Difficult Post : Acid Black Cherry Summer Project “Shangri-La” … (Another me, yasu no Mr. Friday)

yay, it is tomorrow ne, or i should say today if i finish this post after midnight  …


the release date of 『Recreation3』 album ne, but i see so many people especially for Japanese fans already received their album, and start to post their yay post on every social networks.

Then what about me? ah me, i dunno ne. since i bought this album not via CD Japan like what i always do but i bought it on mu-mo via my proxy. so i have no idea whether she is already receive it or not and i am also too dizzy to ask her about it. I think since usually it need at least 3 days from Tokyo to Hokkaido, so i think she will receive it soon ne …

so what’s your plan for this summer? …

nah if you have no plan yet, you are in Japan or want to go to Japan, a BIG fan of Acid Black Cherry and will do anything to have a chance to watch yasu sing, smile and sure make you smile in your city, you better jump with yasu, involved yourself into this smiling summer project called “Shangri-La”


as we all know days ago at March 1st 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 posted via their official twitter about a new site called Shangri-La.com for the new “Shangri-La” project next summer with this slide YouTube video via Acid Black Channel


and of course as always, they didn’t tell all the details about this project ne, what they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) did just launch the Shangri-La.com and asked to all the fans including me to wait for another 4 days more for the details …


noi      :     ah, always love to tease, eh …
yasu   :     who …?
noi      :     you and your team ne, who else …
yasu   :     aha, but you do love to be teased ne noi_chan …
noi      :     yes, i do, i very do

but unfortunately i didn’t get too much enjoy the teasing, i mean you know the moment between the teasing post and the revealing post. I used to enjoy it by post some rubbish fangirl analysis about my nonstop wondering what is this gonna be?

why? because in the morning at March 2nd on a very lovely Sunday morning where there’s no rain falling, i got hit by a truck, eh …. or i am the one who hit that truck? i can’t remember it exactly. But what i remember is we both (me and the truck, not yasu) hit each other at the same time with a quite fast and hard ne,

It was so fast until i can’t remember anything but woke up about 5 m from the truck, can you imagine that? me like some little stone who just bounced off just like that

it hurt, yeah and it ended with my left hand a little bit broken, my head became BIG with a super massive dizzy until every time i open my eyes, everything became 2, so when i got home back to hospital, i enter my room, i  look at my poster of yasu ad HYDE, i saw 2 yasu and 2 HYDE

OMG, i am in heaven …..!!!


yasu      :    hello fangirl ….
noi         :    yes, …
yasu      :    can we back to the topic …?
noi         :    ah, sorry …

OK lets, back to the topic, “Shangri-La” project, i’ll put that how i was in heaven on the end of this post ne,

so, today is the day that all Acid Black Cherry fans are waiting for after all the analysis they made in the days between, finally all the mystery becomes clear today with this Acid Black Channel video post and how finally we all can open this Shangri-La.com



and maybe because the traffic was so high on that site, i saw some fans posted about how they can’t access the site today, well i think now everyone can access that site ne, because hello i can access it now with my super lame net connection.

This “Shangri-La” project is about the upcoming NationWide tour of Acid Black Cherry. yes, some fans said about how this project is not as what they expected before ne, i think they all expected for a Live/Tour outside Japan for the overseas fans ne, because that’s what they all waiting for ne after what yasu said on his New Year’s message with JaME


but it is not about a Live/Tour Outside Japan, ne, so all of you overseas fans including me need to wait and hope of course for Acid Black Cherry Live/Tour Outside Japan can be true.

This “Shangri-La” project is about a NationWide tour all over Japan in 47 prefectures, as what on the video said ne, it is from Shangri-La lyrics

「君が笑顔になるなら唄いたい 君の街で ──── 全国のTeam ABCの皆様一つになりましょう!」

if that song becomes your smile, then I want to sing … In your city, Let’s become one as Team ABC everyone !

so all Japanese fans can be very happy ne because there’s a possibility for them to see yasu in their own city, and they don’t have to go to certain cities like they always do for the previous Acid Black Cherry Live.

this “Shangri-La” project is a project connected with smile, in this case is smile of al people who love yasu‘s music. Not only that, this project also include this :

1.   Release of a new song
2.   This NationWide Tour is divided on 5 blocks and 5 periods all over Japan
3.   In each region provided with opportunities and contact events  ….

it started from yasu‘s dilemma, dillemma of what? to choose between me or HYDE ……?


yasu       :    not funny ne …
noi          :    demo ne, if that’s so then who will you choose?
yasu       :    of course it’s not you, never you
noi          :    heee
yasu       :    so hurry finish this post …

it’s from yasu‘s dilemma that he always have, about how he is on a long tour and also he can’t bring a new song for his fans. But this time he make a  some difference to break his dilemma by realeasing a new song during his upcoming tour all over Japan. Dates and other details are not yet clear,

source :   here and here

because it will be on all prefectures so no doubt that there is a chance to see Acid Black Cherry in Japan, and to all overseas fans who want to go to Japan and want to see Acid Black Cherry, this is your chance ne, i mean all 47 prefectures means there will be a bigger chance for you o get the ticket ne

because as we all know it is very hard to get a ticket for Acid Black Cherry Live even for Japanese fans, so it would be double hard for overseas fans to get it, but it is still possible ne because as what Eli David said to his daughter Ziva

Nothing is impossible, it just difficult

to all of you who see NCIS you must have hear this ne, Eli said this before he died. OMG that’s so sad ne. and btw i did make a plan to join this “Shangri-La” project but since what happened last sunnday, the accident thanks to how bad my driving skill is i have to cancel it ne.

i am still on my recovery now, and i also already spent some cash for my recovery so this summer i am not gonna join “Shangri-La” project in Japan but i am gonna be at Oz with James Franco ….

nah enough with “Shangri-La” project post, now here comes the boring part, so i am now on my recovery ne, and do you know why i wrote this post as a difficult post? it is because dfficult for me to type only with one hand ne, i mean only with 5 fingers ne unlike 10 fingers like usually.

so these days i am tryin my best to do anything only with one hand. and believe me, it is very difficult ne, and sure it took more than forever for me to do some simple things like change my chlotes, take a bath, to wash my hair and even to ripp some papers that i signed.

Today is my 1st day i go to work after the accident, and in the morning, everything seems fine, yes i became the female version of Capt. Slow because how slow i am handling my works, still i can finish it. But after lunch i dunno why that massive headache just came again, that time all i want to do is nothing but go home ne

i was affraid, i mean i saw some episodes of a dorama there’s a man who got a head injury ne, at the first time he was OK, and the suddenly he feel dizzy, wanna throw up and it ended with his died because there’s some blood inside his brain. OMG what if that happen to me? i mean what if the scan that i took was wrong, you know it can be somebody’s scan i took …

but then i start to stop thinking about that and start to ask my self to be calm, …


ahahah, i hope that BECAUSE YOU ARE NOI HIMURA is reasonable enough for me to stay calm, eh. And last but not least, here’s what i am gonna say/ask all of you is…

Is it amazing ne how at the fist day you get OnLine and you find an album that you really want to hear is available for you to DL/hear?

noi      :   *singing*  Darling i want you, Aitakutte ….. oyasumi ya_san,
yasu   :   eeehh …
noi      :   now i am gonna sleep with this whole
『Recreation3』 as my lullaby ..
yasu   :   so, there’s no some mellow post about
Mr. Friday ..
noi      :   maybe tomorrow, because tonight i am too sexcited with this album …





4 thoughts on “Difficult Post : Acid Black Cherry Summer Project “Shangri-La” … (Another me, yasu no Mr. Friday)

  1. Oh, I so feel your pain–at least the pain of not getting to see Yasu live. I am in the US and despair of ever getting to see that gorgeous smile in person. If he would just come here, I would break the bank getting to whatever city he was playing. *sigh* (‘ouch’ on the truck incident! You poor thing!)

    • oh, in USA …
      too bad ne this Shangri la project is only Japan Live Tour because i thought they will announce something about tour/live outside Japan like Europe, Asia, or maybe USA …

      maybe next year … 🙂 *hope*

      • I’ll keep my fingers crossed. But I’m beginning to think I’m the only person in the United States who knows who he even is. I’ve fished to the ends of the net for a fan club site I can read in English, or a place I could leave a message for him and BEG him to come to come to the US, and haven’t seen ANYTHING. Although, I don’t really do social networking sites, so maybe that’s where I’m missing the boat, huh?

        Hey, could I beg your password off of you to the photobucket link you have? I’d LOVE to see your collection. Where do you get all your photos? You have so many great candid shots of that sweet, sweet smile. 🙂

      • you always can post something on their Official YouTube because i saw so many people did that …

        the password for my PB, you can try one of these :

        ~ noiloveyasu
        ~ yasu_noi_haido
        ~ bahama221b
        ~ abucketofABC

        i always use that randomly, most of the photos are from my scans and sometime it was from a TV screen caps or from net

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