【Erect Scan Post】: ThePamphlet #2 Interview-Secret & Free Live .. (Another me, yasu & Her Majesty)

Today is December 22nd, in my country today is  Mother day.

So i am gonna start this post with sayin i love you to my mom, Her Majesty The Drama Queen, because this morning my friend BCL got a text message from her 6 years old daughter sayin : Mama, I Love You …

She was smiling and looks so proud when she showed me the text message while sayin : see Himura, that’s my daughter …

OMG can you imagine that, 6 years old girl can say that to her mother, while even i never say it to her ne. I wish i can do that, but then i think this song Mama by Spice Girls has everything that i want to say to her.



she is my enemy sometimes because she never let me to be free. She said i if i marry to someone, i will get my freedom from her. I remember how she gave me a very BIG NO when i said to her i am going to see yasu. At that time i really pissed off because of her, and annoyed by her nonstop drama episodes.

But after all i still back to her and cried like an idiot while calling her on my first day alone in Japan. She is always be there for me no matter what. I did so many mistakes and she always have my back and support me. She is the one who is so close to God, will and always pray for me everyday to make sure i am inside the circle of God‘s protection. so ….

Happy Mother Day for you My Dear Mother Theodora Misgina Retno Windarsineta,

Thank you for taking me and let me to be yours, for everything you did, do and will do for me. I am sorry if i can’t be a perfect daughter for you and make you less happy. Yes, sometimes you annoyed me like how i annoyed you back. But i do love you ma, i really do …

Naega Saranghae eomma  ….. #chuup
your daughter – Boo

let’s move to the scans part ….

This is the interview part, all of Acid Black Cherry Live from the Secret Live and Free Live 2007, Black List, QED, Re:Birth, Free Live 2011 and Acid Black Christmas and  2012.

And this one is for Secret Live 2007.

and Free Live 2007

You may already seen all of this images on internet but i think they put some photos that i never see before. Maybe this is sounds crazy but for me who spent all my day to search and scan Acid Black Cherry from books, magazines, and website so i know which one is already shared on net or not.

then suddenly i have tend to guess where’s image originally from. A magazine/book/TV/someone’s blog …?  every time i see someone posted an image with yasu their Facebook/tumblr. And because my guess is usually right, i think if they put this yasu image quizz on trick or threat at Halloween night, i am gonna get a lot of treats ….

so where’s my treats ya_san …… *waiting*


yasu      :     Halloween is over, Christmas is comin …
noi         :     so where’s my Christmas treat …?
yasu      :     eeehh …
noi         :     a new single or Recreation Album 3 maybe?
yasu      :     you ask too much ne …



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