Meme Post : Can’t Remember When, but I Just Lock_ed with 「イエス」 …. (Another me, yasu and Loki)

Lock_ed, by 「イエス」, …?

Stolen from mrsmisser i interested with this meme when i read : You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to.

The game is to hit shuffle on your ipod or mp3 player and write down the first 25 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful (my shameful song?, ahaha ) . This is my Winamp playlist ne which i never change (read : i am too lazy to change it). I can’t remember when did the last time i edited it ….

1. Acid Black Cherry – Shojo no Inori III
2. Acid Black Cherry –  「イエス」 (Live)
3. Piko –  咲色リフレイン
4. HYDE – Glamorous Sky
5. L’arc en Ciel – Flower
6. Acid Black Cherry – 「イエス」
7. Jerry Yan – Wo Shi Zhen De Zhen De Hen Ai Ni
8. TETSUYA – Lonely Girl
9. CN BLUE – Hey You
10. Acid Black Cherry – Glamorous Sky cover
11. Go Go Dolls – Irish
12. L’arc en Ciel – Hurry X-Mas
13. HYDE – Heartbreak no Julia cover
14. WHAM – Last Christmas
15. VAMPS – Memories
16. Acid Black Cherry – 「イエス」
17. Acid Black Cherry – Cherry Cherry
18. Acid Black Cherry – Nemuri Hime
19. ONE OK ROCK – Liar
20. Acid Black Cherry – 「イエス」
21. Michael Buble – Last Dance
22. L’arc en Ciel – Daybreak’s Bell
23. Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me
24. Acid Black Cherry – 「イエス」
25. Aerosmith – Jaded

look at that, OMG there’s 5 different Acid Black Cherry – 「イエス」 there ne. Different ? yes, it’s different because i put it from different sources :

~   Acid Black Cherry – 「イエス」 audio rip from the HISTORY DVD – Acid Black Cherry 4 years and next

you know we can hear 「イエス」 at the end of the video ne and yes, of course with yasu‘s voice talking after then continued with the voice of some man also talking (after yasu or before yasu ?). I know, it is not the HQ one of 「イエス」, but somehow i love it, because it started with yasu‘s talking and then the song. Not only that, maybe because at that time i listen to 「イエス」 at the first time from this video, so

heaven yes, i love it

yasu     :     so now is heaven? where’s the hell …?
noi        :     yes, heaven’s sound much better ne, and Lady Mary said a lot of heavens than hell …
yasu     :     somebody is changing ne, and now Lady Mary …
noi        :     i told you ne, i am changeable ….

~   Acid Black Cherry – 「イエス」 audio rip from the 1st full PV from Acid Black Channel

that’s why there’s a delay with where i don’t hear anything, because it’s how the PV started, the opening ….

~   Acid Black Cherry – 「イエス」 audio rip from Coming Soon …


i love this version because yes, it is the live version. A long time before yasu released 「2012」  LIve CD, i did always want to hear the live version of 「イエス」  that’s why when i got the video i convert it into mp3 and put it to my Winamp playlist. Even yes, many people said about how yasu ‘s voice is different from the CD/PV they listen to …

~   Acid Black Cherry – 「イエス」 audio rip from my CD …

~   Acid Black Cherry – 「イエス」 audio rip my 「2012」 Live CD
live CD

at least yasu didn’t let me to convert 「イエス」 part from my 「2012」 Live DVD  because he is already gave me the 「2012」 Live CD, …. xD here i am now trapped into that song 「イエス」 in everywhere on me and 「イエス」 i get Lock_ed by it


talking about Lock_ed, let’s talk about Loki. yes, he is Thor‘s adopted brother. Somehow Loki is more catchy than Thor, see what i mean Tom Hiddleston already make this villian more famous and catch so many hearts to love him including my adopted sista Tekki. She is absolutely crazy about Loki/Tom Hiddleston. She even use Tom‘s laugh as her meesage alert tone on her phone. And Oh, God if you listen to him (read : Loki/Tom, not yasu)’s laugh at midnight that’s so scary ne

so, my cable is opening all the channels from January 23rd ~ February 23rd. So i have a full month with a complete channels on my telly. The good news is i can watch NHK, Diva (for Downton Abbey and Law and Order SVU) and of course HBO with all the lattlest movies. That’s why now i am quite busy by HBO. I watch all movies that i haven’t see on the cinema or re_watch it again movies that i already watch.

I am already watch Thor about 5 times now, but i am still cry over for Loki and how the sweet and sour adopted brotherhood of Loki and Thor, their father, Odin found him on a temple of the Frost Giants, he believed if they leaved him there because he is too small for a giant’s baby. Then Odin took the baby back to Asgard raise him together with his son Thor as brothers.

They both love each other even no matter what happen. My fave is when Thor talking to Loki through the Can Giant that Loki’s sent to kill his brother Thor so he can’t be back to Asgard. He said :

For what ever i did and make you do all of this, My dear Brother i am really sorry …

and then just like Thor, Loki also love his brother as deep as Thor love him, remember when Thor destroy the Rainbow Bridge with that connect Asgard and Earth with his hammer? Loki yellin at him : What are you doing? if you destroy it, you will never see her ….!!!! but Thor still continue doing it while sayin : I am sorry Jane ….  <—- and i cried for them

i always love this kind of brother/sisterhood movies ne, a movie that tellin me what mean of a brother/sister is for us.

For me brother/sister is like a blanket, when they are close to you, you will feel so HOT until you want to get rid of it, but then when they are far away from you you will fee COLD so you want them to be close again with you

my fave brother/sisterhood movie is

1.  Little Women


I love how this sisters hold on together duringwar and how they deal everythings happen while their father was not at home to join war. Winona Ryder did a very well as Josephine “Jo” March, the young and ambitious writer.

2.  Legends of The Fall


Who can’t forget how sexy is Brad Pitt as Tristan Ludlaw with his long and look wild hair ….? and the complicated love between this bothers with one woman named Susannah

3.  Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time


this movie tellin me how sharing the same blood is not really matter in brotherhood, remember when Dastan stabbed himself the the dagger? and then his brother Tus stoppen him

Tus                   :   Stop! A moment ago, you died before my eyes.
Prince Dastan  :  Oh, you pressed it
Tus                   : how did you know i would?
Dastan             :  because we are brothers …

that’s so sweet ne, that’s why when we (me and Tekki) cried together again for Loki in front of our telly like an idiot, i told her : Nee Tekki, see how Loki’s really think about his brother Thor, nah that’s what you should do to me ….

ah ya i gotta go now, my telly is waiting for me, Lat but not least,  yasu is not Loki, but indeed he succeed to Lock_ed me with 「イエス」

So let’s just say yasu is the fisherman, 「イエス」 is the net and i am ….


yasu     :     and you are …
noi        :     i am the fish who will sing 愛してる愛してるよ …
yasu     :     fish singing? yeah right and you can’t swim ne …
noi        :     ah, you ruin this game …
yasu     :     find another one then



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