In The Harry Post : B2 – Poster Bonus for 『Recreation 3』 …. (Another me, yasu and 69)

Today is Monday, or i should say Mounday?

because i am gonna moan/moun or whatsoever words start with m,o and u all this day waiting for him to sign this something that i prepared for almost 3 days so this is gonna be a short post and short post means i don’t have to use LJ cut or do i have to?

nah, you all see the Poster bonus from mu-mo and from The Official Website and Facebook Page today ….


there you are the other B2 poster bonus for 『Recreation 3』 album, coming out March 6th for the Limited Edition and this store 【レコチョク shopping】  will give away 5 signed poster randomly for Acid Black Cherry 『Recreation 3』 Album purchasing.

they also said if there’s some stores don’t have a poster as bonus while they still have plan for bonus for other shop, so as they said we all better stay tune for more information OK …

btw i wake up this morning and saw this video from DAI安 02/03 on my Tumblr Dashboard,

look at the blusshy host …. xD

I don’t like Tumblr recently, i mean since they changed. Somehow that change turned to be an inconvenient for me to post there, it take forever to post on Tumblr now, unlike the old Tumblr. Not only that, i am having trouble when i have to put the source, where? …

i gotta go now, but did i said too much they?, so the question now is  who the hell is this they today? not yasu, not HYDE, not DAIGO then  …

i say ….


all         :     who ……. ?
noi        :     not me …
yasu     :     then who …
noi        :     you know who …. U_U






One thought on “In The Harry Post : B2 – Poster Bonus for 『Recreation 3』 …. (Another me, yasu and 69)

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