Whoaaa … Post : 「未来予想図Ⅱ」Interactive Music Video .. (Another me, yasu and yasuko)

so minna,

this is what i got from 「未来予想図Ⅱ」Interactive Music Video from this amazing recreation3.com and …

n2 - Copy

i say  :    Whoaaaa ……!!!!!!!!!!!  ha ha ha ha ha ….. *fall from my chair*

This special Interactive Music Video remind me to some site, ah if i am not mistake the name is Animoto.com, where you can put some photos and then they will give you the result as a video (you can choose videos with different themes) with the photos that you already choose. …

yasu     :   and …
noi        :   aha aha ya , that is how i made this video for your birthday ya_san …


well, actually i didn’t realize about the image result above, maybe because it is on the corner ne. So at that time i only amazed by how my self (read : the photo i choose) was there,  on their telly, and on the badge like this

n1 - Copy

and then i clicked again with another photos but still with the same nick_name : NOI, even i did think about to use Wonder Woman as my other nickname. But because as you all know, this week until next month this Wonder Woman turned into the female version of Capt. Slow so NOI is enough, just NOI

yasu      :    so it is impossible for you to save the world now …?
noi         :    no, it’s still possible but …
yasu      :    but what …
noi         :    it just a little bit slow …
yasu      :    what the

and please just don’t ask me how many time i click the green/blue box on that recreation3.com . because at that time i was like a little boy who got unlimited tokens to play ding dong for the first time.

and then on my 3rd click, i saw that. I was like



that’s me, next to yasuko. Eh god, that surprised me more ne, not only that what i did next is post that image above to Acid Black Cherry group on Facebook so all team_yasu there saw it ne, …..

now i feel a little bit eeehh … because it should be posted on my Facebook Wall ne, but i dunno why maybe because how sexcited i was and i open that group, so there you are i post it there instead on my Facebook Wall,

so to all of you team_yasu on Acid Black Cherry group on Facebook gomen ne, the admin was a little bit sexcitedly crazy …  now i have this BIG question to you,

yes to you ya_san, the Blonde on my Facebook wall,

because somehow i imagine my self as Snow White’s wicked step mother . She has a weird hobby ne, as you all know instead of jogging or yoga, her hobby is askin to the mirror hangin on the wall.

Nah i dunno if she has Facebook account or not, but i only know i don’t have a mirror on my Facebook Wall because there’s only so many yasu there, so my question is

Blonde Blonde on my Facebook Wall, who is more pretty yasuko or me …?

yasu       :    do i have to answer this noi_chan ..?
noi          :    yes, you have to …
yasu       :    then it is yasuko …
noi          :    eeeh, i’ll ask you again later ne ….

ah ya, btw 2 weeks ago i have this wet, eh no i mean weird dream ne. I mean yasu finally on my dream ne. Can you imagine, i mean me, who talk and make a rambling post nothing but yasu but never dream about yasu even once? it is true ne, i dunno why …

usually my dreams is all about

~   the movies that i watch, especially the horor one,
~   and sure HYDE. like  singing Highway to Hell together with HYDE … he he he

~   and vampires in so many different version include the blink – blink Cullen (I say : Bloody Hell for this) already on my dreams ne and most of them are after me,
~   ride a Bentley with James May (this is because i watch TOP Gear too much)


and btw i just follow his twitter account today ne, thank to my dear Gio_chan with her Facebook Page full of James May

~   eat so many sweets and cookies with the sexy Jeremy Renner …


hooo, sexy ne ….

~    and dance together with Madonna …..

see none of them is yasu, but 2 weeks ago was different. I mean i had a dream about yasu, so in my dream yasu came with 2 DVDs in his hand : Black List and QED,

and then he kinda ask me :  you want this one (show me Black List DVD) or this one (show me QED DVD) …?
then i reply him                  :  no because i already have ..

i told you ne, dream is always silly. i mean if that’s for real i am not gonna say no. sure i am gonna reply yasu with yes, yes i want all of it … *greedy.com* but well because it was only my wet/weird dream so i say no ….

on my walking to the bus station i keep thinking about that dream ne. What is that supposed to mean? am i gonna get some lottery a lot of money so i can go to Japan and see yasu live on stage again ….? … Whoaaa ha ha ha ha … *dreaming*

i keep thinking about this on my bus ride this morning until suddenly the wacky bus driver stop accidentally and me who was standing because the bus is full, automatically hold on the bus chair to keep me balance with my still unwell hand, ..

Oh God, it was really hurt ne, i totally forgot if my left hand is still unwell and i am not supposed to use it to lift/push/hold things ne. But thank God, it still fine ne, It hurt, really hurt but not broken again. Arrived at office i reaziled what is the meaning of my dream with yasu and the DVDs, it was tellin me that

now i don’t want anything, all i want now is my hand back to normal …


yasu      :     and ….
noi         :     omo ya_san, how did you know ..?
yasu      :     go say it …
noi         :    of course with a BIG
bucket of Belgian Chocolate ice cream from Haagen Daz

why Belgian Chocolate? that’s because Hercule Poirot always eat it every Christmas eve, alone in his mansion. Capt. Hasting and Miss Lemon go to their own realtives to spent Christmas eve together, and my fave detective Monseur Poirot will enjoy his fave Belgian Chocolate


it is impossible for me to get a Belgian Chocolate like Monseur Poirot so what i get is only an ice cream with Belgian Chocolate taste, and i get it on Haagen Daz ..


i ate that on my last weekend before the accident before went to the cinema to watch Jack The Giant Slayer , it’s so oishii ne …… yes, it’s quite expensive but there’s a price for a quality so it’s worthy. I’ll write about this one day, and now there you are finally i get this


and i already scan it and you can see

Acid Black Cherry @JUNON April Edition on my Photobucket in ————————->  here

yes, it is password protected, i hope you all still remember what my passwords ne, but if you forget or you only remember noiloveyasu …xD again and again please feel free to ask me because you don’t ask, i won’t tell …

it’s already midnight ne, i gotta sleep because right now, i kinda get a limit of my awake hour. so if after midnight i am still awake then Her Majesty The Drama Queen will come to my room and tellin me a lot of things like how she believe my accident  because how sleepy i was on my driving that day thanks for  i stay awake until 03:00 AM the night before ,

…  etc etc continued with her never ending drama and believe me, that’s very annoying so before i go to sleep let me ask this again

Blonde Blonde on my Facebook Wall, who is more pretty yasuko or me …?


yasu     :     again ….?
noi        :     yes
yasu     :     i told you ne, it’s yasuko
noi        :     serious answer
yasu     :     still yasuko



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