Yesterday Post : Keep The Cherry for The Last, eh .. (Another me, yasu, Cake & The Donut Prince)

People said We Better Keep The Best for The Last ne,

that’s why i always do the same thing to my meals, especially my fave one. like how i always keep the biggest meatball on my meatball soup, keep the chocolate part on my mixed vanilla-chocolate ice cream, and keep the cherry on top of  my chocolate cake or tiramisu to eat at the end. Yes, it feels much way better than if you eat it all that best things on the beginning

i think that’s what [Team ABC] did, yesterday by posted this kawaii/oishii video of yasu and his Birthday cake via this  Vine : Acid Black Cherry Birthday♬ after the party …



so they keep the Cherry for the last eh, well done guys ….!!!!

i keep watching that video, and looking at yasu (indeed, he is very2 kawaii) but OMG the chocolate cake looks so oishii ne, Is that tiramisu or just an ordinary chocolate cake?


even there’s no cherry on top of it because instead of cherry the put cherry (or i am the only one who didn’t see it, well blame my blurry eyes ne). But it’s still the same fruit ended with y ne, not only that look at how yasu eat it and how his eyes like that?

OMG, again ….


noi            :      that cake must be so soft ne HYDE_san, so it must be tiramisu   …
HYDE        :     look at that, she interested more to the cake than you yasu_kun …
DAIGO      :     i think so …
yasu         :     really noi_chan …?
noi            :     of course not, but still that cake  …
yasu         :     yes, you are  …
HYDE       :     i told you ne, we should find another fangirl …

enough about the cake talkng because it makes me feel hungry now here this time at my office, do nothing but writing this post. Actually i wanted to take some siesta but it’s too cold ne, there must be something wrong with the air conditioner. now we better talk about another thing than a cake ne,

Since it’s already February so let’s flip the ABC Erect calendar and tadaaaaa ……

ahahahahahahahahaha …….. *fubar laugh*

i ate a lot of lambs recently. 2 days ago my friend BCL bring all of us a special curry and grilled lambs for all of us to celebrate her new car arrives. Then yesterday at the beginning of February when we got nothing to do on that rainy day, we decided to bought another grilled lambs to eat together, and it didn’t stop there because when i got home my mom also gave me another grilled lamb for dinner ….

lamb, lamb, lamb all over me. 

If i keep eat grilled lamb iike this i will end by getting stroke like my dad. It’s not good for my blood pressure ne. i start to feel the effect today. I dunno why i just wanna get mad to somebody, i don’t care who it will be. So now i am waiting maybe there’s somebody who will make some trouble or mistake with me that i can mad to. But nothing happen, everything is normal and under control now

i remember last month, i went to office with a very awfull feelings all over me. My dad went crazy last night, my mom cry like a river so did i and Tekki keep tellin me : Don’t cry Boo, don’t you dare to cry ….. . !!!  then i came to office and find out there’s one boy who make mistake and sayin a lot of annoying things that make me mad, mad and mad .

then i was like : Ah, there you are ….

then in one minute what i did next is call him, mad at him and sayin a lot of bad things that i should’ve not say to him by phone. I know it was wrong but somehow it made me feels better. That day i feel like a boxer who find a sandsack in the morning to beat.

that’s terrible isn’t it. But i did that ne, i always do. When i am very mad or there’s something happen and make me mad, i tend to take it at my works and somehow it became me who find a reason to get mad and say many bad things to someone else. After all this phrase of  It’s not personal, it’s bussiness kinda hard to do ne ….

but if i get mad everyday, sooner or later …..


noi        :      i will become Mad Hatter, move to Wonderland  …
yasu     :      then you want this hat …
noi        :      yes, you better give me that hat, or ….
yasu     :      or what
noi        :      or i will join Halloween Party 2013 …
yasu     :      not funny ne …

i am hungry now, so i am talk about related things to the cake’s half brother (read : donut), i mean this Prince Donut … xD


Remember about the other KING than King HYDE that i wanted to tell you, ne. Nah he is that KING. so yes, i am now talking about this Korean Drama : The King 2 Hearts

i got the DVD on my last vacation, with 20 episodes of it and i can finish it only on 3 day ne, What a marathon …!!!!

Everyday at 19:30 until after midnight i stayed in front of my telly for this drama, and i really love it ne, especially i love how Lee Seung-Gi ( you may know his as the boy on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) transformed from a spoiled second child of a royal family into a very reposible king for his country, the woman he love and his people.

Ha Ji-Won also did great as Kim Hang-Ah a North Korean Special Unit ForcesOfficer who falls in love to South Korean Prince on her training camp, How he apeak with North Korean Accent, deal the annoying spoiled prince and how she has to manage his heart when everyone ask him to choose her love to that man or her love to her country

why do i call him Prince Donut? that’s because in this drama the prince Lee Jae-Ha (Lee Seung-Gi) really love to eat donuts, he eat donuts everywhere, he even stil eating donut on his training in North Korea. I remember how i can’t sop laughing just by lookin at him with his mouth full of sugar from the donut he eat and talking to his Hyung (big brother), …. xD

The story is set in a fictional present day where South Korea is a government under a constitutional monarchy. The story begin when King of South Korean Lee Jae-Kang want to have a reconciliation between South and Noth Korea by sending officers from both South and Noth Korea as one team on WCO an international military turnament for officers from many countries.

He sent his beloved brother Lee Jae-Ha who just finished his military service. As a spoiled prince, Jae-Ha don’t want to do that, but then his brother can make him to do that, while making another plan to get a bride for him from North Korea. He is tryin to find a perfect North Korean woman for his brother.

Then North Korea represented by Kim Hang-Ah (Ha Ji-Won) because one of the team member who should go there got injured and his arm broken. So Hang-Ah as the best instructur on the special unit there has to go there. She is actually don’t want to go there. because she just decided to be more woman than she is now.

As a instructure of special unit, she is trained very well. So yes, she is a little bit raugh for a woman. She is already 30 but she don’t have any special person to be with while all her friends already married and start a family. So she want to change. With help from her friends she attend many blind date but none of it worked for her.

Then her boss who know how desperately she is to find a husband promised her to find a perfect husband for her if she agree to join this tournament. Then she agreed. i like how she said to her boss when she said she don’t want to join the tournament. She said :

i don’t want to be like this, because after all i am a traditional woman. Like Magnolia, i am gentle and need love

with the other 2 team members, as Team Leader she went to South Korea to meet the other team member from South Korea and of course meet the prince. And then the fun and full of silly things also start to happen on their training. How they both fall in love, peoples around them, the princess and many more.

I must say bravo to the script writer and also to all the cast ne,because it is really make me up and down ne, i mean i laughed then cried, laughed again the cried over and over. Not only that, for me this drama kind a like sum of all the movies that i ever watch. All of them complete in here.

1.  Of course Cinderella

a story of an ordinary girl who love and loved by a prince? what else than Cinderella ne, but this Cinderella from North Korea and as Special Forces Unit Officer she is very2 tough one ne.

2.  First Knight …

remember Richard Gere‘s First Knight with Sean Conerey? nah you can see something like that in this drama, but don’t worry ne there’s no love triangle between The King, The Knight and The Queen because in this drama, The Knight (or you may say it as The Bodyguard) Eun Shi-Kyung falls in love with The King‘s younger sister, The Princess.

Eun Shi-Kyung really have faith on his King, no matter what other people say and giving up on the King including his father. At the beginning The King is a little bit jealous because he think Kim Hang-Ah falls in love with his bodyguard not him. That’s why he always did a silly things to him as what a spoiled boy always do and make sure Eun Shi-Kyung stay by his side and give him a lot of troubles.

But then as time goes by, The King find him as his one and only friend he ever had, that’s why when Eun Shi-Kyung want to go cross the enemy line, The King said no, and make him stay. My fave part is when Eun Shi-Kyung call his The King by his name Lee Jae-Ha instead of Your Highness ignored all the fact/rules to make him said OK for him to go cross the enemy line.

When Eun Shi-Kyung dies i cried together with Jae-Ha, especially When Jae-Ha hold him while sayin : Stay alive Eun Shi-Kyung, this is an order …!!! that’s so sad, OMG why did the have to make him died like that ne …? i told you ne, that’s what Korean drama always do the always put some sour at the sweet ending. I wish they didn’t make him died ne, ….

3. Sabrina

yes, Sabrina. An old movie of Audrey Hepburn, if you seen this movie you do remember ne Linus Larrabee‘s younger brother David? how that 2nd son of Larrabee family start to do his job at office when the BIG brother Linus has to go to France for his love Sabrina Fairchild, the daughter of their chauffeur.

i always love that movie and the other version of this movie with Harrison Ford as Linus i also love it, beacause ahaha yes, he is one of my fave actor ne, i mean who can forget his as Han Solo on Star Wars …?

but in this drama, we have Lee Jae-Ha a spoiled and careless prince from royal family. His fee live as a young and rich prince changed 180 degrees when his brother The King died, Automatically he has to accept the crown and becoming The King . Even i know as royal family he is well educated, can speak English, France and Japanese fluently, military trained but i am not sure he can be a good King . But he surprised me how he really able to do his job as The King

I am not gonna tell you ne, because you have to watch this drama by yourself and trust me after you see this you will love donuts, cry, want to slap Lee Jae-Ha at the beginning then enchanted  by him at the end.

So all i can say is i really enjoy this drama and this song as OST is also lovely ..

Miss You Like Crazy – SNSD Tae Yeon

Don’t you know me? The reason I’m here is because of you
But my eyes tingle with the cold so I can’t say anything
I just look toward you by myself

Even if the tip of my heart hurts like this
Even if the tip of my hands tremble like this
I can only think of you

The person I miss like crazy
The words I want to hear from you like crazy
I love you, I love you – where are you?
The person I long for, who is deeply stuck in my heart

I want to cherish you forever
What do I do? You were so cold to me
But I still miss you

Even if the tip of my heart hurts like this
Even if the tip of my hands tremble like this
I still can’t forget you

The person I miss like crazy
The words I want to hear from you like crazy
I love you, I love you – where are you?
The person I long for, who is deeply stuck in my heart

Please tell me that you cherish me
Please don’t blankly erase me
Because you’re my everything

The person I miss like crazy
The words I want to hear from you like crazy
I love you, I love you – where are you?
The person I long for, who is deeply stuck in my heart

I want to cherish you forever
I love you, I love you

ah i talked too much ne, i better go now. ah ya look what arrived today, it is My Gryffindor sweater ….!!!!!

so yes, this year is time for me to Back to School, Back To Hogwarts, Back to Gryffindor and Bacstreet Boys? ….. ajajajaja. well, now let the drama begin. my eyes are blurry, forget him is never easy and my heart went crazy nonstop sayin  …

to The person I long for, who is deeply stuck in my heart, I want to cherish you forever.

HYDE       :    she is talking about you right, or me …?
yasu           :    none of us ne, nee noi_chan are you finished  …?
noi            :    this is never end ne ya_san, because after all i am a traditional woman, like magnolia. so  forget it’s really hard to do ne …
yasu           :    now Magnolia, you …?
HYDE       :    ….. *laugh*




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