Anouncement Post : Friends Only a.k.a Lock_ed .


here’s what happen

i just got a complain comment from another ABC fans that said that as an ABC fan i supposed not put all my scans here, related to copyright etc etc and many more . There’s some people get annoyed by that, so here’s what i am gonna do, from now ….

1.  All my scan post is gonna be Friends Only on Live Journal, Ameblo, Facebook and members of jrock_scans

2.  I am not gonna share it on Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook  like what i always do, so all of you who use to share/re_upload it on another Acid Black Cherry group or Street Teams, sorry mate you can’t do that anymore

3.  I am not gonna post my scans on my Tumblr and my WordPress again, …

4.  I am also gonna do another Friend’s elimination on Facebook,

5.  No Friend request accepted on Facebook, Ameblo or Live Journal anymore

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenient …


5 thoughts on “Anouncement Post : Friends Only a.k.a Lock_ed .

  1. It’s sad that I have to learn reading your blog : ‘(
    I really enjoy see the ABC scans on the blog,
    I understand your reaction Himura-san:-O, you don’t need to apologize
    Ps: As I said, I ‘m sorry for my English

    • i don’t like to do this, but i think this is the best thing to do.

      as i remember you are also my friend on Facebook right? so don’t worry you will still able to see my scans on Facebook.

      • I doubt that you do not like this …:(
        No you’re wrong Himura-san, I’m not one of your friends on Facebook but Google + …
        But since that I never have really spoken to you, I doubt that you know whom I am…
        Ps : tell me if you can understand me >///<

      • OMG …

        i am sorry, but never use my Google + much as much as i use Facebook, or LJ

        so i have one girl who talk to me in English mixed with France, that’s not you? i always think it was you.

        well then if that’s so i’ll find a way for you to see my upcoming scans. All you have to do is read more is remember this :

        ~ noiloveyasu
        ~ bahama221b
        ~ yasu_noi_haido
        ~ abucketofABC

        that’s the MAGIC words/key … so n’est-ce pas?

      • Yes it’s me >///<
        Thank you very much Himura-san 😀
        And I will remember the MAGIC words!!!
        Ps : Your french is good!!!!!

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