【Scan Post】: Merry Acid Black Christmas’s eve … (Another me, yasu and ARENA37℃)

let’s take a break from 【Erect Scan Post】 and go with this regular 【Scan Post】 of Acid Black Cherry – ARENA37℃ January 2013


this is because i screwed my Erect Pamphlet scan files ne. I dunno what happen suddenly all of them are not in the right order. I lost some pages, maybe i accidentally erased it. OH come on, it’s only 5 Lives (QED, Re:Birth, Free Live 2011, Acid Black Christmas and 2012) left ne. But don’t worry i’ll finish all of it before 2012 ends.

my computer went crazy a lot recently together with my net connection who doesn’t like rain. But my Firefox updated it self became the 17.1 version and it never crash again like when i use the very old 10.1 version. I never update programs on my computer btw. For me if i still can use it, then it is fine. I think it was happen when i am in Japan. My hotel put a free WiFi on every room and damn their net connection is so fast ne.

and i managed to download all the dorama that i follow, all of it. I did whoaaaaa things all by myself there in my hotel room. It only need 10 minutes to download 1 episode drama while at home at least i need 1 hour to do that. So now with this 17.1 version of Mozilla Firefox it’s time for me to say bai bai to the Gorilla Firefox ….

Today is 24 December, it’s Christmas eve. While everyone else enjoy their holiday at home with their families (even for who don’t celebrate Christmas) here i am still at my office. For what? what else than work. Suddenly i feel this BIG ENVY inside of me just turned into a GIANT ENVY to everyone else who can stay at home and enjoy holiday.

But then i realizes if not only me who has to work at Christmas eve like this ne. yasu also still working ne. Today is for Erect Live at Nagoya. 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 tweet_ed this via their Official twiiter

Merri ABC

Merry Acid Black Christmas eve …..

eventually this December ABC is still for Acid Black Christmas even there’s no Christmas Live from Acid Black Cherry like last year’s Acid Black Christmas at Osaka Jo Hall, but this year they have that Acid Black Christmas’s eve Live in Nagoya. Ah ya, my dear Facebook friend Kaho_san already there and get ready to have Acid Black Christmas’s eve.

and they also posted this via their Official Facebook Page

i wonder if all of them who is outside the hall can hear the rehearsal. Because i can hear it clear on my more than 6 hours waiting for yasu. That’s why i already know what Recreation track yasu‘s gonna give me that time. Then i was like …

noi       :     OMG ya_san, what a nice spoiler ne …
yasu    :      then ,,,,
noi       :     Thank you, and i can’t wait for the set list  …..

so while we waitng for someone to tweet or post today’s Acid Black Cherry’s Erect Live at Nagoya on blogs or social networks …. (God, i love internet, don’t you?), let’s enjoy this scan first ne ….

and this what i always love to do ne, croop one big size image of yasu (in this case is the Polaroid Day part) to be images of yasu. Even the result is blurry sometimes but that’s fine ne. I wonder if there’s any of you who love to do this too. Then get Whoaaaa again when you get result ….

enjoii the scans, i gotta go now. I may edit this post btw. What time is it now ….? ah The Live it almost start. maybe they already play the video opening? …  …

Do Rock and Good Luck ya_san ….

yasu     :     do rock …?
noi        :     yes, you are a JRocker ne. That’s what you do , Ganbarre and Bai bai …
yasu     :     eeh, just like that …
noi        :     i told you ne, i am busy


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