69 Post : <BARKS News Award>Monthly Awards 2013年1月度 (Another me, yasu and Jim from IT )

hello hello everyone, hisahiburi ne ….

it’s been a while since my last post, eh. now i am thinking about to write here in my blogs a short post but daily instead of long spaghetti post that even make me (the one who wrote it ) feels dizzy, and added with how screwed is my blog’s tags, sure that is add another level up on that dizzy feelings on me.

i just open my PC, get on line and seeing this on my Ameba Page, eh God …

<BARKS News Award> Monthly Awards January 2013


the most read news that was released in January 2013 and shining in a month. in Japanese Music article is Acid BREAKERZ Cherry and  in western music was the news of Michael Jackson.

News of Acid BREAKERZ Cherry, the article’s live report to convey how was the Special Collaboration Live Acid BREAKERZ Cherry 69-sixnine was carried out jointly by BREAKERZ and Acid Black Cherry to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the debut of each other. It was very charming live event, from the interaction between DAIGO and yasu,


and by special surprise too that descended hyde by no means there, at once spread over the internet, the article became a monthly award winning No.1 <BARKS News Award> Monthly Awards January 2013 for Japanese Music Articles

you can read the complete Top 10 in here :  http://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000087761&p=1

Sugoii ne …..

so short it would be better ne, you know what i mean. Like writing a short memo or ah ya like a self liner notes. Like this on Recreation3.com where yasu put his own self liner notes for each song on the upcoming 『Recreation 3』


from all 13 songs, they already put yasu‘s self liner notes on ne, I can’t wait to see what he is gonna say about  Furare Kibun de Rock’ n’ Roll

but since they ( read : [Team ABC] ) use some ah i dunno what should i call it eeehh i dunno since unlike The Sassy Gay Jim Moriarty you know Jim from IT on SHERLOCK ,  i am not that in to IT, but what i know is they posted images there on that 『Recreation 3』 special site, instead of wrote there like what they do on the Official Website … then  aha aha yes, minna

you (and of course me … xD ) can’t use Google Translation to read/understand what yasu said ne …


yasu    :   poor noi_chan … *laugh*
noi       :   then i say : whoaaa Bloody Hell ….
yasu    :   at least you don’t have to be lost in Google for that …
noi       :  but sometimes it can be nice ne, …
yasu    :  eeehh …

but, well i still know what yasu said there, even it took forever for me to figured it out. Because you know i can’t find some character/letter on my dorama dictionary ne … *wipe my head*

well, i am not gonna say how busy i am recently because thing that keep me busy recently is only my telly. And sure some of you will say how lame is to have a telly for a reason for being busy. So let just say i am on my winter sleep ne. Yes, like a bear who need a loong sleep on winter. so what i am gonna say is

Things happened while i was sleeping, eh …

have i told you how so movie is that sentence? see what i mean? i mean Sandra Bullock’s sweet movie with Bill Pullman : While You Were Sleeping ne, that’s one of my fave movie and i always love Sandy. For me she always my America’s Sweetheart together with Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan.

what kind of things? so my next post is gonna be about things that i missed while i was sleeping and ah ya about my new interest for making a video subs, it was fun ne

and now i better sleep and i hope tomorrow i can get my 69 Live Goods ne because it took forever for me to get it, it should be at the post office now. So all this day i lost between doing video subs, scan post (i still owe promises to scan 3 full magazines for 3 different people) or update my blogs.

it ended with me only write this, i hope this post is short enough, and also how i ran after YUKI‘s  talk with my ears (he is talking so fast ne) or how yasu amazingly got me lost just by him sayin …

onna onna onna, onani ….


noi        :   nice rhyme, and i don’t even remember when did the last time i use that onani word ne, …
yasu     :   really …
noi        :   i almost forget if
onani is for handjob, then i say  ..
yasu     :   what, another
Whoaaa  .. ?
noi        :   eeeh, if you say so. But actually what i am gonna say is Waaawww



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