【Erect Scan Post】: ThePamphlet #5 Interview – Re:Birth Live … (Another me, yasu and That Heavenly Faces)


The envy is over, now there’s only left the boring things. Rain all night long until now and have nothing to do here at my office. Let me tell you something ne, i work in a construction site. Dealing with buildings, bridges and all the materials involved to. That’s why whenever rain fall, automatically i am gonna say this :

Ah, rain again. Stop it please  … etc etc

with so many reason that i said to my self, sky and maybe God how rain is not supposed to fall today. Usually is about the materials reason. Rain will make my HQ materials became LQ, and that’s not good ne.

But one day, i sit next to a man, he is a farmer and a landlord (remember Mr. Takur Pratap Sigh on Hindustan movies …? he is like that) have about so many wide lands on top of mountains that’s so far far away until you have to use a motorcycle to go there on a rainy day. That day, rain is fallin and i said what i always say ne : Ah, rain again. Stop it please, at least until we finish the work …!!! . Then he said to me : no, no Let it rain, because i start to plant rice on my lands yesterday, so i am waiting and pray for this rain.

I can’t say anything but look at him while smiling. This is funny ne, and then i am thinking God must be busy today ne, with all different prays from different people that want a different things. and today one person want rain to fall so his rice plants can grow well while the other one don’t want rain to fall until she finish her works.

Maybe because that man is praying harder than me so God finally choose to let the rain to fall today.


yasu     :     you should pray harder ne noi_chan …
noi        :     i did, i play harder …
yasu     :     play ….?
noi        :     ahahaha OK, yes i didn’t pray much btw.

i mean not as much i use to be when i was still at school. I remember how religious i was at that time. But now i changed into someone who is not that religious enough, yes, that’s what i always think about myself. But i do still praying ne. I have a lot of prays. I wish this, that … etc etc and so many things including another chance for me to watch Acid Black Cherry Live again.

Maybe for the next 6th Anniversary Live? Who knows, yasu don’t know, i don’t know, nobody knows.

But now i have this 1 BIG pray/wish that i keep in my mind now. This is the major issue in my family now, my mom already asked me about it. I said i’ll think about it ma, just give me some times.

that’s why I start to do this fasting every Monday and Thursday where i don’t eat or drink from from dawn until dusk. I am already start it since November, so it’s already 3 months now. This fasting i do, is not only to make my wish/pray to be heard by God, but also it gave me another thing. It gave me a cage, the BIG and strong cage for my anger and emotional. I became more silence and maybe a little bit calm,

But then at lunch time, my friend BCL say to me : we have a lamb curry for luch ….!!! OMG do you know how hard is to say NO, I am Fasting today …. than OK …? Damn it’s so hard to say no for luch. But don’t worry because i know God is testing me via BCL so finally i say NO to her .

So bai bai my lamb curry luch  … !!!

let’s talk a little bit about Mr Friday now. So 2 weeks ago, i went to his (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) older sister’s new home. They were moving that day so as a good neighbor me and my mom came to their new home, sayin congratulation while looking at the new house. The house is very BIG with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

when i was there, i look at all his families there and i see some heavenly viewing from them. They all look happy, dressed very well with their colorfull hijab for the woman, smiling like there’s nothing in this universe will make them sad. Me who was trapped in the wrong outfit that night (i didn’t put something to cover my hair), can do what? but just sit next to my mom while she is talking to them. That night God give me another reason why i can’t be with him, it’s because there’s …

a Wide/BIG space between Hell (where i am now) and heaven (where he is now)


yasu       :      with me ….?, of course not noi_chan, we can’t be together ….
noi          :      not you ne, i am talking about
Mr. Friday
yasu       :      ah, OK
noi          :      i look at him and his family ne ya_san, they all look
so Heaven ne…. and look at me now, see what i mean?
yasu       :      another fangirl?
noi          :      i am so Hell

i knew it, i should say no when my mom asked me to go there with her. I always get this sad feeling about my miserable life after i visit his (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu house or meet him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu again). What am i supposed to do now, i feel so hopeless now, nobody can save me now ….

Let’s forget about between hell and heaven‘s talking, and let’s enjoy this scans of Erect Pamphlet ~ Re:Birth Live part. This is the #5 part btw. but before i post these lovey images of yasu

why don’t we say Hello first to this MJ yasu ….?

MJ is not for Michael Jackson, but this MJ is for Marry Jane. MJ Watson, remember Spiderman’s girlfriend? …. that’s what my mind went to when  i saw yasu with that long and red hair on Re:Birth Live at the 1st time.

OK, now there’s only 3 Lives (Free Live 2011, Acid Black Christmas and 2012) to go ne …yay …

I am gonna feel this boring again and again until they fix my telly. i’ve contacted the costumer service, tweet on their official twitter but there’s no response yet. Omo, my telly my telly that keep me busy …..

There’s something wrong with my cable telly. It can’t work since 3 days ago. I missed my Korean Drama. Last night i only able to see about 20 minutes from the whole two episodes. Suddenly there was a Korean traditional wedding ceremony.

But still i cried when i saw them both sayin : We will be happy forever to all the guest. Then the mother start to get sick ne, there’s something wrong with her lung or heart? (ah  i dunno), see this is what Korean Drama always do ne, they always add another sadness before the end of the story. The couple is already married and they both happy, but why they make the mother sick?

why why why why …………….. ?  kyaaaaaa i want my telly back to normal ….!!!!

yasu      :       hey, stop it  ….
noi         :       it’s been 3 days i didn’t watch telly ne …
yasu      :       so what ..?
noi         :       i’m dizzy now …
yasu      :       at least you are less busy now ….. *leaving*



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