【Erect Scan Post】: ThePamphlet #3 Interview – Black List Tour … (Another me, yasu, HYDE and 69)

Sunday at office, it’s always nice.

I love to spent my Sunday at office than home. Finish all the un_finished works or maybe do nothing like today. Here i am do nothing but writing this post while watching what all the mechanics do with the Rail WELD packages from Beijing. They work so hard because there’s more than 500 boxes ne,

i also did clean the office toilet ne, and it feels very good ne to see how the toilet is clean now. I dunno why but i think i have to clean it first before i use it and clean it again after i use it. Maybe because it’s a public toilet where everyone use it, not only me. So it would be better if i use it after make sure it’s clean.

I am an old fashioned person, so i always have a trouble to have my shit using the modern toilet (sit model), i’d rather use the old fashioned one like what’s on Hanako‘s toilet. I think it’s more save ne because i don’t have to put my ass there. Especially in a public toilet means you will never know how many ass from all people that already there.

That’s why at my hotel bathroom in Japan, i spent about more than 10 minutes to put tissues on the toilet so there were a shield between my ass and the toilet. A hotel room’s toilet is also a public toilet ne?.

Not only that, i also spent another 10 minutes again to make sure the toilet and the bath  tube is  clean by collect all my hair that falls when i wash my hair, put all the soap, shampoo and tissue at the right place, wipe it and make it clean as clean as before i use it .

I was thinking, what the hell i am doing now. I am the guess in this hotel but i clean the bathroom by myself? i still do it again and again. Damn, i should have my own hotel ne, so i can clean it everyday ….. ahahaha ...

OK enough about the cleaning things, now let’s change the topic. Do you know what is on my mind now? it is XXX, 69 while wondering about some ero things since i watch this video of L’arc on MSSL 2012 .


It’s been a while since L’arc was everywhere with their last World Tour 2012 ne. Ken_chan looks awesome with that hat, how he play his guitar is sexy ne and Leader_sama is always Leader ne, i am smiling every time i read the translation from L’Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team)‘s photo

credit and source :    L’Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team)

Tetsuya : Well I’m like a girl inside, so I LOVE shopping…

ahahahaha ….. OMG Leader, at least now i found something about me that can be same with you ne. i also LOVE shopping and yes, i am girl both inside and oustide ….  About Yukihiro, i can’t talk much about him, somehow Yukihiro always hidden behind his drum set. It makes him like he want us to skip him. But how can we skip an android ne?

About the performance it self, it’s not the usual perfect voice of HYDE, but it’s fine and always fine for me because nobody forget about HYDE’s cough. It was epic ne. i played that video over and over and can’t stop myself to laugh to see how HYDE did the epic cough on Ready Steady Go, but on the second part he still wanna say the F word,


noi         :      is it so hard to skip the F word ne HYDE_san …?
HYDE    :      hmmm …..

when i watch again the XXX – English version, look at the lyrics and read it  i wonder am i the only one who think about making love? … OK, OK maybe because last night i saw a commercial about Twilight – The Breaking Down on my telly. Can you imagine ne there will be the blink – blink vampire Cullen on my telly …. kyaaaaa tasukete …!!!!

it shows the scene of the blink – blink vampire Cullen and Bella‘s first night after their wedding, and then i am thinking about making love when i listen carefully to this song XXX – English version and the lyrics

Step into fascination
Trap of infatuation kiss

We fit like velvet, a snake like dance
A taste of Eden X X X take me high

I get drunk with pleasure our spirits soar
A sweet addiction 1 2 3 now I dream
I need it… the kiss

Feel you inside heavenly times
Holding you tight so dizzy
Feel you’re in my heart go deeply
I forget to breathe oh oh oh

Please don’t wake me up out of this dream
Paradise lost my one wish
Please close your eyes once again
Put your lips to mine oh oh oh
Darling so it’s all over

Original Sin

I feel you inside heavenly times
Holding you tight so dizzy
Feel you’re in my heart go deeply
I forget to breathe oh oh oh

Please don’t wake me up out of this dream
Paradise lost my one wish
Please close your eyes once again
Put your lips to mine oh oh oh
Darling so this is our last kiss
Darling this would be my last kiss

read this   —–>  I feel you inside heavenly times, Holding you tight so dizzy  <—-    OMG OMG i’ll be burn in hell for what i am thinking now, and oh ho ho ho ho …. *pervy laugh*


noi       :    and now you are looking like that …. kyaaaa … *drolling*
yasu    :    like what …?
noi       :    like that … omo oh ho ho ho
I forget to breathe, help me …
yasu    :    control youreself ne noi_chan …

OK OK, i am tryin to stay cam now with what? ah ya with this one ne. Thanks to  minlilin  who posted that on her LJ before her leaving to Japan to see BREAKERZ Live together wit iceblueaya  . I hope they both have a very2 amazing BREAKERZ night together, i dunno why i am so excited about their living and can’t wait for their next post on their LJ about their Japan trip for BREAKERZ  …


that’s 5th Anniversary LIve Acid BREAKERZ Cherry -69 Sixnine- ticket. Erect live is not over yet, there’s still another 2 lives at Nippon Gaishi Hall 12/24 and the last one at Osaka Jo Hall 12/30, but there you are another live at Budokan on next January.


noi       :      you are soo busy ne ya_san …
yasu    :      very busy, unlike you who act busy …
noi       :      no, i am not
yasu    :      yes, you are …

now i am tryin to get rid off this ero things inside my mind. If thinking about ero things is also consider as lust, so yes i am on The Black List now. What can i do ne that redeem my lust with this scans of Black List Tour Part from Erect Pamphlet.

enjoy and let’s get lust together …. ajajajajaja …. *dumped to hell*


yasu      :    lust or lost …..?
noi         :    both would be better …
yasu      :    both …?
noi         :    lost together inside this forever lust  …. sounds great ne …
yasu      :    whatever …



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