this button …


they already send the GOODs for who bought it on line, it seems like the pamphlet is still not as big as the pamphet of 2012 live, but it contains 80 pages with interviews of yasu and also i saw his other’s lives, not only Erect, where he did some pose like this …


OK, that’s amazing but this one ….. ? OMG ….


What the hell is that? …..

OK OK, i am calm now and yes, now i get that “Erect” terms …….. *get a brainwashed*

now i am still curious for what kind of “Erect” that yasu will give to all of his fans for this 5th Anniversary Live. Even there’s a clue from his video message for Taiwan fans related to 「Acid Black Cherry TOUR 『2012』 DVD – Taiwan version .



he said this Erect live in order to erase the distance feeling (because of how bigger now is ABC tours) will focus on the interaction between artist and audience, and sing some songs that the fans will love/favourite rather than making some special stage effects. that’s why yasu tweet_ed this question


maybe that day when he tweet_ed that he and his team start to make a set list for this live, I hope they put Nemuri Hime ne, because i really want to watch yasu perform this song live and sing along together ….

i can’t wait for the set list, so i can prepare myself because i only remember and able to sing well about 4 songs of Acid Black Cherry, well i am a very terrible fans ne. I am not a butterfly, even i did say how i used to be a butterfly before Mr. Friday broke my wings, so eventually i am not a butterfly, But now what i feel is

Thanks to you ya_san, I am soo Butterflied now ….


noi        :     let’s fly together ….
yasu     :     but you are not a butterfly …
noi        :     a half butterly maybe …
yasu     :     what
noi        :     you know an animagus,  …
yasu     :     but can’t fly, that’s weird



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