Whoaaa … Post : “Erect”_ed by The Set List … (Another me, yasu and Jim Moriarty)


1st Day of December —->  01122012 <—– look at that numbers, looks pretty ne even with the lucky 8 and magical number 9 …

and today when i start to write that 01122012  with many variations like 01-12-2012, 01/12/2012, 01 December 2012, … etc etc suddenly …

Bang …..!!!!!

i get “Erect”_ed (minus the fangirl euphoria, you can read : surprised) by Set List of yesterday’s live of Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” at Fukuoka Sun Palace November 30th, 2012 :

1.   Maria
2.   Cord name [JUSTICE]
3.   Rakuen

4.   In the Mirror
5.   Jigsaw
6.   Yasashii Uso
7.   1954 LOVE/HATE
8.   Doomsday clock
9.   Aishitenai
10. Yes
11. Bit Stupid
12. Cherry Cherry
13. Murder Licence
14. Kuroi Taiyo
15. Pistol
16. Shojo no Inori III


18.  1/3の純情な感情 [1/ 3 No junjouna kanjo] …..
19.  so…Good night
20.  Black Cherry


21.  Prologue End
22.  Shangri La

1/3の純情な感情 …..  really? a cover song for Acid Black Cherry Live, outside VAMPS Halloween Party? ….



omo ….. *sexcited on level 10*


HYDE     :    look at her, what was that …
yasu       :    ah, maybe because you looks so pretty HYDE_san …
noi          :    yes, much more pretty than me …
HYDE     :    i know ….
noi         :    ehhh ….

as i know watch VAMPS Halloween Party is the only change to see HYDE, yasu and other artist who paticipate on this HYDE‘s annually party to perform another artist song a.k.a. do a cover live. But i also read GACKT also did that, he sang HYDE‘s song on his live ….? and now this time yasu with his “Erect” live he surpirsed me (and maybe all of you and i am sure especially all the fans who was there watched 1st day of “Erect” Live at Fukuoka Sun Palace) by put that song  1/3の純情な感情 on the set list. so nothing i can say to all of them who get a chance to see it but this …

Minna, you are so …. fu***in lucky …!!!!!


and now here i am crossing all my fingers, hoping that this “Erect” set list is changeable like Jim Moriarty, maybe they will change the cover song part with another like Ai no Baka, Anata, or Julia ni Heartbreak ….?  OK,  i want that song : Julia ni Heartbreak for my turn next December 11th on Yoyogi ..

but with that cover song, i am not sure if that’s gonna be possible to make this “Erect” to DVD, ne CD OK, but DVD? i am not sure, but who knows ne, …… ah seee, the live is not end yes, but i am already want the DVD, Let’s wait for what 【TEAM Acid Black Cherry】 will post about yesterday’s live on their Official Ameblo.


i’ve seen HYDE (yes, i am always connected to HYDE) sing that song on Matthew Best Hit, and i always wonder how it would be if yasu is the one who sing it maybe on telly show or live? but then i know i have to go watch VAMPS Halloween Party for that, but it’s not now, because now i can hope to see yasu sing that song on his own live …


yasu      :     Julia ni Heartbreak  …? but you said you hate Julia ne …
noi         :     yes, i did many times …
yasu      :     then why did you want that song …
noi         :     i told you ne, i am so changeable ….
yasu      :     ah, go away …!!

i write about that so many times ne about how i hate Julia thanks to my one handed clap love for Mr. Friday, but everything is different now, i became more calm than before and it reduced my hate to Julia and the Julia name itself. I remember there’s one girl who write me a message via LJ. She said she read my blogs (really, i never think someone will all of this boring things i wrote) for 1 1/2 years. The weird and i never imagine about her is she said i am sorry for me when she said her name.

Her name is Julia, i think she is from Russia. She said that because she know how i really hate Julia and the name Julia itself. What she said that time make me feel that i should think 1,000 times again before i write something, especially about hate. I have no idea if there’s someone far away there in Julia who will remember my hate to Julia and then say i am sorry to me because her name is Julia when she introduce herself …

I feel so sorry about that, and what she got about my hate about Julia. I’m a woman who tends to use her feelings than her brain, no matter how i try. Now, this time Thank God that Julia hates feelings on me already vanished a long time ago. Every things change so did i. And i am glad this change happened to me. It took forever, but finally it reached me.

ah ya, talking about Mr. Friday …


yasu      :    boring, boring and i don’t want to listen ….
noi         :    no, no, listen i dream about him last night ne
yasu      :    about what, he found your blog ….?
noi         :    no, that’s too scary ne,my dream was about ….
yasu      :    what …
noi         :    i forget …
yasu      :    see, you should stop talking abou him, now go away  …

I can’t stop talking about him yet, but i am trying to do what i can do now, less talk about him. I don’t want him to find this blog and read all what i wrote. I am gonna kill myself if he really find this blog. There’s one thing i remember about my dream about  . I can’t remember what he said or what he was doing but i do remember what i said to him. I told him

Please stop sayin I Love You in past tense to me ….

eh, what that’s supposed to mean ….? i knew it, he never feel what i feel …. *bite my pillow*. But next week i am gonna do what i always do every time i am landing to Jakarta, and call me crazy, but  that’s always make me feel better by sayin this

Hello Mr. Friday, here i am now in Jakarta. I wonder what are you doin now, see what i am doing now …? i breath the same air (Jakarta Air) with you now …. *while inhale and exhale* ….


yasu      :     then …
noi         :     i feel better …
yasu      :     just like that …
noi         :     it is not just like that, see breath the same air, ne …. MFEO ..
yasu      :     ah, stop it noi_chan ….!!!

It’s already December now, not only me who will go to Japan, Martin Freeman is gonna be in Tokyo, Japan for the premiere of The Hobbit on December 1st, and according to this Movie Star magazine twitpic Benedict Cumberbatch also gonna be in Japan on December 3rd. And last but not least me, noi The Fangirl is gonna be there on December 8th ….. ajajajaja …. *dumped to Niagara Fall*

I told you ne, this December is gonna be MAGIC, Martin Freeman, Benedict and me for this 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” will be in Japan in the same 10 day .

I know this live is gonna be awesome and yasu will be brilliant as he always be, because maybe this is my one and only chance to see him live on stage.

so if the setlist is not changeable, i hope the MAGIC of December will make it changeable. And if it is also didn’t work, i’ll try to use my own MAGIC, this spell Wingardium Leviosa maybe will work  …


yasu     :    wrong spell, you want to make me fly …?
noi        :    OMG
yasu     :    that’s why they kicked you out of Hogwards, you are not a good witch ..
noi        :    but i am a really good bitch ne …
yasu     :    whatever

i hope every things gonna be smooth, my flight, travel …. etc etc. And also ther’s nothing bad happen before my leaving, if it is supposed to be happen, please God can you delay it for a moment ..? at least after i am back from Japan and do things that i always wanna do. i am fasting now every Monday and Thursday for that.

but things still happen ne, and i know this one is unavoidable, sooner or later this is gonna be happen, Ano hito wa, my dad went crazy again. He screamed all the worst and most dirty things to my mom and us (me and my sista), i can’t control him anymore. While i was tryin to hold him, make him calm with Tekki, he started to beat and kick me. He even split on me and my sista.

i tried to not cry but that’s so hard ne, and even yeah it didn’t that hurt on me, but i hurt in my heart. He is my father ne how can he did that, beat , kick and split on me …. damn, i am really in hell. Not only that, he also said while yellin how he feel very disappointed to have me by sayin that i am nobody but a bastard’s child followed with : this is what happen if you took the child of an unknown to your home ….

he said that like he is already invested in a wrong company and now he regret it. he wanted to turn back time but he can’t, so he did what he can do, blame the company (in this case is me). see finally he said that. he is the 5th person who said that to me. 1st is my neighbor’s maid, and then my other neighbor’s maid, my mom’s older sister, her husband and now Ano hito wa, someone that i call papa ….

After that i dunno what to do but cryin, i creid all night but Tekki didn’t cry at all while me drolling like hell.  Tekki said : don’t cry, because if you cry that make him as the winner, From now on, show him who is the boss. I know i never be the boss, Tekki is the boss now in this house.

Even i said it is not that hurt when he beat and kick me, but next morning when i wake up, it was so hurt ne, i found bruises all over my hand and shoulders. I think Tekki got it worst than me because when i cried and ran away to my room, she was still there with him. so what i am ask now is is there any chance to make this terrible things stop happen while i am away from home? it is only a week ne, not more than that. i promise to you God ,,,,

OK OK enough about that, now back to the set list talk …

eeehhh, Where is Nemuri Hime? …. OMG there’s no Nemuri Hime …?  why why why? what happen, or is it because the set list is really changeable so they keep that song for another life after Fukuoka …? if it is yes, i hope the keep it for my turn …. *cross fingers, again*

ya_san, i want Nemuri Hime onegaaaaiiiii …..


yasu      :    this is not a radio show where you can request as you want …
noi         :    then give me some spoiler …
yasu      :    no, my answer is always no and go to sleep now …
noi         :    eww …



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