【Erect Scan Post】: The Tickets, The Postcard and The Calendar .. (Another me, yasu and The Purikura)

nah before we start this scan post let’s see this video first ne,

That is the longer video than the last one. He is on red outfit, so that’s from the 2nd day live at Yoyogi ne. And beside AKB48 member, Ryuji Aoki and Ryo Kitamura-kun, Akemi Oshima was also there. She posted about that on her Facebook with showing her ticket

And back to the video ….

OMG listen, that’s Maria. Since the last Free Live 2011 where yasu performed Maria Acoustic version, i change my MP3 playlist and i put Maria Accoustic version until now. That’s why it’s alittle bit strange for me when i heard yasu sing Maria as the opening song on this Erect Live. I was like : eeeh this i not acoustic but still shivering ….

back again to the scan post, From now on, i am using a different scanner that i always use before. …

I used to scan things/stuffs on Sunday at office and yeah aha aha ahahaahaha …. *laugh together with Aslan* ..you right, use the office scanner. And because it is at office so it is belong to the office not mine. It was kinda hard ne, because i can’t enjoy, free and relax did my scan activity

and not only that, when i missed one or maybe two page of a magazine to scan i have to go back there and stay a little bit longer to re-scan it againwith my mom nonstop calling me and askin : where are you?, what are you doin there, go home it’s already late … etc etc etc . that’s why i think i should buy a scanner for myself.

And yesterday i just bought a new scanner for my self. It is the ordinary scanner, not the sexpensive one like the last one that i always use. So maybe the result is not as good (read : re-sized HQ) as my previous scans of yasu

But don’t worry ne, yasu is still kawaii no matter how you will see him on HQ or LQ scans, see what i mean …..?. nah here i am now still busy doing things with it and then i remember i do have some magazines that ididn’t scan because how lazy i was that day.


I also made a promise to my dear friend Gio_chan to scan J (from LUNA SEA) on that GOOD ROCKS magazine. I remember i did scan all pages of that magazine but maybe because i was on the top my my laziness, i didn’t post that magazine on jrock_scans community like what i always do.

then when i did some cleaning for my PC i erased all my non yasu/Acid Black Cherry scan files. Then Gio_chan posted on my Facebook wall and asked for it. I said to her i’ll do that this weekend. That weekend is a long time ago ne, OMG i almost forget about it. I better do that a.s.a.p. omo Gio_chan, i am so sorry ne, …


noi        :   Oh no, ya_san she is gonna hate me ….. *drolling*
yasu     :   then do it …
noi        :   OK OK, i’ll finish this first. I told you ne i am pretty busy these days  …
yasu     :   yeah, really?

and then my 1st thing to scan is  ~  my Erect Live ticket …

see that’s my ticket to an amazing night to see yasu did his MAGIC to all peoples at Yoyogi (at least me ….xD). Why do i often say yasu did a MAGIC? because for me that night my first time to see him live on stage is MAGICAL ne.

me, myself who spent most of my out of office time watching him (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) finally got a chance to see him ne, nah that’s also a MAGICAL moment. I watch him on live DVD via my PC or phone almost every day until i know what he is gonna do next. Even not on all songs, at least on each songs that we all know what he is gonna do and ask the audience to do.


Then what happen is i keep sayin to myself (or to persons next to me, even they didn’t hear it) nah nah he is gonna do that, after this he is gonna do that, and then use the tambourine, and then fuwaa fuwaa things on Cherry Cherry …. etc etc

That’s why i am gonna keep that ticket ne. Who knows if i can keep it until next year, there will be another chance to me to go to Japan again and watch yasu live on stage again, who knows … ?


noi        :      nee ya_san, do you know …?
yasu     :      what …
noi        :      is there any chance for me to go back to Japan and see you again …
yasu     :      of course i don’t know ..
noi        :      then who knows?
yasu     :      nobody …

~  my 1st Purikura  …

i did this together with Steffie and Christine when we were at Harajuku, after we had our dinner together. So now i get it ne, that’s a purikura and that’s how we do a purikura ne. ….


Christine said to me how she became addicted to purikura and then i found out ah ya this is pretty fun ne … and i see almost Japanese have their purikura posted on their blogs, i want to do that too

and last but not least, you all remember how yasu and HYDE surprised everyone by did a purikura together and posted on twitter? nah now i am posting my purikura together with my friends here ….

noi        :      nee guys, see i i have my own purikura now ….. ahahahaha … *happy*
HYDE    :     Purikura?  you are late again,
yasu      :     ah she is always late HYDE_san
HYDE    :     what take you so long ne noi_chan …?  … *laugh*
noi        :     fine, it’s late but i have it ne …
HYDE    :     should we say
yay now yasu_kun …?
yasu      :     no, no we don’t have to. she can say it alone …

~  Erect Postcards  …

see the title of this post? i made it like that 【Erect Scan Post】:  The Tickets, The Postcard and The Calendar … (Another me, yasu and The Purikura)

remember something? ….


it’s Narnia ne, see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe …. sorry, sorry i think the moviegoers side of me took control and beat my fangirl side last night …. awwwwww ….


yasu      :      did somebody beat you again …?
noi         :      no, because you have a Pistol now so nobody is gonna beat me, see ya_san  …
yasu      :      what?
noi         :      look, Aslan eyes are green, sugoi ne …
yasu      :      then what?
noi         :      you should try it ne, use a green contact like Aslan …
yasu      :      what the, after Capt. America now Aslan?
go away noi_chan …
noi         :     yes, my new boss Aslan The Lion

there you are The Postcard …

~  Erect Stickers  …

~  Erect  2013 Calendar  …

11 days again, on January 2013, i am gonna put this calendar on my desk and enjoy the feeling if yasu is watching me do my works everyday, behind the transparan CD case  …. xD

This upcoming 2013 is for yasu, because last year i bought L’arc – en- Ciel Calendar 2012 and it was impossible for me to bring that BIG calendar to my office. I don’t want to spamm all my office mate with another yasu’s stuff ne. It’s already enough for them to get a spamm of yasu things by listening to me and of course yeah my dissaster voice singing everyday.


look at that love sign on January 27th? ah ya that’s his birthday ne, yasu’s birthday where all of his fans will do something to celebrate his brithday. I read about some group who will have an event. If i am not mistaken they are Acid Black Cherry Indonesian fans. They said they will watch 2012 Live DVD together on that day.

so if you are in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta you may join them and celebrate yasu‘s birthday. The details maybe posted on their Facebook group. I dunno much because i can’t see what inside that group. The admin made that group as a secret group on Facebook. That’s weird ne, it use to be an open group and now it is a secret group,  i think i know why they did that. and if what i think is right ahahaha that’s so funny ne …

and there’s also another fanproject , you know the same fanproject idea where you send your photo and a message of what you want to say to yasu. This time is on his birthday, and they will make it into a video. if you interested to join them you can read the details, rules, …. etc etc

in here ——> ABC Fanproject – yasu’s birthday

you can have fun together ne and you may also know another Acid Black Cherry fans. Let’s just say you can spread your wings, know another fans and share things together.

ah ya if you also want to send something to yasu, maybe a birthday peresent or card, like what Team Acid Black Cherry(チーム アシッドブラックチェリー) posted on their Facebook Page you can send it via Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club,

here’s the address

Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club -Save Us!-, c/o Dogenzaka Post Office, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 154-0043, Japan

it would be better if you use Air Mail than EMS, because EMS need a signature ne, and imagine how many packages/letters that yasu have to sign if all of his fans send him for his birthday?  ahahaha …. *laugh*


yasu    :    what about you …..?
noi       :    i dunno, what do you want me to do …? i’ll do anything for you ..
yasu    :    such as ….?
noi       :    singing maybe …
yasu    :    ah OK, i’ll pass that …

about me, i don’t have plan yet about what i am gonna do on January 27th, i have somethings inside my mind but i haven’t do anything about it ne. maybe one week vacation in Japan and see yasu live on stage didn’t upgrade my fangirling soul. My traveler soul maybe upgraded a little bit because i know how to trave with bus and train in Japan, but my fangirling side is still the same.

enough talking ne and there you are February











Being alone at office, do my works, turn off my phone so nobody call me, put my ear phone to the maximum volume so i can’t hear anything beside the songs on my playlist, that’s my fave moment at office. I saw on telly someone say about how he is in love with his job, but i am not. There’s only me and my everlasting miserable love to Mr. Friday nothing else.

Job is not something that you supposed to be in love to. I think job is something that you can like, enjoy and do your best to achieve your deadline, target …. etc etc , that’s all not more than that. I like my job now, and i think i love how my life is now. If i remember the old days, a long time ago, i feel nothing but blessed about my life now.

btw i also scann the pamphlet, but because it is 40 pages ne that’s why it would be better if i pos the pamphlet scans at different post ne. so enjoy this 【Erect Scan Post】:  The Tickets, The Postcard and The Calendar … (Another me, yasu and The Purikura)  first and of course enjoy yasu ne ….

soon we have to say another bai bai to 2012 ne, waw time is running fast ne, and now there you are 2013 already so close to us, I better write my bucket list for 2013 while i left my bucket list of 2012 still empty, ….  let me think first about what i do want/ want to do/achieve next year 2013 ne …

maybe a new computer, a new love (yes, i want to be in love again)


noi       :     and a new idol ….? wekekekekeke …
yasu    :     what …?
noi       :     that’s a joke ne ….
yasu    :     nee noi_chan, what about a new brain …?
noi       :     eeehh, okay that’s funny ..



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