【Erect Scan Post】: The Pamphlet #1.. (Another me, yasu, HYDE, Doomsday Clock & ABC Gakuen)



it was from a show called Odessa no Kaidan on Fuji TV with Kuniyoshi Kaneko. He is an artist and HYDE is talking about him and his works. He did the jacket cover for HYDE‘s solo FAITH 2006. I can’t stop laugh for the Marlyn Monroe part …. xD

OMG look at him ne, they say The End of The World is comin today. now here i am at office nonstop watching him on that YouTube video, but who knows what will happen ne, and just in case that’s what will happen, it would be better if i said what i feel …

Eventually i am still forever in love with you my King, King  HYDE … …


HYDE      :    hey fangirl, it’s still too early for my birthday post …
noi           :   i know, but this is just another love post for you ne HYDE_san ..
HYDE      :    ah …

and what happen next is i want that hair, like HYDE‘s hair … OMG look at that blow bang, divide his face and forehead perfectly. OK OK i don’t want to be blonde anymore but still i am not gonna say bai bai to The Blonde on My Facebook Wall (read : yasu) … ajajajaja *dumped to Niagara fall*


yasu     :     The Blonde on Your Facebook Wall …?
noi        :     yes, it’s you ne….
yasu     :     me ….?
noi        :     it’s always you .. *singing* … sore ga kimi nanda yo …..

i’ll do that this Christmas, i’ll go to my regular stylish who failed to get me a bob Korean Boyband style like yasu, maybe this time she will able to get me that blow bang like HYDE.  I am gonna spent this Christmas with Tekki, have our own Christmas vacation and watch Bilbo Watson (Martin Freeman) in The Hobbit.

Everybody already watch this movie but me. I think i am gonna be the last person who watch it.  I had a plan to watch this movie when in Japan, but too bad because i found out that movie started on December 14th. So at that time i watch Skyfall again, but this time with Japanese subtitles. Bloody hell ne ….

But it was fine because at least i get what they said. Even i am a lttle bit deaf but somehow my English listening work very well, especially for movies or telly series.

now i am so excited about my Christmas vacation next week and talking about Christmas, i always love Christmas even i don’t celebrate it. Because when i was a little girl my aunt will come 2 days before Christmas with so many beautiful things, wrapped and unwrapped. She always have something for me , maybe dress, shoes or chocolate.

I think she was my Santa Klaus ne, and now when she is gone my Santa Klaus turned to be him …

noi      :     dear Santa, do you know what i want for Christmas this year? …
yasu   :     i know what you want, me ….
noi      :     you know it, that’s brilliant ne, eeh chotto here’s my list …
yasu   :     eeh there’s another ….

What i want for The Christmas is

~    yasu, yasu, yasu and yasu …. ahahahaha …… *laugh with Rudolf*
~    Complete box of NCIS DVD
~    Complete box of Harry Potter, like what DC (he is my moviegoers friend btw) have
~    new Computer set …. <—– i did say this right?
~    a bowl of Tom Yam soup at the Thailand restaurant next to the cinema …. <—- i’ll get this for myself …
~    a jumbo bucket of Baskin Robins chocolate ice cream for myself  …
~    a new Capt. America pillow …
~    HBO channel on my telly ..

i think i am going to change my NHK to HBO because there’s no L’arc on this year Kohaku ne and also there’s no yasu on NHK. I saw him only the last time he was on JMelo, and i still can watch JMelo on my mom’s telly.

why? because L’arc-en-Ciel the one and only reason why i put that NHK channel on my telly and pay it every month. Now i can’t even remember when the last time i watch NHK, i think it was shen i gave up to learn Japanese by watch that learning Japanese show.

cc : Hyde~Pieces of Me on Facebook

now i am still waiting for somebody to upload that L’arc-en-Ciel on Music Station Super Live 2012. Rain falls here and my net went crazy like me on a rainy day and night so it’s impossible for me to watch it via streaming site.

Hayaku, hayaku i want to see The Vampire, Banana, Lion and Android again and OMG this so fast ne because somebody already upload that, there you are, you can watch it here

X X X -English version- & Ready Steady Go(Music Station super live 2012)

or here

are you ….. *cough cough* ready? …. <—– eeh, where the hell is the F word?

aw that’s a nice way to skip the F word, so minna let’s be polite in public and try not to say the F word. Go do that *cough cough* as much as you want to say the F word like HYDE … …

back to my list, next is

~    this Acid Black Cherry Parker & Sarouel Original Set so i can go to ABC Gakuen

the lattest post on Acid Black Cherry Official Blog, 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 said if that Parker & Sarouel Original Set is available again on the Official Online Shop. i checked into my Paypall, and there’s only 8,700 yen there, so i still have to add how much ….? 13,000 – 8,700 = 6,300 yen …. ?

omooooooo Santa i want that …… *calling for santa*

yasu       :     don’t you think you are too old to talk about Santa?
noi          :     so there’s an age limit ne …
yasu       :      maybe …
noi          :     ah, that’s fine as long as i am not too old to talk about you ne, and btw ya_san i went to Mr. Friday’s home yesterday eeh no actually it was his older sister’s home and …
yasu       :     oh no, please not tonight ..

well then, i’ll talk about that tomorrow ne, and OMG did i wrote too much opening before the scans? sorry ne, blame my fingers then because they are having so much fun dancing on the keyboard tonight.

but there you are enjoy this Erect Pamphlet (it’s only the opening btw, i’ll post the rest tomorrow with my long talk about Mr. Friday …xD) scans and of course enjoii yasu ne, …

that one above is my fave ne, somehow it make him look classy and for me it made me wondering what is on his mind at that time. did he get bored for the long time photoshoot and if he is boring what did he do ne … etc etc …

and this one, OMG i almost didn’t find this ne, because they put it at back covered with the cover so if i didn’t took of the cover pamphlet i am not gonna see that and still woondering where the hell is that dorky pose of yasu with the Pistol ? …. they did great ne not only put the best on the last but also covered it,  waw that’s brilliant,

Talking about Doomsday and the Mayan calendar, today we all talk about it. Why this office is so quite unlike the other days, why did they didn’t come today … etc etc, and all of them answered with : because the end of the world is comin so maybe they choose to stay at home.

I am not into that talk ne, yes i answered them but not with the same enthusiasm like all my office mate. Maybe this is because i already read and search about that a long time ago and i did it again when yasu released his 3rd album [2012] and read about his thought about it . and now i wonder if maybe Jim Moriarty was right, it’s a wrong year/month to die for everyone, and now we better look what yasu said and let’s

Never give up on living and tomorrow will surely come. so…Good night ….

noi       :     nee ya_san if tomorrow never come …
yasu    :     then …
noi       :     don’t forget i love you ne, i bloody love you ..
yasu    :     just like that …?
noi       :     yes, i gotta go now, i have to find the F word, because HYDE skipped it


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