Alone Post : My Fangirling never been so Glamorous Like This … (Another me, yasu and Viktor)

Because i am alone now and i only have another one hour left, so this is gonna be a fast post.

Here i am now at Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, waiting for my 2nd flight to Kuala Lumpur, At the first time, before i leave i never imagine this is gonna be hard like this. My hometown is a very2 small city, there’s no McD, mall or cinema there. so i have a very long way to be close to yasu. I did said about how i am gonna need 1,000,000 million steps to be close to yasu, now i think i am sill gonna need another 1,000,000 million steps again.


it’s not even half journey yet, because i’am still in Jakarta but it feels like forever. I stayed at Terminal 3 all night long just like what Tom Hanks did on The Terminal, and damn that’s so hard ne, This is totally different with the last time i did that after watch L’arc Live at Jakarta last Mei, Now i know what Viktor feel ne, alone in the Terminal, dunno what he should do and clueless about everything.

Now i am alone, Tekki i s already go home with the 1st flight to Semarang, so now just me and this long way 1,000,0000 steps to be close to yasu. Not only that, when i was on bus, i read so many #PrayForJapan hashtag on my timeline, and bloody hell really a tsunami on my leaving, is it because i am leaving from home at Friday …?


yasu   :    ah, come on noi_chan don’t start again …
noi      :    but see even the earth tryin to say no for me to be close to you …

Why it seems like so hard to be MFEO with you ..?

yasu   :    what, MFEO  …
noi      :    well then

i contacted my hotel about this and they said everything is OK in Tokyo even there’s an earthquake did happen yesterday, but at least there’s no tsunami alert again. Btw there you are ARENA37℃ January isue with Acid Black Cherry as the cover..

A9gEOOFCMAAiOGq.jpg large

see there will be 20 pages of yasu on that magazine ne so that would be awesome, Ok, this one i am gonna get it thereunlike the last FOOL’S MATE with yasu as the cover i was so in rush to buy it from CD Japan until i totally forgot if i can buy that when i am already in Tokyo and save the shipping cost ? …. *so baka*

OK, i gotta go now and now let’s do some checking …

~   Passport/visa  ……………  checked
~   Umbrella …………………..   checked
~   yens ………………………..   checked
~   laptop ……………………..    checked
~   phones  …………………..    checked
~   pillow   …………………….    checked
~   Ipad  ……………………….    checked


yasu      :     Ipad …? you don’t have an Ipad ..
noi         :     ahahaha OK, i mean my Ipad look a like calculator …. xD
yasu      :     edit that …
noi         :    i’ll do that tomorrow, i’m in the hurry ne ….

a calculator? yes, i have that to do my works ne, it seems like to be 100% off from my works for a week full is never be happen to me. My friends ask me to be on line and still do my works from Tokyo. Thanks to how we are connected now by internet it can be happen ne. I wish there’s no in net connection so i can be full free. But i am the one who also can’t let them do all my works without me checking.

so everything is checked, they already call all the passengers to Singapore, next is my turn to be call, Hope everything is gonna be OK, no tsunami or earthquake again, please God. This time i feel  …

My Fangirling never been so Glamorous Like this time


noi        :    so i gotta go now catch my flights. Damn i have lots to catch ne …
yasu     :    no you don’t have …
noi        :    yes, i am. 2 flights to catch and then i have you to catch ..
yasu     :    then catch me if you can …
noi        :    i will, and i’ll see you when i see you ne ….



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