Whoaaaa Post : Clips of yasu on 未来予想図ⅡPV Making on TV .. (Another me, yasu and yasuko)


yukiko saved me from this boring Tuesday with this Youtube video from Mezamashi TV

that’s some clips of yasu on the new upcoming PV of  未来予想図Ⅱ(Mirai Yosozu II) for 『Recreation 3』 album.

Oh God, that’s yasuko and junji running on the beach like that? ….. ahahahaha …. yes, if you are boring what else can save you from a boring day but a silly video of yasuko and junji? .

yes, yasuko‘s hair is a bit different from what i always see on 20 Century Boys PV/Offshoot but still … xD

nah now you can hear some little part of yasu‘s cover of 未来予想図Ⅱ- DREAMS COME TRUE as a warming up for next March 6th or before ne because i am sure we all gonna be able to hear/see the full version before the release date. Maybe from some other TV or Acid Black Channel …? <—-  *wondering while asking*

but i think you all better listen to the original version first ne, with me …


Nice song, and with yasu‘s voice sure it wold be more nice to hear … (at least for me). so what else i can say to yukiko but ありがとう an …

優しいKiss 明日もKiss  Mmmuaahhh aha hahahahaha

i know this is not a HQ video but if you watch it closely, you will see if both of them (the boy and the girl) are watching 『2012』 LIVE on their telly. omo, how can i never imagine this ne, i mean me and my boyfriend watching 『2012』 LIVE DVD together, that would be  …

yasshooiii ne ……


yasu     :    a boyfriend? but you don’t have one ne …
noi        :    what if i have two ….?
yasu     :    yeah right …
noi        :    ah ya, i forgot to put if ne, … xD





One thought on “Whoaaaa Post : Clips of yasu on 未来予想図ⅡPV Making on TV .. (Another me, yasu and yasuko)

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