Whoaa Post : Yes, You Are Forever 18 & I Will Be Forever 50 .. (Another me, yasu and 『Recreation 3』

waiting is on of what a fangirl has to do ne, at least me. Waiting for what?  …

What else than what [Team Acid Back Cherry] posted this on their Official Facebook Page today, related to 『Recreation 3』 Album. I haven’t do my order for 『Recreation 3』 yet because i am waiting for them to let me see how is the bonus from FC edition. There you are

~    Original Sleeve Case for Fan Club edition

CD Only

w/ DVD

~    Mini Clear File for FC mobile member

~    B2 sized poster if you buy from mu mo

Well then, since yasu look so enchanting there and i don’t have any more space on my room for another poster, this time i will get the FanClub edition. Sleeve case for the CD ne, i always love that.

Ussually i will buy w/DVD from on line shop (you know which one is my fave online shop) and the the CD only from mu – mo FC Official Shop.This time i think it would be better if i get FC edition for both w/DVD and CD only …. #yosh …!!!!

yesterday they posted a nice entry related to yasuさんの誕生日, January 27th on the Official Blog ….

with an enchanting message from yasu ….





you can read the translation in here ,

enchanting isn’t it? yasu‘s message. It make me smile ne. Poor ya_san got a one year wrongly by his mother …. xD, but i wonder that wrong is from added one or skipped one year ne …?


noi          :      Forever 18? indeed, you are.
yasu       :      and you are
noi          :      since HYDE bite me when i was 50 so i am forever 50 ne,
yasu       :      15 …?
noi          :      no, 50 ne with one zero behind. nee ya_san, that forever 18 man above, looks a little bit tired ne. Take care of yourself ne ya_san.

like yasu, i also in the age of i don’t really care about how old i am now, since 50 is a number where you cannot only use all the fingers you have to count so you have to ask another 4 peoples to use their fingers to count with you ….

But my mother, Her Majesty The Drama Queen  is the one who is really care about it. Since i got my job, every year on my birthday she will kiss me on my both cheeks in the morning while sayin : Boo, you are …. years old now, think about how to find a husband ….! (FYI :  the number of exclamation mark behind it will added each year)

well if yasu is 18 years old (minus 20) this year,  then HYDE is …


he is 44 years old now, ……. aaaaaaaa *shocked*

OMG KIng HYDE is 44 years old? 5 years again he is gonna be 50 like me ne ….. #whoaaaa . But who can believe if that man who look like that, sing like that, act on stage like that, move his body like that  is a 44 years old man ne, Nobody. I think he is really trapped inside the time capsule ne.

Yes, i said if i don’t want to go anywhere ne, but since i get sick more easy now, i think Freena is right when she said i am a bit stressed on our last Cherry Chat.

not only that, i also forget a lot ne, today i give 10,000,000 to pay to someone, where the truth is i only have to pay 9,000,000. see i get worst ne, what the hell is happen to me, my body get sick, the grey cells on my brain didn’t work well today, and my heart still broken, that’s why i need a vacation but i already had one  …

my vacation is nice, i spent the whole day from one mall to mall with Tekki, did some hair treatment, go eat on our fave Thailand restaurant. Well i started to love Thailand food, maybe because it tasted not too different with Javanesse food, where they also use lemon grass. I also bought a shoes, and went to cinema to watch Hansel and Gretel : The Witch Hunters  ..


this is a spin off from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, in this story the both have grown up and becoming one team specialized to hunt and kill witch from all over the country,

But on this mission when the Black Moon approach and the witch activty increased, they found out about the truth about what happen to them, their father and their father. They also know if not every witch is bad/evil heart_ed, This movie is very great i think, it surprised me and make me feel special in one moment.

~  It surprised me with the fact how Hansel (Jeremy Renner) is a diabetic because he ate too much sweets/cake when he was a little boy at the cake/cookies house he entered together with his sister Gretel (Gemma Arterton),

Yes, i remember Hansel is the one who eat a lot ne.I never think or connect it with diabetic ne, I even thought maybe he’s becoming a drug addict when i saw him get an insulin shoot for himself ne, and i was like : Really? a drug addict on a fairy tale?

~  it surprised and make me laugh a lot when the Troll said his name is Edward to Gretel after help her.

really Edward? oh God, now this image below that i found on Google is very true on me,


ajajajajajajajajajaja ……. *drolling with troll* and then Oh God,  i better give up and cancel to beat Team_Edward then, because with a troll on their side it is impossible to beat them ne. so

Let’s stay calm and give up, OK team_yasu  ….. !!!! *raise a white flag*

~   It surprised me and make me feel special when

the witch has to collect 24 boys and girls who born from January ~ December. And the night when the Black Moon gonna come very soon they only have 23 boys and girls. They haven’t find a girl who was born on April ….





noi        :       ya_san, i was born on April ne, …
yasu     :       then what …
noi        :       they will find me ne, so help me …
yasu     :       who …?
noi        :       the black witch me …
yasu     :       ah, come on stop this movie talk ….

See what  i mean, how that movie make me feel special ne? That’s why you all should watch this movie. Especially for you girls who born on April ne, because the witch is tryin to find you but don’t worry Jeremy Renner will save you ne ….

OK then what i am gonna talk about ne …? ah ya Cherry Chat

In the morning when i open my Facebook and found there’s a notification said : Monika Geler posted on your wall and she said the MAGIC word : Cherry Chat ….!!!! and then i know Cherry Chat is on …!!!!

Our last Cherry Chat is quite long than before ne, and it is still fun as always. It started with Jules who told us about his trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil and it kinda scared me when he said if he almost got a shoot, OMG can you imagine he is on his vacation abroad and then someone is gonna shoot his leg? But Thank God, he is OK and already back to his country well.

But the most funny thing is when he said : whore here, whore there, …. whores everywhere  …!!! ahahaha i laughed a lot that morning at office when i read that ne. Now I think Jules must be famous among the girls ne, since he is very cute and from that whore problems he got, yes, sure he is.

i feel i also changed a lot. Now i am not the same person with me 2 years ago when i always posted a comments everywhere, talk to everybody i see on my Facebook, Twitter or Ameblo related to yasu, HYDE, movies or anything else, but now everything is change. I am not that same person again.

i think i just lost my capability to add a new friend by open/start a nice conversation with people more than 10 words, it always less than that, That’s why i am very gratefull to have Cherry Chat and all of you who keeps talking to me whether if on facebook, twitter or elsewhere.

Change happens ne, and so am i. Regardless of how changeable i am or me as Wonder Woman who can change anytime when the world need me …..  nyaaaaaaa *dumped to hell*

I changed, yes. but just don’t give up on me, talk to me and help me to get my conversation ability back onegai …

anyway i love my Cherry Chat, i always do because they (all my cherry sista and Jules) always say something that make me feel better without me have to say :

Can you say something to make me feel better?.


yasu    :   say what?
noi       :   anything to make me feel better, you know what to say …
yasu    :   if you mean that, then i sorry ne and bai bai ..
noi       :   eeehh …



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