aha aha … Post : Min’na no egao …. (Another me, yasu and 【Team ABC】)

so Dr. Temperance Brennan a.k.a Bones is right ne, …

not having/watching telly will make you less busy and have times to do something else instead of just lyin down in front of your telly. She said that on one of Bone’s episode.

That’s what i am doing now. While waiting for Tekki, i finished some of my doramas that i keep on my PC for a long time, then cleaned my PC from all the un_necessary files, read some BREAKERZ Live report. One of them said if yasu went to BREAKERZ Live at Shibuya-AX and she/he saw him on the 2nd floor …. etc etc

and then read today’s 【Team Acid Black Cherry】Official Ameblo post more than once.


usually i only read it once but sayin Whoaaa or omo …. yasu … more than once while saving all the images to my PC. But today is different ne. I read it, tryin to understand what are they wanted to tell us. Today post is about their last Erect Live/Acid Black Christmas’s eve Live at Nagoya.

How Nagoya’s Live is gonna be on Christmas eve, so they have the Christmas specification (i think this one is by put so … Good Night X’Mass and New Year’s version on the set list ) and the formal outfit.


and that fried chicken’s bucket and 秘伝の11スパイス (11 secret spices)  you now what are they talking about …. OMG ahahaha….. *start to feel hungry*. Last but not least is this words from yasu …?


「Min’na no egao ga bokura no pawaadesu.
Minasan no jinsei no 1 peji ni
Bokura ga ite kuretara, sore ga saiko no purezentodesu」

「Everyone’s smiling face is my power.
It is the highest present when I am in 1 page of your life」

so, what are you waiting for minna, Haiwaii, waikiki, kawaii, ….

smile now …..!!!!

noi        :    see i am smiling now, so you will never run out of power  ….. aha aha aha ahahahahaha …..
yasu     :     that’s a laugh btw not a smile   …..
noi        :    this one is the BIG version smile ne, and btw ya_san you do have more than 100 pages of my life …
yasu     :    ah, whatever ….



2 thoughts on “aha aha … Post : Min’na no egao …. (Another me, yasu and 【Team ABC】)

  1. Hallo my name is Gema..
    waw.. u really so update about ABC i love it u’r wordpress…
    everything about Yasu and Hyde…
    may i follow you in Facebook… i new Yasu fan… ^^
    thank u so much and nice to know with u…

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