【Erect Scan Post】: ThePamphlet #7 Interview – 『2012』TOUR … (Another me, yasu and Kenshin)

Finale …..!!!!

yasu closed this 5th Years Anniversary Live “Erect” with the last performance at Osaka Jo – Hall 12/30. Yes, again and again all ABC fans who was there watch this “Erect” Live Live at Osaka and Nagoya are very lucky. each of them got one plus song.

Maybe is its as a Christmas gift for Nagoya audience and New Year’s gift for Osaka audience? ….  who knows ne, but still they are so lucky ne. Here’s the set list of …

Acid Black Cherry 5th Years Anniversary Live “Erect” – Finale at Osaka Jo Hall 12/30

1. Maria
2. cord name 【JUSTICE】
3. Rakuen
4. in the Mirror
6. Yasashii Uso
7. 1954 LOVE/HATE
8. doomsday clock
9. Aishitenai
10. Yes
11. Bit stupid
12. Cherry Cherry
13. Murder License
14. Kuroi Taiyou
15. Pistol
16. Shojo no Inori III


1. Furare Kibun de Rock’n’ Roll
2. 1/3の純情な感情 【Junjou na Kanjou】
3. So…Good night.
4. Black Cherry


1. Prologue End
2. Shangri La
3. 20+ ∞Century Boys

actually the night before live, i talked with my friend Kaho-san (have i told you if she is a ballerina?), who was going to both Nagoya and Osaka Live ne, and she said if she wanted to hear 1/3の純情な感情 【Junjou na Kanjou】 when i told her if she is gonna get Furare Kibun de Rock’n’ Roll .

Then she said if she is still excited about to see yasu tomorrow no matter what cover song he might sing. Nah when last night i saw the set list of Finale Live at Osaka Jo Hall, i was like  OMG, she got it, both of 1/3の純情な感情 【Junjou na Kanjou】  and Furare Kibun de Rock’n’ Roll …. !!!

After yasu went to BREAKERZ Live at SHIBUYA-AX as the blonde guy on the 2nd Floor, that day DAIGO kinda make it even by being there at Osaka Jo Hal to watch yasu live on stage. He posted this via his twipple

Acid Black Cherry 5th Years Anniversary Live “Erect” has come to the end. And 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 wrapped it up with the last blog post from on their Official Ameblo, which you can read the translation in English via their Official Facebook’s note

it’s wrapped for “Erect” but not for my “Erect” GOODS  scans.  I did promised to finish it before the end of 2012 ne, but look what happen now. It is already 2013 ne, where the end of everyone’s holiday and start a new day on a new year 2013.

Acid Black Cherry - 第10回 お正月メッセージ特集2013|エキサイトミュージック(音楽).mp4_000132000

noi         :    i think new year failed to make me less lazy than last year ne …
yasu      :    nah, nah she is gonna get another reason ….
noi         :    nee ya_san, do you know if there’s no down_grade for being lazy …?
yasu      :    who said that, you again ..?
noi         :    yes …
yasu      :    then i won’t buy that

demo ne, it’s always better to be late than i don’t do the post right? so there you are the last part from my scans of “Erect” Pamphlet. the last one is for 『2012』TOUR , and after i did some edit, cut and croop (oh, I love doing that), it became 68 different images of yasu at 『2012』TOUR. There you are some of them …

like the previous post, you can see the complete scans here at …

~ My Facebook Photo Album :

Acid Black Cherry : Erect パンフレット Scans #7 – Interview

~ My Tumblr   :

Just Me, HYDE, Yasu and Our Love Bahama Triangle

nah now my scans of “Erect” GOODS  is also wrapped just like Acid Black Cherry 5th Years Anniversary Live “Erect” and also before the New Year’s euphoria ends i’d like to say

Happy New Year 2013

may you all have the sweetest cherries for 2013. Thank you for all these togetherness of supporting Acid Black Cherry we had in 2012. Let’s embrace this New Year 2013 and of course keep support Acid Black Cherry ne … !!

Life is like a bowl of cherries, and tonight the cherries are so sweet as sweet as yasu and all of you …

Regards and ♥

so how is your New Year’s eve? are you having fun? i am sure you all having fun with your own way ne. Is the team that you picked for this year’s Kohaku Utagasen won? …. my New Year’s eve is quite fun ne, well i  …

~  i spent my 100,000 IDR to buy snacks and cola for myself to eat all night long,

and ended with the endelss dizzy that i feel the next morning because i eat too much various things and all that various things are fight each other inside me and make me dizzy. I didn’t let Tekki to eat it, it was all for me ne. So that night the selfish me was in charged.

~  i did the marathon for watching POIROT DVD, all of it but …

i didn’t watch NHK Kohaku Utagasen ne, and maybe only me and Tekki who didn’t do all things realted to NHK Kohaku Utagasen this year. Why? this is because there’s no L’arc there so why should i? So this year i followed Tekki to London had a marathon telly series of POIROT

i really love Poirot’s France accent. It sounds beautiful ne, and for me France language always sound beautiful?. Maybe because the difficult how pronounce it. I love how Poirot say madmoiselle, monseur, au revoir, mon deu, … etc etc and also how he call Capt. Hastings with my dear Hastings nicely. i haven’t finished from all 32 DVD, i only able to watch 2 DVD.

yasu     :     only 2 DVD, you call it as a marathon?
noi        :     OK, it wasn’t a marathon. It was a walking ne and if you ask me why, that’s because i can’t stop my self to keep look your shoulders ..
yasu     :     my what …

yes, yasu‘s shoulders. I told you ne how i always love his shoulders. And that night on New Year’s eve somehow yasuwith his bare shoulders are all over the internet. start from the Official Ameblo,



and from this live report of 12/13 「Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary LIVE “Erect”」 at Yoyogi

source :  yasu「盛り上がろうぜ!飛ばしていくぞ!」

oho oho hohohohohoho look at that ….. mabushiii …. *drolling*

and then what happen to me is  ….

~  over sexcited for yasu’s New Year’s message from different site




noi        :     eeeh, fall in love? ya_san わたしも and maybe …
yasu     :     stop it noi_chan, i know what you are gonna say ..
noi        :     でも
yasu     :     shssst just finish your post … 

2.  New Year’s video message from Excite

Acid Black Cherry - 第10回 お正月メッセージ特集2013|エキサイトミュージック(音楽).mp4_000114000

you can watch it here : http://www.excite.co.jp/music/newyear/  .  and last but not least that blown me away is this

3.   Acid Black Cherry New Years Comment for JaME

i can’t believe it when i hear him sayin i’d like to play live outside Japan. Asia, Amerika or Europe, anywhere is fine . He want to feel at least once to have a live outside Japan and see the outside Japan fans.



even he also say if there’s no plan made yet, so yasu and his 【Team ABC】 kinda say : we are ready for an outside Japan Live invitation, but stil i am so excited just because finally he is thinking about having a live outside Japan and reach his overseas fans who is dying to have a chance for seeing Acid Black Cherry Live.

I think if there’s Acid Black Cherry Live outside Japan, there will be Taiwan, Hongkong and Korea on the list. But i also hope Indonesia also will be on the list even there’s many things that i think will make it impossible for Acid Black Cherry to have a live in Indonesia, like

~   i am not sure about how BIG is Acid Black Cherry fans in Indonesia, this is usually something that gonna be recomendation for a promotor who want to invite some band to have a Live. Maybe because i am not get too involve with Acid Black Cherry fans in Indonesia even i am Indonesian.

But i know there’s a band called Tierra who always do a cover for Janne and Acid Black Cherry songs in every matsuri. Not only that, i also now there will be some live screaning to watch 2012 Live DVD together on yasu‘s birthday next January 27th. Nah i hope that events can be something to think about

so what i did today is i posted that Youtube link above to Marygoups twiter account (this is the promotor who invite L’arc last May 2012 and also Scandal next march 2013) and also to Mr. Peter Harjani, the boss of Marygoups. I hope they will consider about this

~   I also worried about the erotic lyrics and how Acid Black Cherry ‘s famous for the erotic lyrics will make hard for the promotor to get a licence/permission from the government to hold a live concert of Acid Black Cherry in Indonesia. This is because last year, Lady Gaga had to cancel her tour in Indonesia because they can’t get a permission because of moral and religious issue.

But then i think again if in the end there will be Acid Black Cherry Live outside Japan but there’s no Indonesia on the list, i am still gonna be OK, because i can go to Hongkong or Taiwan for yasu. so it is fine …

yasu      :    really …?
noi         :    I survive from The Reichenbach Fall and my dad’s madness. So yes, i will survive.
yasu      :    are you sure …?
noi         :    Hello, i went to Tokyo for you ne …

OK. let’s back to my New Year’s eve, what i did/managed to do is

~  i managed to DL Rurouni Kenshin 2012 and watch it


it took me 5 days to download this movie, don’t ask me why ne. this movie is amazing, everything i remember on my childhood of reading this manga, they make it live. Takeru Sato did a very stunning performance as my far far away cousin Kenshin Himura. He even walk  and move his head like Kenshin,

he (read : Takeru Sato as Kenshin, not yasu) took my breath away on the fighting scene at The ridiculous Mr. Karyuu‘s mansion to save Megumi. It was very fast ne.

I know they made it with some camera effect because there’s nobody can do that fast scene with no camera trick but Bruce Lee, Jet Lee and Jacky Chan where the camera trick used to make their move less fast so they can cath their move instead of make it fast, because Bruce Lee, Jet Lee and Jacky Chan‘s move are so fast. But in this movie they made it perfectly fast and fit with the wind blows and the money falls from balcony effect make it more amazing.

I get bored by the fighting scene Sanosuke Sagara and the vegetarian vilain in the kitchen. I know they maybe want to pust some slice of humor by add the scene where Sano asked for a break in the middle of the fighting because he found a chicken to eat, and he offer the vilain but he said no because he is a vegetarian, but he say yes for a wine? …. eww this is not funny ne and this scene is fubar for me and make Sano looks less heroic

Takei Emi did a pretty well as Kaoru Kamiya, even not that special enough. My fave is on the scene where Kaoru waiting for Kenshin outside the Police Station on a rainy day with an unbrella for him. She said about how she didn’t care about Kenshin‘s past as Hitokiri Battosai,

and she also understand if it is fine for everyone have some past that they want to keep it by theirself.  OMG that’s so great ne, i wonder if everyone in this world have a way of thinking like her so everybody will mind their own bussiness with no interupt other people’s bussiness/past that they really want to keep it and don’t wanna talk about. But the real is in this word, today people and the media love rumors ne.

Megumi ‘s character played very well by the actress but somhow it covered by Kaouru Kamiya‘s character. And i think they made Megumi here less cold and mysterious than what i got from the manga. OMG did i say much ……? i better stop now because someone is really gonna mad at me if i say more than this .
Kenshin, My Dear Far Far Away Cousin. You just took my breath away …… kyaaaa *blushing*


yasu      :    no no no noi_chan, he is your cousin ne,
noi         :    yes, but the far one, see Far Far Away …
yasu      :    OK, now how far is you and me …?
noi         :    more than 1,000,000 steps …
yasu      :    and you are ..
noi         :    Watashi wa anata no fangirl desu yo, itsumademo …
yasu       :   see … so get another man than this Battosai



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