eeeehh … Post : 『ABCDictionary』…. (Another me, yasu and Benny)

『ABCDictionary』… aha, sounds like a perfect match for my 『dorama dictionary』,

isn’t it? …. no?

well, from the latest post on The Official Ameblog, we know if they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) wrote a special enlightening post about  Recreation to enlightened me and all of you about the Recreation word itself and why did yasu use that word on for his cover albums.

and also if you see on the of ブログテーマ一覧 (Blog List Theme/Subject) you will see if they also added ABCDictionary as a new theme. nah their yesterday post is 『ABC Dictionary #001』 …. <— looks like a school subject, eh hehehehehe … xD .

But hey, it is and it can be. i mean we all in this ABC Gakuen, even i don’t have this uniform and the do some warming up like yasu ..


yasu     :     what take you so long noi_chan?
noi        :     i have another class to follow ne ya_san
yasu     :     what class …
noi        :     a spaceship class with
yasu     :     who ?

yes, Benny ne. Because instead of buying it what i bought is a STAR TREK uniform for next May (eeh, or June …?). So next May i am gonna watch STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS on cinema wearing that uniform like Benny and do the vulcan salute together with Tekki Perry ,

back to the topic.  yes, we should pay attention to this 『ABC Dictionary #001』 is Recreation

as we all know on every yasu‘s single there is always a coupling recorded as Reacreation (i dunno if 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 did a typo when they wrote their last post by typed it as Reacreation instead of Recreation or they wanted to wrote Re_creation but it became  as Reacreation?). The Recreation it’s from what yasu said about

how pitiful is if there’s no album for the coupling songs on every singles that he doesn’t have much opportunity to perform it Live on stage.


as we all know the one and only Acid Black Cherry Live (not joint Live like Halloween Party) that we can find a coupling/cover song on the set list is on the last Erect Live  2012 ne,


on his solo project Acid Black Cherry, yasu did all the works, in making all the arrangements, song writing. But because it only one track single main he feel sorry to fans who bought it <—- that’s so sweet of him to think about it, ne. so he came up with an idea to do something that he can only do as a solo

It was the coupling where he began to sing as a devoted vocalist with the number of songs that he loves and have been affected to him, and rather than call it as coupling he named it as Recreation Track as a sense of respect .

and as the Recreation word itself according to yasu they have two implications :

1. is fun/enjoy
2. re_create

he enjoy sing a song with a lot of memories, get a new finding as a vocalist he also hope the fun of him doing Recreation also reach to the fans by listening to it. And by Re_create his favorite songs, he I was able to take the next generation to sing a lot of classics, He choose 13 songs in this 「Recreation 3」, songs that remain forever and never fade

what a long 『ABC Dictionary #001』 ne, le’s wait for the next 『ABC Dictionary #002』. I hope the next one is not a long post like this one, …. xD


yasu    :    why ..?
noi       :    because eh God, it took me forever to get it  …
yasu    :    but i think you always took forever to get everything ne ..
noi       :    really …?

ah ya, it always took forever for me to get everything ne. Everything, especially for all my Acid Black Cherry stuffs, i always be the last person who will get my stuffs while every other fans already got it and start to posted some yay post on their Facebook, and also on the Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook. You know the group that i often call it as my dears Team_yasu here.

but even yes, it always make me on fire/jealous . i mean the yay post from other fans who happily posted and tellin everyone if they already got their Acid Black Cherry singles/albums/DVD also make me happy ne.

so you may say i am so jealously happy scrolling the post up and down. ah ya talking about forever waiting, look what finally arrived. my 69-Sixnine Goods .



that T-Shirt, together with ARENA37℃ 2013年3月and 69 Postcards. The T-Shirt it is a little bit too BIG for me, but ah that’s fine i am not gonna wear it everyday ne. Why? because if i use it everyday i am sure Iron man who do my laundry everyday will screw it, like what happen to all my stuffs.

i am already scan all of it, now you can see the scans on my Photobucket :

ARENA37℃ 2013年3月 —–> here

69 Postcards  —————->  here

yes, it is password protected, and the password is still the same, and if some of you forget or have no idea what is the password is, please feel free to ask me via message on FB, LJ, twitter, Tumblr, or else, eh what else?

BDtQppyCMAACcJm.jpg large

and now i am waiting for my  JUNON Magazine. Actually i never think about buying that magazine even there’s yasu there, but not this edition. This edition is different ne, i mean look at him, look how stunning he is on that magazine.

it’s still in Jakarta btw and maybe it i am gonna get it 3 or 4 days again, yes, i am living on a top of mountain so it took forever for the Postman to deliver my Package.

damn i should not fired Superman as my personal Postman ne …


yasu      :       Superman …..? aaaa *fallin*
noi         :       ah come on, ya_san don’t be like that. It’s not a BIG deal about fire Superman
yasu      :       Yeah, right Superman? but why?
noi         :       he is too busy to save the world rather than deliver my package ..

when i had a sleepless night, i spent it with Google, i Google things mostly about yasu or HYDE and here’s what i get from my sleepless with Google last night,

~   『Recreation3』 from Avex Taiwan on March 15th

for all of you Taiwan, Hongkong fans you can see the details in here

~   『Recreation3』 from WHAT’ s IN web


some part of yasu’s comment on Kuro_chan’s Wonderful Radio Show ~ FM Aichi 2013.02.27

let’s talk about twitter ne, as i know when i open someone’s twitter account they always put some info about the account owner ne, or put their sites/blogs or Official Blog for famous people,

but somehow not for this guy chiba_tan, there’s no personal info on his twitter account, he posted a photo of him together with yasu


so i Google his name, and i didn’t find it, what i got just about a girl who say : please follow my boyfriend … things like that. So now i have no idea who the hell is he.

All i know he is somebody’s 彼氏 (Kareshi/boyfriend) while i am  aha ha ha i am nobody’s 彼女 (Kanojo/girlfriend)…

that’s why my awkward moment is when my friend (we were on the same class at highschool) asked me : why she haven’t find the right one for her? and then it get more scary when she asked me to find a boyfriend.

Then i was like :  really? i mean how can she aksed to to me like it was a simple thing to find ne, and can you imagine ne she aksed me who is forever single (because how stupid i am for waiting somebody that will never look at me) to find a boyfriend?

she is absolutely ask to the wrong person, because i am nobody’s 彼女 …. …. umuuuuuu …


noi       :      nee ya_san, i wish i can say i am Mr. … day’s 彼女 ne ..
yasu    :      but you’re not …
noi       :      why ….?
yasu    :      i don’t know, and what’s wrong with you ne, you are boring today ..
noi       :      heee …





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