Complete Post : Thank You Acid Black Cherry, You Complete Me … ( Another me, yasu and Oprah)

complete? yes, i am now.

complete and i feel this GLAMOROUS feeling for my live as a fangirl in this fandom division of Acid Black Cherry. Finally, after all this … years (you name it, because i forgot) i wait and wonder when will i am gonna have a chance to make my dream of seeing yasu, the man who always blow my mind everywhere and put it here in this blog came true.

Now it came true, yesterday i had a very amazing, wonderful time in Wonderland (read : Tokyo) together with all Acid Black Cherry fans who was there in Yoyogi. That moment i said to my self :

yes dear noi_himura, finally you are in the right division now.

And yasu did complete me yesterday with his absolutely stunning performances. So again and again i am gona say just like what Tom Cruise said on Jerry Maguire to Renée Zellweger,

Thank you Acid Black Cherry, you Complete Me …..


noi        :     do you think i should do jump on the Oprah‘s couch …?
yasu     :     for what …?
noi        :     to make it more dramatic like in that movie ne, ah ya you should watch it, because that’s one of the epic dialogue and …,  ..
yasu     :     Hello fangirl, can you please stop your movie talk this time ? and btw
Oprah is not gonna invite you ne
noi        :     Ah ya, OK OK boss

i leave my hotel to Shibuya Station at 09:30 AM and finally i able to go to Harajuku Station smoothly. But still i went to the wrong exit. There’s only 2 stairs to go up and i think i choose the wrong one. I ended at an exit but when i put my train ticket in the machine, the door wont open and it keep make a noisy sound and gave me X sign.

So i tried it again to all the exit machines and they all gave me the same X, can you believe this all of them followed HYDE to give me XXX ….. xD OMG that’s confusing ne, and then i asked to the officer there : Is it OK if i go out from here? while showing him my train tricket. He said : Hai Hai … I gave him my ticket and

finally i can make myself out from Harajuku Station …. !!!!  #whoaaaaa ……

ah ya i should ask my train ticket for souvenir to him ne, and i remember the number was eneded with 8, see that’s a lucky number. I saw Tsukiko_chan do that ne on Toshi Densetu no Onna, asked to have her ticket back to the officer because it was a lucky numbered one.

But ah i don’t think i am not gonna get it ne, Because today i catch some cold again, so i am not gonna go far. it will be around Shibuya and shop till i drop (read : drop my wallet). I did some shopping yesterday at Harajuku and got bags for my office mate. And today i have to complete all the shop list. It is impossible for me to back to office with nothing, that’s rude.

Walk for a minute, croos the bridge and there you are, they all already there, and damn it is not in the forbidden area anymore, OMG kyaaaa …. yasuuuuu . i ran like Forrest Gump with nobody yell at me to run, Be closer to the truck and said :

Hello truck, now you are not forbidden anymore, you are mine …… ajajajajajaja … *while nonstop use my camera phone*

i think for the next Live, maybe for 6th Anniversay …. eh chotto matte as yasu said on his MC of 2012 LIVE (you  can see it from the DVD) the alphabetic from 4th Anniversay is D for Dream Cup, 6th Anniversay is E for Erect, and for next 6th Anniversay isF for what …?  please tell me not the F word …… kyaaa *dumped to limbo*

so maybe they should make a truck miniature as one of the LIVE GOODS, for 6th Anniversay it’s gonna be good for the fans who cant go to LIve and able to take a picture of the truck. They can take a picture of themself with the truck miniature with yasu‘s image on it. you know toy for the boy and girl … xD


In here now it is not only Acid Black Cherry who did the promotion using truck all over main road in Tokyo, because i alsa see FLUMPOOL and EXILE truck all around Shibuya. I saw EXILE once but FLUMPOOL i saw i almost everyday because today is the release day for their new album. And when i went to TSUYATA i saw a big SOLD OUT sign on the cashier .

ah ya back to Erect ne, so the staff said if they will open the GOODS sale at 12:00 AM, while it was only 11:00 AM but i saw there’s already so many people there made a line to the GOODS sale. Thank God, i am already here ne. It always be better to be earlier than late. I put my self in the line, i think i there’s more than 200 people infront of me. yes, it’s already long ne.

i wait while watching all of them, waw i am soo happy ne, just by watching all the other fans come here together and all of them bring at least 1 ABC GOODS LIVE and call me crazy but i think that day yasu just turned Yoyogi National Gymnasium into a school, his private school to teach ABC. and the uniform is this Acid Black Cherry Parker & Sarouel Original Set

I saw almost everyone wear that, both boys and girl, or they only wear the top as a jacket but OMG they all looks great and official ne. In my eyes, it was like all of then got the official stamp by using that cid Black Cherry Parker & Sarouel Original Set. and because i didn’t get that, so i think i am gonna consider myself as an exchange student from Hogwarts to join one class of ABC from yasu sensei

noi         :    so .. onegai sensei …
yasu      :    say another word noi_chan, …
noi         :    OK, OK in here i only remember to say this without open my book
: Bunta niku wa dame desu …..
yasu      :    eeeh bunta …?
noi         :    no, no i mean buta. My friend told me about that btw so i am save ….
yasu      :    only that? now i know why they kicked you out from Hogwarts ….
noi         :    ah, don’t tell anybody ne, that’s a secret

i don’t eat in any place btw, because i am scare if maybe i accidentally eat pork. For me, as a muslim who don’t and not allowed to eat pork,  I have to make sure it is really beef and not pork or there’s an ingredients with pork.

that day the sun was pretty shinny but the wind still cold ne, so it’s kinda make me think OMG i should put my sunblock on this morning ne, I didn’t do that btw. This is because since i am here, i don’t see much sun ne, so i never put anything on my face but a compact powder and lipgloss.

At 12:00 AM they open the GOODS sale and yes, i got it all …

I didn’t buy the JKL SET btw because i don’t see anything i can do with that SET. To all of you who asked me to buy this Erect LIVE GOODS, don’t worry i got all your list inside of that bag.

and i will send it soon i back to my home, ah i hope my flight way back home is not gonna boring. I made a mistake for my own list. Maybe this is because i am too nervous when the girl who serves me keep talking to me nonstop so instead of buying a T-Shirt for myself i bought a towel, the BIG Towel. I also had a problem to make her understand when i said i want 3 Tote BAG to her, i dunno why but she keep giving me a BIG Towel while talking,   …. #hueee

so i ended with no T-Shirt,  but at least i got that case, In here that case box is very useful ne, i put out the boxes part insde of it and there you are i can use it to keep my coins. I am having trouble with my coins now, because i always pay with 1,000 yen for anything i buy so now i have so many coins on my pocket.

finished dealing with the GOODS and put all of it on my bag, then i walk around the stadium and stop next to the staff who work to put something. I wait and wait and then i know what they did, they put this board

yes, the same one that Team Acid Black Cherry(チーム アシッドブラックチェリー) posted on their Facebook page . They also put all his singles and albums from 2007 – 2012 now.

waw, look at that ne. All the Official poster of yasu’s works ne, but eh i don’t have that CRISIS poster btw. Then i hear  someone talk about DVD and Blu-ray … etc etc, then i remember ah ya, they also sell the DVD, CD singles and album on the venue.

i went there and see all the singles and album there, they sell it. The price is more cheap than when i buy it from on line shop, of course ne, because in here there’s no shipping cost. As we all know for me as the outside Japan fan, the shipping cost is often killing me by make the CD cost double. But now it is free shipping cost for me so i bought again this

yup Black List DVD and QED album, plus that pin as a bonus because it cost than 5,000 yen. That 2 DVD (Black List and Live at Ebisu Liquid room) plus QED are ABC DVD that i play a lot, rest of it i never play it on my telly. So you can say all my DVD is still in the perfect condition, like a new one.

This is because after my dad got sick you all can say i enter the era of silence at my home. Play something like a DVD/music with loud sound is not allowed. Actually nobody say it is not allowed, but i prefer not to do that If i do that, but if i do that, my dad is gonna be crazy and OMG i don’t want that happen ne, the last time when he beat and hit both of us like that is enough. I don’t wanna get hurt anymore.  so it is more save for me to ripp it and then turned it into MP4 and play it on my phone of on my laptop at office.

so that’s why when ever i hear someone said to me how she/he envy to me and my life i really want to say this to her/him : Don’t envy with me OK, because trust me that’s not that good ne. and You want my live? OK you can have it. I live in hell btw. Nah, now you want that?  <——- you can ignore this btw  …. kyaaaa ….. *got slapped by Megatron*

Fangirling and things like this is make me happy and give me some times to forget if i am live in hell. ups sorry i was out of the topic again, The Live itself will start at 19:00 and the gate will open at 18:00, and when i saw my phone it is still 03:00 PM and i am soo hungry ne, so i think i am gonna go back to the cafe where i go with Steffie and Christine yesterday to have my own early dinner at Harajuku.

not only me who also here, because i see so many other fans who choose to spent their waiting time to go around Harajuku. Waching so many girls and boys with ABC accessories walk together and listen how they al talk about yasu, Acid Black Cherry and Erect  just make me happy ne, Everything is beautiful in Harajuku. People dress well and very fashionable. OMG They even have this AKB48 Official Store here …

i have my meal while watching that and said i wish that is the ABC Official Store ne, if that’s can be true, that would be amazing ne. Sit at the same table where i sit day earlier with Steffie and Christine and have the same kawaii man served me politely, Oh i am sorry dear Steffie and Christine i didn’t take a picture of him ne. I only took a picture of myself instead of him ….. xD ,

but you both agree if he (ignore me and read : yasu and the man who served our dinner together) is so kawaii ne. I order this for my dinner. This one below is a yakiniku beef steak. It is so BIG and very2 oishii

now i know how it is so hard for Adam Richman to do his show ne, to eat all the giant food with much more big than my meal that they always ask him to eat. So on my last bite to finish it, i feel like i was on my own Girl VS Food ne but of course with no one say : Go noi, Go noi …!!!  But still i finish it, i think if i leave that meat unfinished, it will hurt the chef ne because he is already gave all his efforts to cook that.

after my dinner, i went back to the stadium next to the entry to wait for Steffie and Christine. I have to wait there because i want them to find me easily. They have to go inside with me especially Christine because there’s my FC number on her ticket. I was affraid if they will check and ask for FC member card. They even put my name on my ticket btw. Waw that’s surprised me ne.

Finally Steffie and Christine came and we all go on in the line with the other fans get ready to enter the stadium. They open the gate and eventually they didn’t ask me to show my FC card member. I only show my ticket to the officer and he said :  Hai dozo … and i am in, in the stadium to see yasu, Oh God, i was so excited ne,

Because Steffie‘s seat is different with us so we have to go separately, me and Christine are at the south part while Steffie at the north part. Ah ya, i also saw the flowers for yasu that night. I saw from BREAKERZ, HYDE and GACKT. too bad they didn’t let us to take a picture of that ne, i wish i hadn’t turn off my phone ne so i can do that fast and then run to my seat. But i turned on again and took this photo

My seat was on the 1st floor D block, 8 rows, number 1.  it’s pretty close to the stage ne. And i am so glad that they made the stage at the center like that. remember Acid Black Christmas’s at Osaka Jo Hall? nah it was like that. i worried if they made it on the front then i am gonna be so far to see yasu ne and that’s not good for my blurry eyes because i leave my glasses at hotel. Another less than 1 hour before the show start and my heart beat fast.

I really can’t believe if i am already inside the stadium and all things that i am scared of just blown away. I think this time because i was there, yasu choose to blown all my fears far from me instead of blown me away. While waiting i made this photo with Christine.

and then everything is dark and they play a video of his work from Free Live 2007 until 2012 LIve, it is the clip from the documentary DVDs. ended with a Pistol with bullet out of it? ah i am not sure about it, and then there you are i saw him, nothing i can say but follow everyone there nonstop calling  ….

yasu, yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasuyasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu  …….!!!!!!!


that’s him, and OMG he is real …… uwaaaaaa, OMG OMG me, my self who always refuse to think if yasu is a real person because i think he is too good to be true now have to give up and surender to the fact that he is real, in complete 5 dimension. So if the 2 dimension of yasu on the DVD is brilliant so …

that 5 dimension of yasu is triple brilliant …!!!!

so the live just begin and i was in somewhere between earth and heaven enjoy the complete 5 dimension of yasu, Where is that? ah that place is random ne, but that night it was at The 1st Gymnasium National Yoyogi Stadium, Tokyo. ….

set list :


cord name【JUSTICE】
楽園 【Rakuen】
in the Mirror
ジグソー 【Jigsaw】
優しい嘘 【Ysashii Uso】
doomsday clock
愛してない 【Aishitenai】
イエス 【yes】
Bit stupid
チェリーチェリー 【Cherry Cherry】

Murder License
黒い太陽 【Kuroi Taiyou】
ピストル 【Pistol】
少女の祈りⅢ 【Shojo no Inori III】

Furare Kibun de Rock n Roll
So・・・Good night.
Black Cherry

Prologue End
シャングリラ 【Shangri La】

yes, he gave me Furare Kibun de Rock n Roll …. yay !!!!  yes, he gave me Furare Kibun de Rock n Roll by TOM CAT, the coupling for Re:Birth single …. yay !!!! after sayin something about tonight it is Rock n Roll time and how he heard that song first when he was on Junior High School … etc etc i didn’t understand the rest but i did enjoy to reply him on the part Taka ga Rock n Roll :  Rock ‘n Roll ……..!!!!! , Saredo Rock’n Roll : Rock ‘n Roll …!!! and when he sang this part

Tsuatsuatsua tsuaira rizumu ni awasete bakageta koi wo warau no
Hisomu youni hohoendara watashi ha dainamaito

Oh God, it was fast and he did it perfect ne, and i was like : yay baby, i am a dinamite ready to explode now and go get me a bomb squad. Now i realized, that song was so perfect for that night, on the cold night where i freez waiting outside the hall and afraid for maybe there’s a snow fall, but there’s something that we can do on that situation : put your headphone and turn it on the max volume and get a Rock ‘n Roll ..


i can’t understand the whole MC ne, but i only catch a little bit of what he said, He said about the stage and they make it like that because they want to be closer to the audience, yasu also said : What is Erect? Erect is hard ….. xD.

He said a lot about SEX on the JKL set MC, and this weird ne, because i sit next to a family : a mother, father with 2 children boy and girl. They are about 5 or 6 years old. And what surprised me was they both also scream and calling yasu over and over like me.  And when yasu start to talk about SEX, i saw the mother kinda dunno what to do. So she only sit while hold his son.

And when i see both of the child face, OMG they had the same expression with me ne. I think they didn’t understand what it all about yasu’s talking about : SEX, kissu, rope, M ….? I am sure the mother was thinking about how to explain everything after live ne ….? while me didn’t understand well because of how lazy i am to update my Nihon Go and choose to stay here in this forever class.

on soo … God Night part, yasu said chotto matte , and then followed with sayin wait a second (or wait a minute …?) it sounds funny but make me happy ….. xD because he want to take the tambourine first. I really enjoy this part, enjoy to clap together and move my body together with him, It also happen on Cherry Cherry part when they made the stadium full of this ….

finally i can move my head together with everyone folling yasu ne. Oh God, i always want to do that ne and it was amazing, jumping together and di the fuwaa fuwaa things . But i didn’t do that head bang ne, no no my head is already full of things and i am a little bit dizzy so i choose not to do that. I am afraid if i do that, i am not gonna able to remember how to back to my hotel.

The party is over, i said good bye to Steffie and Christine in front of Harajuku Station, I really thankful to be together with them, not alone ne. On my  way back to Shibuya i almost took the wrong train, It was on the Line 1, but i almost took the Line 2 to Shinjuku. Oh God, why did i never read the sign correctly ne, just run like an elephant on their migration time in Africa  …?

Arrived at Shibuya Station, i dunno why i didn’t find Hachiko ne, OMG where’s that dog anyway, this is the first time in my life i really want to see a dog, even a statue named Hachiko. I hate dogs all kind of it. That’s why in here i always run when i meet people who walk with their dogs even they didn’t bark on me. and in here there’s so many people do that every morning.

I can’t find Hachiko because i ended at the other exit, I saw that bus stop number 17 for the bus to go to my hotel. But that night i was too tired ne it feels like …. eeettooo, let me think first,  ah no, not a batalion of teraccota again ne because they already beat me 2 days ago, ah ya this time is all the police in Calcutta beat me with their lathi …

yasu        :     what did you do this time …?
noi           :     i dunno ..
yasu        :     there must be something you do ne …
noi           :     i didn’t do anything ya_san, i swear to you ne. If i did something, my life will end with …. me married to Prince Harry …
yasu        :     what the …
noi           :    and be kawaii, then you can be happy … that’s perfect

i don’t want to take that bus even i really want to do that. I don’t want to get lost again, i don’t have another enegry left to be lost ne, so i took a taxi to my hotel. I love taxi ne, it is simple : you pay and the driver will  take you directly to the place that you want. Taxi in Japan is very comfy ne. The driver is so polite and there’s no living money detector here, complete with GPS, and they always give you a receipt after pay. Not only that, i don’t even have to open the door ne, unlike in my country. So yes, that’s surprised me … xD


What i can say about my 1st sexperience to watch Acid Black Cherry Live and get Erect_ed by yasu is nothing but MAGIC. yasu did his MAGIC and Erect_ed me . Maybe for all other Japanese fans it is nothing because they can go and watchAcid Black Cherry Live as they want but for me this is a very MAGIC moment.

I took a flight with a plane that i hate so much because Superman said a BIG NO when i asked him to take me to Tokyo for free. He said i am too annoying to be his flight companion. …? #eeehhh

Not only that, Tokyo also not to gentle to me wit it cold wheather that freezed me, but everything is worthy, and yasu made is more than worthy . so nothing is impossible ne, see even me who is a probie traveler can do it, that’s why you also can do this. as i always say if there’s 1,000 ways to rome so believe me there’s also 1,000 ways to see yasu,

what you have to do is to pay attention and keep looking for that ways, and work hard, save your money and one day you will go to Japan and see yasu. I am sure there is a chance to see yasu live on stage for every foreign/outside Japan fans.

He is brilliant so you will not regret it at all. I know it is not  easy, but it is worthy ne.

noi         :     i think i talked to the wrong Superman ne …
yasu      :     for free? nothing is free ne
noi         :     but he is Superman ne, not a bus
yasu      :     ah, he is right you are annoying sometimes  …

noi         :     eeehh , really?


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