【Erect Scan Post】: ThePamphlet #4 Interview – QED Tour … (Another me, yasu and The ABC Reindeer)

so, how’s your X’Mass? …

even i don’t celebrate Christmas, but i’d like to say

Merry X’Mass (or you may read it as Merry X’yasu …. xD) and Happy Holiday for all of you who celebrate it.

We already see yasu as Santa on last year’s Christmas so this year they choose to be a reindeer, The ABC reindeer to say Marry X’Mass for all of us via their Official Twitter.


and about Acid Black Christmas’eve a.k.a Erect Live 12/24 @Nippon Gaishi Hall …. OMG what can i say but sayin how lucky all of them, all the audience there.  See this set list …

1. Maria
2. Code nama [JUSTICE]

MC 1

3. Rakuen
4. in the Mirror
5. Jigsaw
6. Yasashii Uso
7. 1954 LOVE /HATE
8. Doomsday clock

MC 2

9. Aishitenai
10. Yes
11. Bit Stupid
13. Cherry Cherry

MC 3

13. Murder Licence
14. Kuroi Taiyou
15. Pistol
16. Shojo no Inori III


MC 4

2. Kono Aozora no Mukou ni

MC 5

3. so…Good night (Merry X’mas & Happy NewYear version)
4. Black Cherry

MC 6

1. Prologue End
2. シャングリラ

it’s different from the previous list ne, They got Kono Aozora no Mukou ni …? i didn’t get that  i knew they will get GLAMOROUS SKY for the Recreation Track and i think they will put Furare Kibun de Rock ‘n Roll on the finale set list at Osaka Jo Hall. and so … Good Night (Merry X’mass and Happy New Year version)? Oh Maigooo to Basuketooo ….

it’s comin now …


yasu     :     what’s comin ….?
noi        :     this should’a could’a would’a things ne ….
yasu     :     ah, you envy ne ….
noi        :     yes …

ah whatever,  btw i read something funny yesterday. As always Monika is the one who posted something on my Facebook Wall to start our regular Cherry Chat. And then Freena said something funny

she said : I promised to myself I’ll finish a game before New Year’s Day

ah ha ha she always funny and make everyone happy whith what she wrote/said via messenger or Facebook comment. And i was like : OK then i promise to myself and all Acid Black Cherry fans all over social networks and blogs to finish and post all my Acid Black Cherry scans before New Year’s Day ….

before this envy inside of me becoming bigger than now and i get lazy again there you are QED Tour Part from Erect Paphlet ne. This one is 4th part btw so it’s only Re:Birth, Free Live 2011, Acid Black Christmas and 2012 Live left ne  … #yay

From all Acid Black Cherry Live DVD, QED is my fave. yasu make me breathless on QED Live. Maybe because when i see this DVD for the first time, i hold my breath following him (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday), affraid if he might not able to reach the high tone. So my first sexperience watching QED Live DVD was like inhale – exhale sexperience.

or should i say it as my other guilty pleasure? … becuase i really love this QED Live DVD but i don’t like to watch dics 2 (the Offshoot, documentary) i just don’t like to see yasu cryin there.

the outfit for this QED Live is also my fave from all yasu‘s Live outfit. The Black and White outfit, the skirt and the scarf is perfect. And ah ya his awesome black hair and his mabushii shoulders on Aishitenai Acoustic Part took my breath away …!!!!

That’s why i alway lookin for someone (fangirl or fanboy of Acid Black Cherry) who did cosplay as yasu at QED Live. All of them did a great job ne, even for me they look less natural. Too much make up or hair do and others.

But last week Darkla Hayashi posted her cosplay as yasu on QED Live on Acid Black Cherry Facebook group (team-yasu group on Facebook). It’s already 1,880 members there btw. So we will beat team_Edward soon ne, so

Go Go team_yasu …. !!!!

Remember Darkla Hayashi …? she is from Budapest, Hungary and she also the Boss at Acid Black Cherry Hungary group at Facebook. Look at her … !!! she look amazing ne? not much make up on her face and the important thing is she look natural, Maybe people will think her as the Europe version of yasu. That’s perfect …

yasu     :     noi_chan, how can you put someone’s photo here?
noi        :     it’s fine ne, i am already asked her before i write this post
yasu     :     but you never ask me when you put my photos here …
noi        :     that’s because you never give me your phone number ne …
yasu     :     eeh …

OK, OK, now let’s talk about Facebook ne.  if you are using Facebook and sure you will put your profile there ne. Like where do you come from, what are you interest, work etc etc. Nah on my Facebook profile, the info is always like this ..


because i only use my Facebook for fangirling and recently my friend told me how i already change my Facebook into my personal yasu_clopedia, with yasu all over there. That’s why i never put my real info there. It’s always a BIG shield between my social networks and real live ne. At that time for my work, i wrote

I am a fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry

and then Facebook change it into a company and the I am a fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry company has it’s own Facebook page …. ahahahaha see what Facebook did? it was like makin I am a fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry as a legal job. If you click that link, it will take you to the Facebook page and there’s 9 people who like that page and also put thatI am a fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry on their Facebook profile.

Who are they? Who else than another fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry, whaww this is amazing ne, and Bloody hell yes, i love this job ne. Working as a fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry it’s awesome. So if you want to join you can click that link and put that on your Facebook info.

Ah ya, of course that I am a fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry company will never pay you ne. What am i doing as  a fulltime fangirl of Acid Black Cherry  … ?

Of course to support you ne, ya_san. …

yasu      :     this way ….?
noi         :     yes, every fans (fanboy and fangirl) have their own way to support their idol ..
yasu      :     OK ..
noi         :     this way is my way … to the highway …
yasu      :     what the …



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