Envy Post : GLAMOROUS SKY, HYDE, omooo ….(Another me, yasu and The Set List, again )

Acid Black Cherry Live 12-05-2012 at Nitori Cultural Hall, Hokkaido

Set List :

1.    Maria
2.    Cord name【JUSTICE】
3.    楽園 【Rakuen】
4.    in the Mirror
5.    ジグソー 【Jigsaw】
6.    優しい嘘 【Ysashii Uso】
7.    1954LOVE/HATE
8.    Doomsday clock
9.    愛してない 【Aishitenai】
10.  イエス 【yes】
12.  Bit stupid
13.  チェリーチェリー 【Cherry Cherry】
14.  Murder License
15.  黒い太陽 【Kuroi Taiyou】
16.  ピストル 【Pistol】
17.  少女の祈りⅢ 【Shojo no Inori III】


20.  So・・・Good night.
21.  Black Cherry


22.  Prologue End
23.  シャングリラ 【Shangri La】

i didn’t get “Erect”_ed by that set list on Hokkaido, but eeehh, i missed something. I read again, scrolling down, down and going down (like Justin Beiber on his song Baby), and then ….

Oh Maigooo to Basuketo

they changed  1/3の純情な感情   with GLAMOROUS SKY. The King, HYDE was also there, … so i think (and what i love to think) this is the BIG reason why they put GLAMOROUS SKY on Hokkaido set list …

btw i just had a dream last night, this is weird ne. so in my dream i was watching Acid Black Cherry Live with HYDE_san and we both sing Nemuri Hime together. Now i know this dream will never come true because HYDE was on the Hokkaido live, not together with me and sure Nemuri Hime is not gonna be on the set list.

but at least i had a very beautiful dream ne. Singing Nemuri Hime together with The King, HYDE and on my dream, he didn’t complain about my disaster voice, it was OK for him, Oh My God …. *So Happy*


yasu     :     that’s only  dream ne …
noi        :     but it make me happy and, i knew it ya_san, it’s changeable …
yasu     :     what ?
noi        :     i am changeable, so does the set list …
yasu     :     yes, you are, and one day you also gonna change me ..
noi        :     well, if that’s gonna happen it will take forever ne ….

Omo December, My MAGIC December …..


just another 2 days again i am gonna start this journey. Maybe you all get bored for this counting days things that i did/wrote in here, but now there’s so many feelings inside me.

~ Scare

sure it has to be.I read from all people’s journal/Facebook/twitter who were in Japan, all of them sayin the same thing about they don’t want to go home, wanna stay there. Then i wonder am i gonna say/write/post the same thing with them when i am already there?

As a person who will never go anywhere, i never feel save to be far from home, i am not sure about that. I want to go back again maybe yes, but to stay longer i don’t think so. Even i often say how my home like a hell by use the Hell named Home on my post, but eventually that hell is my one and only sanctuary where i feel 100% save. Feel save to be in hell?

yes, i am the devil …

Yes, The Devil who feel so excited to go somewhere . But then i think my excitement is only for the “Erect” Live,my first time to see yasu live on stage and get mobile. I also sure for this :  when i am already there i say nothing but :

mama, i wanna go home ….!!!!


yasu    :     come on, don’t be such a baby ….
noi       :     but i am your baby ne ….
yasu    :     oh, you spoil girl …

~ worry

and wondering is this something that i really want, and is it gonna be OK to far away from home, is my mom gonna be OK and Tekki can handle my dad alone? i am sure she can do that, she is the boss ne, and i dunno why i have this feeling …

~  Envy, the BIG one …

yes, that’s what on me all this week. And rain just like watering it and make it more BIG and BIG. So i’m a selfish person with this BIG envy inside of me. To who ….? to everyone ne. It started about 2 days ago. It was a rainy day, not a little gentle and romantic rain that i love but this one is a BIG and scary rain duet with thunder and light for their live concert.

My bus stop is in front of the public cemetery here. That at 18:00 with rain, thunder and light live concert’s on, suddenly i get scared to walk alone there. It feels like i was on the wrong bus stop.

OMG this bus destination is Sleepy Hollow, i have to run  ….. kyaaaa


remember the scene when Ichabod Crane (Depp) came to Sleepy Hollow for the first time, nah that’s what was on my mind that day. But of course i was not at Sleepy Hollow, but i still ran to my home. I didn’t wear jacket, forgot my umbrella. I was wet all over me.

on my way running to my home, i saw my neighbors and say a simple hello to them. and then this Envy started. Why? maybe this is because the BIG different between me and them ne. See at 18:00 while i was still on my running back home, wet cold on a scary rain with my disaster look after work,  all of them already there. Already fresh and clean after bath, under their umbrella waiting for the man who sell meat ball soup to make that afternoon warm.

OMG, what is the different between me and them? and why do i have to be the one who have to work hard like this from morning to dawn, every week nonstop. They are so happy, i can see it on their faces, then what about me? am i happy? no, i am not. Be happy is not that simple to feel for me, it is always a hard things to feel.

So that day i got a fever not only because the scary rain, but also because of this BIG envy feeling on me that i can’t denied. I think about it until i fall asleep and missed to watch SINBAD’s adventure.

Until now, i am still thinking about it, and try to figure out what is the answer for my FUBAR question to this universe. But now i remember what my mom always say to me : Wong iku sawang sinawang , this is from Javanese languange means you can’t see people just by their faces, you will ever know what’s the real happen to them.

Watching/wondering people’s live just by seeing their faces it’s the same with if you watch a stone in the river. You can’t see it clearly how is the stone shape color, etc etc because water will make it blurry, Who knows if behind their smile and happy faces they also have their own problems ne,. everyone have their own problem.

today that envy feeling is not that BIG anymore, but i still have this fever a little bit. I start to pack my things, and all my vitamin and herbal medicine. I am on my treatment, but this one i am tryin is the herbal one. Hope this one is gonna work for me, as always nature is always better right?

and my mom nonstop annoyed me by tellin me all  her list about what should i do and i don’t do over and over again. She keep tellin me not to forget to pray and read Bismilah and Al Fatikhah every time i change plane/bus/taxi or talk to someone …. #eeehhh


i see that on twitter ne, and i wonder where my seat is, i’ll found out when i am already there because they already send my tickets to the hotel that i am gonna stay.

Bilbo already start his journey to Shire, now it is my turn to start this journey to Wonderland (read : Tokyo) so …


noi         :     ya_san, are you ready …?
yasu      :     what the, i’m the one who supposed to ask that ne …
noi         :     but, you haven’t, that’s why i asked you ..
yasu      :     well then, i am not ready and never be ready for you …
noi         :     ah, ya_san come on …



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