Isolated Post : Listen/Watch this … ! (Another me, yasu, Furare Kibun and 『Recreation 3』)

i am waiting for my ARENA37℃ 2013年3月now to see this epic Bambino Dance between yasu and DAIGO


if the last January’s Acid BREAKERZ Cherry ~69 SixNine~ Live really gonna be on DVD version like what i and all Acid Black Cherry and BREAKERZ fans are hoping, i think that Bambino part is gonna be the epic part of that live beside the w/ HYDE part performed Black Cherry together wih yasu and DAIGO

CD Japan sent it (read : the magazine, not yasu … xD) to me on ….


yasu      :     not funny noi_chan …
noi         :     really …?
yasu      :     you better find another joke, and do i look like a parcel to you?
noi         :     no, but indeed you are sweet as a Valentine parcel …
yasu      :     which you never get
noi         :     ah ….

now, i forget when did they shipped that magazine to me ne, but i only remember it should arrive today ne since i use EMS for that magazine. Talking about EMS, now i decided to use EMS to all my stuffs.

Yes, i did say there’s no different to me for using EMS or Air Mail for my stuffs. But then i think about it again and of course there is a different ne, they will give me a tracking code for me to find where is the current position of my stuffs.

I almost lost one of my magazine because it took more than a month for me to receive it and while i waited for it i can’t do anything but waiting and nonstop calling The Post Office (it is number 6 on fast dial on my phone btw) with one man who will say :

no, there’s no package for you from Japan, Miss Himura …!!

before i even ask the question,  that’s annoying ne, so something annoying like that has to be stop ne, with what? with EMS of course …

well OK enough this shipping stuffs talking ne let’s talk again about what else than 『Recreation 3』, since we are still in this 『Recreation 3』 euphoria. now let’s watch (eh or listen?) to this 8 songs for the upcoming 『Recreation 3』 album on March 6th on this Vimeo Videos here

1.  Otoko/Kuhō Ruriko

2.  Stop it Love/ yasu himself

3    Furare kibun de Rock’ n’ Roll/ TOM CAT

4.   Kanashimi ga Tomaranai/ Anri

5.   Jogyo Monogatari/ sha ran Q

6.   Believe/ Watanabe Misato

7.   Ai wokataru yorikuchidzukewo kawasō/ WANDS

8.   1/ 3 No junjōna kanjō/SHIAM SADE

i am gonna say again if my fave part is always the Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll. at the first time i listened to yasu‘s cover of that song i just love it. I love how this song is very Rock and clueless, the way yasu sing it with fast and perfectly like that ne. and this song also show how to put your headphone and turn the volume to maximal and yes, you are a dynamite …!!

not only that, somehow when i listen to that song i always imagine of snow on the asphalt in a winter, that will slipp you then make you fall, you know things like that ne, i did watch that on movies ne, because you all know i live in a tropical country so in my whole live i never see the real snow but Snow White ..

yasu      :      where …..?
noi         :      on my telly of course …
yasu      :      then you never see the real Snow White ..
noi         :      heee

so is that reasonable enough for my reason to love Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll that other songs? i hope it is ne. That’s why i was so freakin happy when i was able to see yasu performed this song live on stage at Yoyogi last December


i told you ne how i am very OK with spoiler, so when i was sit there alone waiting for my friends to come while listening to all of them did the rehearsal, sound check or whatever else, after that i heard they start to play the fist part of Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll then what i did next is tellin everyone next to me (they were Japanese fans) this

OMG, OMG, did you hear that, we will get Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll …!!! #nyaaaa

of course nobody answered me that time because who will answer an over sexcited overseas fangirl who speaks in English? nobody ne …  but that moment it was feel like i just got a lottery ne, and the price was yasu put Furare KIbun de Rock’ n’ Roll on that night’s Erect Live set list at Yoyogi ..

know you all already listen to all of that 8 songs on the coupling tracks from Acid Black Cherry singles ne, but still it is something that we (at least me) can say Whoaa …!!!! ne, the same Whoaa …!!!! that i will say when i received my copies of 『Recreation 3』 next March 6th ne …

so yes, let me remind you all again the album release is next March 6th just in case some of you forgot like how i forgot why did i put a circle red mark on February 17th on my calendar …

what was happen on February 17th? i don’t remember anything but why did i put that? did i missed something? what i remember was at that day i did nothing but sleeping all day long after the previous day i went to Surabaya for my boss’s son’s engagement gala dinner at Surabaya.

maybe something happened while i was sleeping  <—– so movie ne …. xD

ah ya that gala dinner, Even not all of us got the invitation. it caused some jelous maybe from some of my friends who didn’t get it. Then what happen is they kind a like isolated me. I know they started to do that after the invitation’s arrived on my desk and not on their.

They start to talk annoying things to me which i think i should be sayin by an immature persons. I mean what did i do wrong? nothing i just got an invitation and then i went there and had a lot of fun, In this situation what can i do ne? i do nothing i just let them to do whatever they want to do including them leaving their posts and their duties at the D day and leaving me to take care everything only with one person to help me,

i didn’t say anything about that, i just swallowed all of it and ran like an iron from my office to their office where the weighing indicator placed and do what i can do. It was OK for me, i mean i know they only pissed off and tryin to do something to get attention like a child who is sulking. what is the best thing you do but let the child do whatever he want to do until feel tired? ..

if by leaving their duties/skip like that make them satisfied and somehow can erase the pissed off inside their heart, it is fine to me. I just don’t want they act like this to me, how it ended they isolated me. Oh come on, really they did that to me?

the gala dinner it self, it was fun ne, because heaven yes, i love things related to dinner like this, I went there together with all my office mates. since i never go to Surabaya so i was so excited about this trip.

We lost on our way from the head office to the restaurant where the gala dinner held. It took forever to us to find out where the restaurant is because Surabaya is a very BIG and confusing city for me …

When we got there peoples already sit but thank God the show had not start yet. on this dinner like this, where started with the couple cut the cake, then cheers together with all the guest, some relative from both couple’s speech (it was in Mandarin, so i didn’t kow what they said) then the dinner is begin

i did what i always do when i am on dinner like this, wondering what’s on the menu next. There was 8 menus so i wish i can forward the speech straight to the next menu. but hey, it is not a DVD ne so there’s no forward button to push ,

The dinner finished at almost midnight, where my boss ask all of us to take a photo together.  While waiting for my turn, i got photo of my self with my one and only adopted sista Tekki Perry

Today i still feel this isolation on me, but ewwww  i don’t care anymore, they can do whatever they want to me or think about me, because why should i care ne, i am sure next week they will stop this whatever pathetic drama to me

I had a dream last night about my mom asked me to but a new phone for her, OMG i forgot if i did make a promise to her ne. a new phone for my mom. How can i forget , Ah i better buy that this week end and go to cinema, and visit some relatives that i really hate to do. I don’t like them.him ne but my mom keep tellin me to do this .

yes, this post ends here with this ….

My BIG question : what happened on February 17th …?

noi        :     what, what ya_san, tell me ..
yasu     :     don’t ask me …
noi        :     then i better ask
The Blonde on My Facebook Wall ne …
yasu     :     eeeh, that’s me …
noi        :     yes, since i don’t have mirror to ask …




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