Busy Post : J Pop Asia Music Awards 2012 …. (Another me, yasu and The Yoyo)

i am pretty busy now with my telly, so this is gonna be a busy and fast post …. *cross finger*


nah the question is :

Have you vote for Acid Black Cherry for that J Pop Asia Music Awards 2012 …?

if you haven’t,here’s what you should do ….

~     go and click to this —-> J Pop Asia Music Awards 2012  <—— on the J-Rock Category …
~     start your vote, and …
~     ah ya, don’t forget to log in with your Facebook or Twitter account so you can share your vote to all your
Facebook friends and Twitter followers and ask them to vote ...

i did my vote and it is simple ne, just clicked Acid Black Cherry, Hyde and all the things related with both of them like L’arc~en~Ciel as The Best Rock band and HALLOWEEN JUNGKY ORCHESTRA as New Artis/Rock Band 2012. The other else is for Acid Black Cherry,


You can do this everyday and the closing date is 24 December 2012, one day before Christmas. Now do what you have to do ne, at least let’s make him (yasu/Acid Black Cherry) on the winner result ne .

Here’s what i am gonna say for tonight, We don’t have to join The Musketeers ne because there’s always this “All for One and One for All” in every divisons in this universe and for this Acid Black Cherry division it turned into

All for yasu and yasu for All …  *yay, yay, yay …!!!*


yasu  ;    :     and …..
noi         :     we can change the sword with Pistol ne, it’s more simple …
yasu      :     hmm and yoyo ….?

ah ya yoyo, minus gi ne because if you add gi to yoyo it became Yoyogi, and then i am gonna remember how SHUSHE said Gigigi instead of Yoyogi on his MC and then i am dizzy while wondering if only i could turn back time  … etc etc  that will make all of you and Aslan The Lion feel boring and then  #whoaaaa


so enough about that Yoyogi and my miserable but fun lost in Wonderland and let’s talk about this yoyo ne, you can see yoyo as a toy that you can play it with string and make it up and down again and again like having an empty elevator in your hand.


not only for toy, but for me yoyo is also how i call some feeling when i get the up and down feelings on me. Thanks to how changeable i am, i always have that yoyo feelings ne, one day i feel so happy and then suddenly i feel so sad and wanna dissapeare and follow Aslan to help him rules Narnia. That would be nice ne go to Narnia and be Aslan‘s private assistant ….

now i am dealing with my mom’s yoyo feelings. It is so hard now to make her happy. I remember i saw her soo happy when i call her at 11:00 PM in front of our home. When she opened the door for me i was her smiling so happy ne, it was my first time seeing her smiling like that since my graduation andthe day i got my job.

I will do anything to see her smiling like that, so the next morning i gave her half from all the money that left from my trip to Japan. I still have about 21,000 yens. I cange it to IDR at airport and then gave her 11,000 yens and the rest i will use it to buy a new scanner. She was smiling ne, when i gave her that money.

but then today i saw her cryin again, thanks to my dad. So it’s so hard to make her smiling and happy like what i always wanna see and it is so easy for my dad to make her down, sad and cryin like that ne. Good, back from Yoyogi now i am in the middle of a yoyo battle with him for my mom.

Ah ya, i think i am gonna get her a new mobile phone, i did promise that to her ne, OMG how many promises that i made to her  …. ?, i can’t remember all of it, i only remember if i ended all of it with …. after i back from Japan … #eeehh ..

enough about that, i’ll try to remember again, so talking about yoyo and the yoyo feelings ne, yasu is very good to make me feel the yoyo things in me ne, with his songs. The type of confusing, stucked and in the middle of nothing to feel. for example is this song

yes, Aishitenai from Black List Album 2008. Everytime i listen to this song (just listen it and ignore the lyrics for a moment), i will get this yoyo feelings on me, damn, this is cofusing ne. First he said I love you, and then I don’t love you and then leave me, let me go but then kiss me, hold me , and in the end it will be me ask him  …


noi       :    come on, stop confusing me …
yasu    :    who, me …?
noi       :    yes, you who else but you. Just tell me : you do love me or you don’t love me  …
yasu    :    Aishitenai ne, sorry …
noi       :    eeh, you don’t have to answer that fast ne …

i’d rather not getting an answer like what Mr. Friday did and leave me here, can’t move on no matter how many time i try to move on. And now instead of tryin to moove on again i became feel more comfy here like in this fubar space in my live. Leaved by enerybody. My friends, colleges and even Mr. Friday leave me already. Everybody move on but me, i failed to move on from him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu).

Now i do what i can do everyday, working and waiting. Waiting for what? For something maybe will come for me, maybe a MAGIC eraser to erase him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) from all over me, and ah ya a new scanner for me  …


so yes, i am gonna scann all my Erect GOODS and magazines with my new scanner. I’ll buy that tomorrow … . #whaaaaa

I have so many things to run after ne, because been off from office for a week got me a lot of things to do ne. not only that i also missed 7 episodes for all the drama/telly series that i am following now.  I better find the DVD ne, i don’t think they gonna air that 7 episodes that i missed again.

It’s almost the end of the world but Bloody hell, i am still  busy now …… wekekekekeke


noi       :      i am so juicy juicy busy ne, bai bai ya_san  …
yasu    :      eeh, is that a good fangirl  …?
noi       :      ah, you don’t love me anyway …
yasu    :      what the …





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