ThePamphlet #6 Interview-Free Live2011&Acid Black Christmas .. (Another me, yasu and ABC Murders)

What a lovely Sunday morning now. December 30th, another one day before we can say bai bai to 2012 ….

2012 is quite good for me. I had so many great things and bad things also. But that’s life ne, everything is always balance. There will be good and bad things happen. But i feel blessed with all that i had in 2012 . Of course there’s things on my 2012 Bucket List (don’t ask me about it because i can’t remember all the list … xD) that still left un_accomplished, like :

~   join a formal Japanese class … <— failed because of how lazy i am
~   learn how to swim … <—- failed because how rock i am ….


yasu       :      you rock …? who said that?
noi          :      me, who else but me. see i am so
rock until automatically drawn when i am on water
yasu       :      so, that
noi          :      yes ya_san, we both have different way to rock ne

i dunno why, but 2 days recently i feel sooo *with triple o* happy. It’s kinda weird ne to feel this happy feeling inside you with no particular reason. But it just like that. I feel happy and everything is perfect, even yes, there’s things that i should fee happy about that like

~    my cable telly that keep me busy works again,

finally i was able to find the technician’s phone number. I called him and he came to my house at 19:30 PM. I thought he will come around 16:00 PM or at least 17:00 PM. There was a problem on the decoder. But he gave me the replacement.

Not only that, he also surprised how much i pay every month only for my cable. He said  it can be less expensive if i use some certain decoder and plug it to my internet connection …. etc etc with all details how to do that. But too bad i didn’t understand all of what he said, and also i think that’s not a official cable ne. So it was not a good idea …

then the next morning i call my cable’s center and asked them to cut my NHK channel.Yes, now i don’t have NHK on my telly anymore. i still can watch it via streaming btw …. (of course if my net connection allow me  …. ahahahhaha)

I wanted to change it with HBO but when they said i have to pay more for HBO because i have upgrade to another  package with a complete HBO. They can’t give me only one single HBO channel like NHK . I said no, why should i have that complete HBOHBO when i always go to cinema to watch movie …?

~    yasu at Shibuya AX

Thanks again to my dear friend minlilin who was there at Shibuya AX for BREAKERZ Live, and i can’t believe if she and iceblueaya watch BREAKERZ Live together with yasu that night ne.

Aya said she saw him (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) who was sitting at the 2nd floor, center, front row. She said to me via twitter (btw i don’t talk much at twitter …) if the audience there keep talking about the blonde guy on the 2nd floor is yasu. So Aya looked up and she saw yasu


source and credit : えみやん

i said to Aya :   if i know yasu is going to watch BREAKERZ Live with them, i am sure i am gonna join them to watch yasu  … eh no, i mean BREAKERZ Live together with them at Shibuya AX that night ….. ajajajajajaja **

~    This one arrived ….


Remember what i wrote about the Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot DVD? nah finally that’s arrived ne. It’s not the complete box, not until finale but stil for 32 episodes of Hercule Poirot is still something BIG for me. I always love Hercule Poirot with his France talk and his fellow Capt. Hastings. I am gonna spent my New Year’s eve by Marathon watching that DVD above

yes, i am going to London …….!!!!!!!

I read many Hercule Poirot‘s cases when i was at Junior High. It started when i found one Agatha Christie‘s novel on my school library. It was a very old book ne. I still remember the case is Murder at The Orient Express. Then what happened next is i fall in love with that Begian Detective with his amazing  gray little cells on his brain

I also love the other cases like The Cat Among The Pigeons (i told you ne, about how love that eccentric Julia Upjohn’s mother, that inspired me to find way of going to Tokyo from Jakarta by bus)


yasu    :     so have you found it …?
noi       :     i don’t think it’s possible ne
yasu    :     but you said everything is possible
noi       :     ah ya, it is possible but it’s very hard to do …

and the other cases like

~   N or M,
~  The Mysterious Affair at Styles,
~  The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (this one is brilliant ne, you should watch/read this case),
~   Murder in Mesopotamia,
~   Death on the Nile, (have i told you if Agatha Christie’s husband is an archeolog? she traveled to Egypt and around it a lot, that’s why she can describe it very well),
~  Thrid Girl …. and many more.

but my fave is always The A.B.C. Murders


the case stated with a shopkeeper in Andover found a  to death at her place of work. And then the murder of Miss Bernard in Bexhill, then Mr. Clarke in Churston. All of them hav ABC Railway guide that the killer leaves at the scene of each crime.

as i remember the killer want make it alphabetic, so it looks like a serial killer work. But the real is the killer wanted to kill C. Befor he kill C, he had to kill A and B first to make it alphabetic. After he kill C, somehow he countinued it to D. Ah i better watch this case again ne, i need to refresh my memories …


noi       :     i forget ne, can you imagine i can forget who did the ABC murders ?
yasu    :     how can you forget ne noi_chan, you said it it your fave …
noi       :     ya_san, my dear i am sorry i think  this grey cells on my brain doesn’t work today …
yasu    :     hurry, finish this post, i have a live to do ne …

this is an 【Erect Scan Post】 ne, so we better start this scan post ne. So this is the 6th part ne, for Free Live 2011 and Acid Black Christmas part. Nah because it is 2 different Live part so after i edit my scans, it became 80 photos ne. That’s why i didn’t post this entry yesterday because i haven’t post all of it to my Tumblr because i am already post some photos there.

I always post the link form my Tumblr to make it easy for me to post an image of yasu here. But the bad things is Tumblr only allowed me to post 100 photos each day. More than 100 photos, i will get a notice to post another photo tomorrow.

That’s why i always love Facebok than Tumblr ne, because Facebok never give me a limit of how many photos of The Blonde on My Facebook Wall (read : yasu) there . So there you are these aren’t the complete 80 images of yasu

nah because it is 80 photos so it’s impossible for me to post it (read : i am too lazy to post it here … xD) but don’t worry you still can see all the scans with the cuts full of yasu at

~ My Facebook Photo Album :

Acid Black Cherry : Erect パンフレット Scans #6 – Interview

~ My Tumblr   :

Just Me, HYDE, Yasu and Our Love Bahama Triangle

but if i were you i will go to My Facebook Photo Album instead of Tumblr ne, because My Tumblr is nothing but chaos, It confused me to find something there. Like the last time when i wanted to post yasu with a santa hat for my blog post, it took me forever to find that photo on My Tumblr. Finally i have to Google it. Now you can imagine how chaos My Tumblr is.

now i know why i have this happy and perfect feeling in me. It is not because of my telly works again or the Hercule Poirot DVD, but this is the main things that make me very happy and feel perfect, This connection of

I am a Full Time Time Fangirl of Acid Black Cherry who really Love TheA.B.C. Murders.

see the connection? even a litte bit you should able to see the connection ne. The clue is  connet all of these : Acid Black Cherry, A.B.C Murders, yasu, Poirot, Osaka, London, Bahama, Murder License ….. ahahahaha …. *dumped in to Niagara Fall*. Now the question is …

Who did the A.B.C. Murders ….?

yasu      :     not me ….
noi         :     Of course not you ne, then who …?
yasu      :     i didn’t do that, you know i only wrote
Murder License
noi         :     i know that
yasu      :     then find out ….!!!


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