寒い‥!! …. Post : So .. The Fangirl is in Tokyo now …. (Another me, yasu and The BIG Orange)


nah nah nah, finally i am in Tokyo now .


ups sorry, this time i have to put my photo at the top of the post instead of yasu like what i always do ne …. wekekekeke …  *laugh like godzilla*



yasu      :     aaaaaaaaaaahhh ….. *falling down*
noi         :     OMG ya_san, what happen …
yasu      :     you know what happen …
noi         :     OK, OK sorry, only this time, OK next time it will be you on TOP ..
yasu      :     ……   *still falling down*
noi         :     stop it please, see i made it smaller ne  ….

but before that, i spent almost 5 hours waiting in Kuala Lumpur International Airport where i have to change my plane to Tokyo. Arrived in Malaysia at 09:25 AM and i think i am the only transit passanger from Jakarta ne so that’s why there’s only me who was there on the transit room. I almost missed the transit room because i only focused to follow the other passanger who walk in front of me. But then i saw one female airport officer and asked her, omo i’m totally a probie about this travelling thing ne ….

nah a long time before my leaving i changed 50 USD to MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and they gave me 150 MYR. so  i only have 150 MYR in 5 hours.  I dunno what happen suddenly that 150 MYR that i have to use for 2 times my transit time in Malaysia and to pay my meals on the airplane (they only accept MYR btw) now i only have 33 MYR … what the hell, that’s not good ne, i should saved more, but aha … okay this is my fault ne ,

nah Because i also bring my Ipad look alike calculator, so let’s do some countings now. Actually this counting after buying things/speny cash is my other my guilty pleasure beside watching yasu like this …


then make sure that six pack is still on his abs but can’t touch it, omoooo ….  *rolling2 on the futton*

OK back to the counting. Yes, counting, Why? i love to do that ne, remember about what i bought, eat and did but  it also give me another shock found out the total cash that i spent ….

so sumimasen, this post s gonna be more boring with money talks and my shoulda woulda coulda things. OK let’s start the 1st counting in Malaysia.

~      Tom Yam noodles, 2 iced Milo and snacks (i can’t remember all of it)  :     25 MYR

i didn’t eat anything since midnight so yes, i am so empty …. xD

~     after full of things on my belly, then i walked arround the terminal and saw chair like this …


it is an electric massage chair,  you can find it alot in airports. I saw Shinoda_san (Kyoko Fukada’s character on Tokyo Airport Dorama) also had a massage on that, so i put 20 MYR on that chair and it gave me about 30 minutes massage ne. God that was feel so Good ne. I feel all over my body released from hurt and pain by this chair, and it also make me feel sleepy. After the 1st 30 minutes, i put anoter 20 MYR there and fall asleep while holding my bag and suitcase.

Thank God, when i wake up after the 30 minutes message over, i still have my bag and suitcase on my hold. and don’t tell my mom about this ne, because sure she as  Her Majesty The Drama Queen will be mad and start all over her dramas from the first episode ne and FYI she has more than 200 episodes  …

and i am hungry again ….

~     3 slices cake : tiramisu and chocolate                                                  :     24 MYR

it tasted so good ne, that’s why after i eat one my greeding side of me told me to buy another one, try the other chocolate with cherry on TOP … OMG it’s so dangerousy good ne, it sweet and hell yes so many calories there. So i buy the 3rd one. i can eat it on the plane. Of course i hide it inside my bag, because i remember they don’t allow people to bring food on the plane. ah i am not gonna buy meals on the plane, this 3 slice cake is enough for me  … <—– you will found out if that’s just another crap of me … xD

then they start to call all the passangers to Haneda to be on the Boarding room. I spent about half hours there. At that time, i looked around, i think i am the only person here who travel alone. All of them are with someone or in a group. There’s families from Malaysia, Taiwan and couples from Singapore. And then suddenly one woman, a Japanese woman talk to me.

Her home is on Shinjuku, Tokyo and she was there after follow her husband’s bussiness trip from Singapore. She had to back to Japan alone  because her husband isn’t finished yet. I think that’s what she told me, She speak in English mixed with Japanese btw. She told me about her trip to Singapore, go to Marina Bay and watch the botanical garden near MBS.

she also show me the pictures she took with her phone, yes it’s beautiful ne, I saw all of that plant all over the buildings. It was like covering the buildings ne like a curtain, but this one is the green and alive curtain. She said i have to see this botanical garden if i go to Singapore. She forgot what the name is after saiyin 3 times eh chotto matte like what i see a lot in dorama while tryin to remember then failed …. xD

The she start to asked me  :   What are you gonna do in Tokyo …?
i said                                   :   i want to watch a live concert.
the she asked                     :   what concert?
i said                                   :   a rock music concert, Acid Black Cherry ….
she asked again                 :   who, sorry i don’t know that …
me                                      :   really, ano hito …. *while showing her this image from my phone …*


she said       :      waw sugoii ne ….
me                :      yes, he is very2 sugoi, so now you know him …..?


i also kinda explained to her about yasu as the vocalist of Janne Da Arc and how yasu now start his own solo with Acid Black Cherry, maybe because there’s a generation gap between me and her like how i dunno about the ABC, A is for kiss, B is for Hmm Hmm Hmm, and C is …  things that yasu always teach to all his fans. i think she might know even a little about Janne but after that still

she said        :     sorry, i don’t know ..
me                :      then what about HYDE_san …
she  said      :      
HYDE_san, i now him, sugoii ne  ….
me                :      hai hai …. *exciting*

so we both finally talk about HYDE until our they call us again because or plane is ready. i also asked her about the bus route from Haneda to Shibuya station, and she was so kind ne because she cheked from her mobile the bus schedule. and it is OK, because the last bus is on 23:35 PM so i am not gonna be late. but still i wanna make sure if it is OK by

asked her again   :   honto ni OK ….?   <—— this is also from a movie btw, … ahahaha …
she answer          :    daijobu, daijobu …. *while holding my hands*


and for all of you who read this post and know from what movie i that hontoni OK and who said that and on what scene, i am gonna give that Erect Poster as a bonus, i’ll buy that for you who can answer that. message me via LJ, twitter, Facebook, tumblr. Closing date is tomorrow December 10th 2012 at 00:00 JST

And i am not sure someone will answer that right, thanks to how random is that, whoever who know that must be a movie freak, not only love to watch movie but also pay attention and remember scene and dialogue from the movies. …


yasu       :      are you sure ….?
noi          :      maybe …
yasu       :      don’t be like that ne, you know there’s another sky after that above sky …
noi          :     ah ya, you are right, you always do ..

back to my journey, so now it’s time for me to be on the plane. Damn, this flight is soo boring ne, i sit between one Japanese man who didn’t say anything but keep watching me no matter what i did. I think he is a journalist or a writer for traveling magazine or something, because he did only watch me and then write on his book. Not only that, i saw his book, he wrote in steno.

and the other is a woman from Malaysia who always sleep and i keep bother her by always go to the toilet thanks to how cold was the plane. I should sit next to the window ne. Nah when the flight attenddant start to sell the meal. Suddenly i forgot if i still have one slice chcolate cake on my bag and i asked for one Thailand Green Curry and one iced Lemon tea for 28 MYR

When they started to sell the Air Asia goodies, i can’t buy anything because i only have that 28 MYR, damn i really want that pink pasport case for my next meal on the plane go back to Malaysia again. And this one is true ne, i am not gonna buy or eat anything on my next transit ne, because i am gonna buy with what? i don’t have another MYR

We arrived at Haneda at 22:00 PM, 55 minutes earlier than the schedule. I guess i am lucky this time. Maybe this is because how my mom nonstop praying for me at home, and i think she still pray for me until now. she will not stop praying until i am back to home save.

She always like that ne, just like when i was on my final University exam, my mom pray for me since i enter the exam room until i finished and call her, told her if i passed the exam and got my degree …  That’s my mom, who keep pray and pray everyday, That’s make her so close to God, while me just too far from God.

After checked by imigration, i go to buy the bus ticket. The limousine bus to Shibuya. My stop Shibuya is the last stop, so i am not gonna lost ne. Arived to Shibuya, i get a taxi to my Hotel. Tokyo is so damn cold ne, it’s more cold that i imagine before, even my jacket is still can’t cover me well. I can’t speak well to the taxi driver to explain my hotel address, i was freezing.

I only showed him my hotel voucher, and he check it using the GPS on the taxi, and Thank God, i arrived to my hotel savely. Because i arrived after midnight about 12:45 AM, the hotel is already close. They close the front door after midnight. But they already give me the passcode to open the front door via email so it’s not a problem.

This is a small, nice and clean hotel, the front staff is an old man who is so polite and speak English fluently. my room is a single Japanese style room. It’s clean and comfy. with an air conditioner, TV, and free internet connection in every room. That’s the important thing to me ne, because i have to to my works. ah ya i still have one day reports to do ne, i have to finish that before they all on line tomorrow …


The bathroom is small but with a big bath tub. It’s kinda trouble for me, because i don’t get to use a bath tube, even i dunno what do i have to do inside the bathtube. So after had a fubar hot water bath i go to sleep, I feel so tired but also very happy because finally i can find my hotel. In the morning, i checked-in and he gave me my package from Kairai_san, and there you are ..

i got my tickets ne, finally can touch one of Acid Black Cherry tickets ne, i always want to touch it everytime i watch so many people who go to watch Acid Black Cherry live concert and posted their tickets on their blogs or twitter after the got it. OMG this tckets is bigger than what i always imagine. I am gonna save that, and maybe use it as a book page holder.

After go online and say hello to my office mate via Yahoo Messenger, i start to do my works, even not all of it, then send it to my friend so they can print it. leave my hotel and then i saw this :

a vending machine, OMG it’s everywhere ne, ….. #uwaaa.

so i spent times in front of it and put 1,000 yen then and choose one 120 yen drink, then i hear something great and make me happy, the coins change for me  …. cring cring cring, the i put another 1,000 yen repeat it and smiling like an idiot when i hear that cring cring cring sounds again,

Bloddy hell i am totally a gold digger now …. #whoaaaa ….

i did that again and again and stop when a man lookin at me, at that time i got 6 different drinks hot and cold, i’ll do that again tomorrow ne. now is time for me to start my 1st day journey to Shibuya. My hotel is so close to Shibuya ne, i only walk about 15 minutes and there you are i saw this


yasu was there btw, on top of that building ne, OMG i told you ne he is awesome, there’s no a non awesome people can be on top of that building. So i went to 109 and hell, everythings in there calling me ne,



i went to 109, and start to loose my control to open my wally  thanks to all the kawaii things that nonstop calling me, But thank God by remember yasu and the upcoming Erect goods that i have to buy, stopped me to spent another more,

~    so i only buy this coat for 9,990 yen,

~    the kawaii shoes for 7,245 yen

i gotta find the black version of the shoes for Tekki …

~    the Orange Queen Elizabeth II hat for Tekki 1,290 yen

at the first time i watch that hat, i knew Tekki is gonna love that, see how British she is now. nah that hat is gonna add her British level on her blood 0,0000005 %

then i decided to get myself out of this full of kawaii things and people after took a photo in the toilet for my luck . That one is gonna be my number one photo in toilet for luck, Why? because i took that in Japan ne inside 109 building along with all kawaii peoples around me, put a make up on their face while i have no time to put anything on my face but busy to take that picture …

i want to go out from the building but i can’t find the same way i enter this building so i dunno what happen suddenly i was underground i saw a train? OMG where the hell i am …? i went up again, and then i found a book store, i went round and round. i didn’t see any police to ask and everyone there were walking so fast ne,

they all walk like there’s a dead line after them, and that’s impossible for me with my messy nihon go to stop and ask how to back to 109 again and find a way to my hotel. Then suddenly i found a door and then ta ra ra …

i am already on Shibuya crossroad, OMG this is weird ne, so many people on that crossroad, because  still confused and tryin to find a way to back to my hotel, i just cross the famous crossroad together with all of them 3 times over and over. Waw this is fun ne, it feels like i joined a marching band minus music and the traffic light as the conductor

the i saw the Toho Cinema board, omo that’s the way to my hotel ….. kyaaa i ran and ran to go there. I get dizzy again so i think tonight is enough ne, i went out at 13:30 and back to hotel at 19:00, that’s so short ne, Maybe that lost just exhausted me so i choose to back to hotel and take a rest.

i dunno why my friends who will go with me to watch yasu didn’t reply my message on facebook, i am gonna call their hotel tomorrow. I have cold and fever now, i can’t sleep. Do nothing but stay in front of my laptop writing this with this  on my forehead

i know that’s for babies, but it works on me ne. while i am screaming with my wally, suddenly i realized something. As a silent watcher and listener, i don’t talk to many people here only to my hotel manager, and the cashier on Family Mart next to my hotel because he help me to find the right yen from my wall, OMG this yen from 10,000, 5,000 and 1,000 still look the same to me.

so here’s what i am gonna say about Shibuya ..

Shibuya is a place where you can find so many kawaii things (bags, cloths,shoes, and the cross road) and also complete with the kawaii peoples there.

everyone i saw in Shibuya is kawaii ne, OMG, i feel like hey, this is really a Wonderland ne, a land full of kawaii peoples. No wonder yasu is so kawaii ne, he even had his photo on top of 109 building,

so Maybe if i stay here, let just say i keep/save myself here in Shibuya maybe one year, i can be kawaii like them ….  kyaaaaaa  *sexcited*


yasu       :    keep yourself here and then you can be kawaii in one year?
noi          :    who knows that will work on me ne …
yasu       :    forget it …
noi          :    if i can be kawaii, you can be happy ne …
yasu       :    OMG, Shibuya just make her crazy …



2 thoughts on “寒い‥!! …. Post : So .. The Fangirl is in Tokyo now …. (Another me, yasu and The BIG Orange)

  1. OMG your trip sound exciting ❤ maybe you didn't get to do so many things in one day but still! You're there ! OwO
    Sugoi ne Noi chan!
    Maybe if you wonder around Shibuya you'll se yasu somewhere.. ^w^
    Please take care of you and get rid of the cold ne.. be healthy and 'sexcited' for ABC ne~

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