Before The HY_day Post : so 20 + 18 is 38 …. (Another me, yasu and The S Before ex)

i waited for something from yasu yesterday, well ….

eventually there’s no post on yasu‘s birthday on The Official Blog at Ameblo like last year, but he did tweet that plus some quite nice birthday jokes from the birthday boy himself, 18? porn video? OK then as you wish ya_san, …..

you are 18 years old with 20 years life experiences following you. so yes, you can rent porn videos now  …

yasu       :     eeh ….
noi          :     nani? did i made a wrong calculation, 18 + 20 = 38 right?
yasu       :     it’s not that, but hey noi_chan you didn’t put the S ne …
noi          :     ah, the S ..

as you all know i always love to play words, even if i am not a musician, i don’t write songs or anything else that sell, but indeed i love it, That’s why not a long time ago i really having fun to follow my friend to put S on every words that started with ex, for sexample is

~     exciting        ——>   sexciting
~     experience   ——>   sexperience
~     expensive    ——>   sexpensive

and i didn’t realize if i also took this adding S to ex thing to my real life, because usually i only use it on my social networks or yeah when i wrote here, but one day when i was talking with some of my new collages that i meet on some new projects (damn, why did they have to talk to me in English ne), i can’t remember when it started but we did start to talk about ex boyfriend. and when it was my turn to talk, i said loud :

Well, my sex boyfriend ….. etc etc etc ….

then somehow everyone were in silent while lookin at me, with that face. You know that kind of face like sayin nah, there you are ….!!! I should have think before i say something ne,  Why did i have to talk about my sex boyfriends anyway, but ah whatever, what’s done is done and That day i realized i just did my first Social Suicide in front of that 6 peoples.

yasu     :     poor noi_chan ….. *laugh*
noi        :     so, no more S Before the ex OK …
yasu     :     at least, you are not dead ne ….
noi        :     but my social life is ya_san ….

yasu     :     hurry,  finish this post

ah ya back to the topic, yesterday yasu_day is very cherry ne with yasu, acid, cherry and black as number 1,2,3and 4 on the HOT words

How lovely, isn’t it? and DAIGO also make the yasu_day more cherry by posting this lovely entry on his blog

just like what yasu tweet_ed, DAIGO sent him a video of all the audiences of 4th day BREAKERZ LIve HOUSE Tour sang happy birthday together for him. Not only that, my  friend Karen also said BREAKERZ   also performed Nemuri Hime. See they put yasu‘s song on the set list at yasu‘s birthday ….. lovely and i want to see it …!!!

Today is Monday and as my promise o God a long time ago i am fasty today. Today is not that hot but there’s no rain fall yet. My friend BCL texted me in the morning sayin :  I am off today, but i am not sick. I gotta go somewhere ..!!! kinda weird eh, well that’s what she always text to me after last month i told her about how i always feel if she is sick whenever she is taking a day off from office.

She is still having some peoblem on her kidney, but not as worst as before where she had to go to hospital for more than 2 weeks. She is better now even she can’t get too tired. Human body is like a machine ne, there’s always be a out of date for everyone. Since her sickness, there’s a kidney euphoria at office now.

an euphoria where everyone is tryin to keep our kidneys healthy and drink water a lot and everyday, they said no colors in your glass in better, while i never drink something with no color in my glass. That euphoria also reach my mom, but in a good way ne.

Since she doesn’t want there’s something bad happen to my kidney, she think it would be better for me if i get my own coffee from home, inside this Acid Black Cherry 2012 coffee can

at least i finally i can use it instead of put it on my racks next to my CDs and DVDs like a trophy of whatsoever award that i might won. Ah ya, talking about award, i tell you ne me, i mean this noi_himura finally is nominated for 2 categories,

What category? i am not gonna tell you ne, because this nomination comes from a secret community that i joined about 3 years ago. And for their 3 anniversary they nominated me. I dunno yet whether if i win or not, but let just say that above is my trophy of whatsoever award that i might won for me from them if i win

yasu       :      you won, really?
noi          :      maybe, because i won last year ..
yasu       :      for what, for how drama queen you are?
noi          :      of course not …

Tomorrow is HY_day ne. So i better think about something for My King HYDE ne, i dunno what to do maybe i am gonna join to make some hashtag related to HYDE‘s birthday tomorrow on twitter and put HYDE as trending topic on twitter.

I better go now because while i am tryin to keep my promise to my God to do this fasty every Monday and Thursday to help me to be more calm and happy, my friends keep put this jumbo glass of iced tea on my desk and make me doing endless moaning duo with my desk (read : headdesk)

Oh God, i know this is only another way of you testing me ne, i am dizzy now but don’t worry i can deal with that. It is only 3 hours left until dawn where i am gonna be able to drink the same jumbo glass of iced tea, or maybe double ne? yes, i make it double for sure  …

time is running so fast ne, i remember it is not a long time ago when i put my Erect Calendar on my desk while having /enjoying my own time of feel if yasu is watching me working, and look at his look, i think he is sayin

Hey, i am not a stalker and i am watching you ….!!!

then somehow it makes me think ah ya he is watching me, and then i started to do my job again instead of put my head on my desk, sleep and put another delay on my works, This is why i think yasu is brilliant for so many reasons …

Yesterday is yasu_day, today is Mounday,  tomorrow is HY_day and ….

yasu       :       and you are still left away again …
noi          :       ooh no, sorry my darling you are wrong this time, because the answer is i am still busy again …
yasu       :       what …
noi          :       yes busy, because you and HYDE_san always make me busy and i love how you both make me busy …. *yay*



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