HY_Day Post : Happy Birthday to you, HYDE …. (Another me, yasu and The Modern Day Vampire)

after finished the 7th episode of my latest Korama, i fell asleep last night missed the chance to join HYDE’s Birthday celebration via twitter. So i woke up this morning and left away to go again, while yasu and DAIGO already posted this with their twitter …

eventually ah ha yes, i am always late, ne HYDE_san ……. xD

HYDE    :    indeed you are,
noi         :    sorry …
HYDE    :    eeh, just like that …
noi        :     no, no, don’t miss the birthday wish from me, there you are ..

There you are my Eien wish for you HYDE ….

My Dearest King HYDE,

Happy Birthday,

Stay Genki, Glamorous as you are. May all the best things happen to you and Your Every wish come true. Can’t say anything else but I wish you all The Best (because for me you are the Beast and I am the Beauty …? nyaaaaa *got slap*).

I Love you HYDE_san and have i told you if my Love for You is Eien ….? Indeed it is …

With Love,

so what i am doing on HYDE‘s birthday?

~   i posted Happy Birthday to you HYDE on my Facebook status ..
~   i sing Glamorous Sky ~ HYDE version at office


This what i love about my job. I can sing as much as i want, of course after i finished or delayed all my works ne. Singing with no works/papers to do left at my desk is one of my fave things to do at office ne.

and believe it or not thank God i have my 3 officemates as my loyal listener for my after lunch LIVE ne …. ehe he he he  xD

yasu       :     yeah, right …
noi          :     believe me ya_san, this is real …
yasu       :     then i am so sorry for them
noi          :     nande ….
yasu       :     ….. *walk away*

then ….

~   i watch again videos of HYDE‘s talking, singing and whatever else i found on my PC
~   i read this lovely note by VAMPS UK Street Team on Facebook and my fave part is when HYDE described about how a modern day vampire is and his thoughts about 2012 and 2013 :

2012 was a bit of an irregular year for VAMPS, so I want to go back to basics, for a fresh start in 2013. There’s no rush, so I want to spend time creating good songs, and playing brilliant lives.

~   eventually, today everything is about HYDE ne

that vampire above is quite modern for me, well done HYDE_san …

on yesterday’s yasu_day, yasu is number one in HOT WORD and today the list has changed ne, hyde, yasu, HYDE again on number 1,3,4 and there’s DAIGO on number 5 ne ….

look at that ——->  HOT GUYS in the HOT WORD, sugoi ne …..

HYDE       :     i don’t see you fangirl ….
yasu         :     maybe it is boys only HYDE_san ..
noi            :     well, i am a private fangirl so something public like that is the last thing i need ….
HYDE       :     private …?
yasu         :     there’s no private fangirl  …
noi            :     i am for both of you ….





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