Fangirl Post : Adios MY After Lunch LIVE …!!! (Another me, yasu and 『Recreation 3』, again)

it is still around 『Recreation 3』 euphoria ne, the before euphoria exactly,

and look i also following the 『Recreation 3』 euphoria by changed my blogs (LJ and WP but not Ameblo, because until now i dunno how to do that)’s  header with this lovely image of yasu and that cute little human (read : children) below

looks nice, eh he he he he  …


that image is from MUSIC ON TV ! info website about the upcoming Acid Black Cherry 『Recreation 3』  cover album will be release on March 6th, on that website they said

Acid Black Cherry will be on the M-ON 「SELECT」 for four consecutive weeks,

and as you can read on the website, for the 1st three weeks is pick up a few songs from the songs that have been recorded on the 『Recreation 3』  with some comments by yasu and for the last week there will be special interview/talks with yasu about what? of course not about me but it is about 『Recreation 3』  and here is the schedule

[1st week] comment on the 『Recreation 3』 

First broadcast    : March 4th at 7:30 ~ 8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     :   March 4th at 29:30~; March 5th at 18:30, March 6th at 29:30~ , March 7th at 7:30~,March 8th at 7:30~ / 18:30~ / 29:30~ JST

[2nd week] comment for 1/3の純情な感情

First broadcast   : March 11th at 7:30~8:00
Re_broadcast     : March 11th at 29:30~, March 12th at 18:30~, March 13th at 29:30~, March 14th at 07: 30~, March 15th at 7:30~/18:30~/29:30~ JST

[3rd week] comment for 「未来予想図Ⅱ」

First broadcast   : March 18th at 7:30~8:00
Re_broadcast     : March 18th at 29:30~, March 19th at 18:30~, March 20th at 29:30~, March 21th at 07: 30~, March 22th at 7:30~/18:30~/29:30~ JST

[4th week] special interview

First broadcast   : March 25th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 25th at 18:30~/29:30~ JSt

First broadcast   : March 26th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 26th at 18:30~/29:30~ JST

First broadcast   : March 27th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 27th at 18:30~/29:30~ JST

First broadcast   : March 28th at 7:30~8:00 JST
Re_broadcast     : March 28th at 18:30~/29:30~ JST

so to all of you who is in Japan and have MUSIC ON! TV on your telly, what next that i have to say but :

yoroshiku onegaishimasu …!!! *bows*  xD


yasu      :    noi_chan, did you just ask …
noi         :    ask what …?
yasu      :    that …
noi         :    that what …?
yasu      :    ah forget it …

now this 『Recreation 3』 euphoria is getting hot eh, as hot as yasu? indeed ne. I can’t wait for March to come ne, Because next March there will be yasu all over media : websites, magazines, telly (Japanese telly of course) and many more.

and as what 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 posted on this after finish Birthday cake post with this 2 lovely photos of the everlasting 18 man …


they said yasu was on interview with magazine and did a radio comment for this upcoming 『Recreation 3』 , oh God, i am so excited with this ne, i love this time like this ne, i mean a time when yasu releasing something whether is single, album, LIVE DVD or cover album like next month, he is gonna be everywhere.

Remember how he was regulary on magazines for his 5 consecutive singles and the 『2012』 album? waw that was amazing and very expenzing ne … wekekekekeke … *got slapped*

well then let’s talk about my after lunch LIVE ne, as you all know i do always have that everyday at office. It makes me happy, you know even my voice is disaster but somehow singing just make me happy as happy as when i see yasu on my PC everyday.

actually recently i love to sing rather than what peoples do recently with their Facebook or twitter, i mean tweet it or post a status on Facebook if somethings happen. Yes, i did that a long time ago, posted more than 20 different status on my Facebook everyday. But everything is different and it just not that fun/help me to get rid whatever i feel anymore,

thanks to how changable i am, maybe Elvis came by on me ne because now i prefer to sing. when i sad, i want to sing. i am happy i want to sing, someone pissed me off i want to sing, my heart is broken i want to sing, i want to cry, i sing while cryin <—- this is a bit confusing to do, eh he he he … *kicked by hypo*

so do see what i mean? see how Bollywood i am now?

if you love/ever watch Bollywood movies you will get what i mean. In Bollywood/Hindustan movies they all love to sing. in every situation happen to them they will sing. sad, happy, broken hearted, fall in love, anger … etc etc they always sing of course in many various songs.

that’s why i really love my after lunch LIVE at office where i am gonna sing 1 or 2 songs (mostly is Acid Black Cherry or L’arc song). But i can’t do that now, because now i can’t do it by myself i mean as a solo, why …?

it started when somebody asked me to do some subbing for Acid Black Cherry videos, i haven’t do this btw because i am still waiting for it. so while i am waiting i thought it would be better if i do some video with lyrics for practice ne, because it’s been a long time since i make things like that, so i decided to make this video

so … Good Night [2012] LIVE with Romaji lyrics

since i made it at office of course it seen by my office mates, and then they ask me to put that video on their PC, i did that. They said : OMG why
did you never tell me if yasu’s voice is so great? … i said to her i told you ne,
but maybe this is because they just never hear his voice, but they listening to my voice singing yasu‘s song almost everyday …. xD

the next day they ask me to make another videos for another songs that i always song. I did it. i made them Nemuri Hime, Yes, Aishitenai and Fuyu no Maboroshi. They love it and start to sing following the video with lyrics that i made like a karaoke.

Then i realize i should not gave/made them that videos ne, because now i can’t get my after lunch LIVE as solo, and i don’t want as a duo, trio or anything end_ed with o …

all i want is a solo ne, solo as solo as Han Solo …


yasu     :   so you are on duo now?
noi        :   no, it’s more than 2
yasu     :   trio?
noi        :   yeah, and it’s sukcs …
yasu     :   ah it’s fine and you are not gonna join some idols anyway ..



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