『Recreation3』Post : Eh God, Yes It is Dear …. (Another me, yasu and The 20th Century Fangirl)


while i am waiting for my 『Recreation3』  album to come, then what should i do ne …

~    Check where the hell is my package now?

done, i just done that and believe me i do that more than once everyday just like how i go to toilet. And it is still in Jakarta btw you know after the Airport Handling part and ….

yes, i still a long way down to Bahama 221B. Now i start to accept the fact that i am the alien fangirl who live in Mars and always be the last yasu‘s fangirl to get my copies.

And not only that, i am also feel very sorry to my friend Steffie who ordered this 『Recreation3』  together with me  ne because somehow i kinda dragged her to this very last ship to listen 『Recreation3』  album from the CD itself, not from the downloaded file.

~    Listen carefully for this 『Recreation3』 …?

i am now and sure i am listening to it carefully. Ah what i mean by carefully is by me let yasu to blow my mind away (i told you ne, he is The Mind Blowing Man) anywhere he wanted to randomly by his voice in this album, and then write it in here …

since i am always be the last to get my copies, so i became this kind of  20th Century Fangirl ne. As you know it is 21st Century already, so yes, i am one century’s late, unlike this 21st Century Fangirl yasuko,





I should stay inside limbo for this btw. Because look at her …..!!! see she/he is the most perfect candidate for the 49th member of AKB48 (read : as the un_official member btw) …. he he he he … *dumped to Lion’s cage*


PS :  if maybe (i say maybe ne) AKB48 has a plan to add another one member by hold an audition and then change their number/name into AKB49, then hell yes, i’ll vote for yasuko ….!!!!

back to 20th Century Fangirl ne,

20th Century Fangirl is a fangirl who is not only always late but also did buy the album, but at the same time i also did download the album from internet, see i told you ne, this thing called internet is amazing with the ability to entertain and provide information to all of people who have the internet connection,

even yes, i don’t like when some topic on some page/fanpage/group changed into a download discussion you know what i mean ne, when people get busy to find the best place to download some album from an artist instead of talking/discuss the album itself like what did they get after listening the album …. etc etc

because for me download is something that i am gonna say as You Don’t Ask, I don’t Tell thing. I mean, yes sure it would be better if you give an answer to somebody who asked :  Do you know where to download this or that …. etc etc but not some statement how you already download that/that album like it was something that people must say Whoaaaaa …..!!! …

i saw things like that a lot ne and honestly it bothered me, i dunno why. I mean come on,  people not gonna be so easy say that Whoaaaaa …..!!! just because you already download things from net. Dakara ne, i think You Don’t Ask, I don’t Tell is perfect for download …

eeeh, i talked to much ne, i am so sorry.

well let’s start the main of this post ne. It is still about 『Recreation3』  and what i got (feelings, thoughts, and some stuffs … etc etc) after i listened to this album almost everyday on my bus ride in the morning.

this 『Recreation3』  album amazed/surprised and make me in the hurry to get it  in a different way than the previous Recreation 1 and 2. I remember when how i amazed/surprised by the PV of Koi Hitoyo on Recreation 1.

at that time i was sayin OMG yasu, what the hell you doin with that woman? …

like a wife who found out her husband’s affair with another woman aha aha ha ha ha <—- a bit dramatic, eh well you can ignore that maybe i am watching too much telenovela …

even i know he is doing a bed scene ne, a real and smooth bed scene unlike just rolling2 on the bed with a girl on Aishitenai PV, but somehow from that moment on, i said, say and will say that dramatic OMG yasu, what the hell you doin with that woman? … everytime i see that video on YouTube or anywhere else.

Well maybe i am 12 times an idiot for how easily confused by something like that ….

yasu      :   only 12 …?
noi         :   OK, 36 times then ….
yasu      :   hmmm …


you all do remember about Recreation3.com ne, a special site for 『Recreation3』 where we can read (or i should say watch, because you know why …xD) yasu‘s self liner notes for all 13 songs on this 『Recreation3』 album. nah my friend told me if now i can read yasu‘s self liner notes easier at this mu-mo site

and as what that mu-mo site says



When you click on the title, you can see yasu’s self liner notes about  the original song ♪

then i say to my friend : OMG yes, it is more easier for me ….

and then i spent my today’s afternoon after lunch to read and tried to get what yasu said on his self liner notes, and now i am gonna continue it again together with all of you here,

and i translate all yasu‘s self liner notes using my 『Dorama Dictionary』, so yes it is not a perfect translation …

1.  Koi ni Ochite (Kobayashi Akiko)

this song, my ears and heart catched by this song when i listen to 『Recreation3』 for the 1st time, maybe because this song is number one on the track list so i think most of you also feel the same thing like me ne, cought in this part when yasu sing/say

Darling, I want you 逢いたくて
Darling, I want you ai takute

ときめく恋に 駆け出しそうなの
tokimeku koi ni kake dashi sounano

and i was like OMG, 逢いたくて ….? Oh God yasu he is looking for me? OMG OMG this Policeman yasu is gonna arrest me … *prepare to run*

yasu      :    maybe i will
noi         :    for what …? i didn’t do anything wrong ne,
yasu      :    really ….?
noi         :    OK, i only scratched someone’s car with coin …
yasu      :    there you are, you bad girl …
noi         :    but he deserved that ne and i don’t like him..

yasu      :    you don’t like everyone…
noi         :    but but i like you ..

And then as always i get lost when i reach the English Lyrics part, i tollay had no idea what he is sayin/singing. So i did what i also did when i listened to Jigsaw English version ne, i Googled the lyrics and then everything he is sayin/singing became crystal clear. It is

If my wishes can be true
Will you change my sighs
to roses, whiter roses
decorate them for you

Thinkin ’bout you every night
and find out there I am
I am not livin’n your heart

indeed it is a soft/gentle song just like what yasu said on his self liner note about this song ne

It is a soft song.  Altough when i heard for the first time on my childhood, i did not understand well at first. It was  1st place all the time in the musical program on television.  It was a really good song I listened to.  I was completely hooked from there.

I wonder if  today’s young  generation  understand  the meaning of  「Carried out a dial time ,  the hand was stopped.」 (笑)?

2.   1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou (SIAM SHADE)

i listened to this song at the first time wason SIAM SHADE Tribute Album, at that time i had no idea about SIAM SHADE even there’s so many people talking about how good this song is, and also the fact that Junji is the drummer.

so that time before i received my SIAM SHADE Tribute Album, i was so busy to search all SIAM SHADE‘s PVs all over YouTube, for what? of course to find Junji ne, and the somehow i enjoyed to hear this song by SIAM SHADE.

and when i finally got my CD, i can’t choose which one i like yasu’s cover or the original version. For me both of it gave me the same feeling, a feeling of how i supposed to re_play this song at least twice and then it got deeper when i start to read the lyrics and got the point of it

after all i love this song o matter how many different verion that i was, and will liste to (who knows ne, there will be another artist who think about to make a cover of this song), and i reading yasu‘s self liner notes for this song just make me smile …

This song  is a song  when i was allowed to participate in the SIAM SHADE tribute album. I had been support , fan of SIAM SHADE from the time of their indies. During the recording,  the arrangement was done with the band member (Junji).  It is a long time, I remember while producing, he is offering an opinion in arrangement.

A long time ago, this music has been sung by karaoke which appeared in the radio program (Hirakata FM).  I think i was able to sing it better than that time.

and you can also watch yasu‘s comment about this song on M ON! TV here

less sound quality ne, but it at least we can see him there like that ne, Just pretend that you get what he was sayin there because it is always hard ne to see/fins a video of yasu or Acid Black Cherry

3. Joukyou Monogatari (Sharam Q)

this song is the Recreation Track from Shojo no Inori III single ne, and i remember how i read this song’s translation and the reason why yasu love this song and some little pieces of his memories of someone from his past,  like just like what he said here

Among many excellent song of Sharan Q,This 「Joukyou Monogatari」 is my number one favourite song. There was also a freely near mind by Sharan Q from the same Osaka as me.

This song,is about a man who goes to Tokyo in order to fulfill a dream. This song wich sang for his girlfriend whom he left .Although there was a situation which also resembled me in the past,

I cannot say, 「come with me」 but there are recollections which did not go beautifully like the song (笑). that it is one of the excellent pieces of Sharan Q . Please listen to it.

when Shojo no Inori III released, there was a telly show with yasu and Tsunku related to the album release that i really want to watch, i searched everywhere, i even asked to the wind blows of course with no answer, but then finally someone uploaded it ne

nah if yasu feel this song from the side as a man who leaved his girlfriend to go to Tokyo, i listen to it as the woman who was leaved by his boyfriend (read : Mr. Friday, please ,,, xD) to go to Jakarta,

yasu     :   your boyfriend? he is not
noi        :   i said please, ne just for tonight …
yasu     :   for what ?
noi        :   for the mellow me ne …

in this whatsoever story of me and Mr. Friday, he went to Jakarta to fulfill his dream while i was fail to fulfill my dream to be with him in Jakarta. Then everytime i listen to this song what i feel is i left away and i really want to run to Jakarta

i know it was a long time ago, but sometimes i still think about it, i regret and blamed myself for how i was inside of that terrible and no money condition that failed me to go to Jakarta to be with him, at least to be at the same city and breath the same air everyday with him.

4.  Kanashimi ga Tomaranai (ANRI)

for me, yasu is a singer that somehow kinda always ask me to sing tigether with him just by listening to him singing. That’s why i always sing followen with him everytime i listening to his songs even on my bus ride in the morning.

and this song Kanashimi ga Tomaranai make me breathless while i am following him to sing this song, i mean it feels like i am hiking the mountain ne, down very low and then up very high, and when i reach this part

dareka tatsukete, kanashimi ga tomaranai ..

that’s an emergency call from me ne, i am breathless, need help. But no one came to help me ne, i asked why this song is like a mountain climbing like this?, now i am smiling while reading this

i feel this song very pop and bright, altough it is a sad song with a very lyrics. Is sweet sour lyrics further raising the sadness of this music? .

The key is set up more highly. I regret and I wish I should lowered the key one (笑)

very well, then … aha ..

5. Toki no Nagare ni Mi wo Makase (Teresa Teng)

this song g is the song that i have bee waiting from this 『Recreation3』 album. Me who grow up with so many Mandarin movies sure i listened to Teresa Teng‘s songs a lot ne, On my childhood i always love her, i mean she was so beautiful wearing the Chinese traditional costume and singing with her yasashii voice like that. For me she is the legend.

and now yasu put one of her song on his cover album, it made me very happy that time when i see the track list of 『Recreation3』 .  And make me more happy because he sing it perfectly, This is a really something called Recreation ne, because yasu really took me on Recreation inside this song by listening to him singing his version of his song …

it is different, but it is amazing ne, good Job ya_san …

now let’s see what he is sayin about this song

It is an classic music representing Showa era, called “Intens Love”. Although it is through a love song, with a very passionate lyrics and melody. I would also like  people that much straight (笑). i’m afraid all choked up while watching and listening to the lyrics.

i think this song was sung a lot in the karaoke by a mothers generation, I would like  parent and children to enjoy it together.

well, i think my mother only know one song from Teresa Teng, even i am sure she never know what is the title of the song anyway.

6. Stop it love (yasu self-cover)


this song is a cover from his own song a long time ago, so when i read this song is gonna be as the Recreation Track for イエス single, i am very sexcited that time, because finally i am gonna hear this song in a better version ne, not the one that i ripped from YouTube from some radio show because it was hard to catch the Love words from low quality sounded mp3


It is a self cover. A long time ago, it is the plan of  Neptune’s radio program,  the song made to a certain idol. Some keywords and lyrics are decided, the song made based on it. I made firmly seriously. It was impressive. Neptune was very surprised that it made firmly (笑)

The song’s feel a little more hilarious I wonder was it good (笑)?

Sure, it is good. For me this song is tasted more Janne than Acid Black Cherry, but i do love this song, everytime i hear this song and yasu keep sayin Stop It, Love over and over i think he is calling me (and all other fans) with Love .

Lie To Me - Lightman Group

You know just like what Dr. Lightman (Tim Roth’s character on Lie To Me) always call everyone surround him with Love instead of dear, my friend, pall, chap  … etc etc . so if Dr. Lightman always say

~ yes, Love …
~ never mind, Love ..
~ sorry, Love

in this song, what yasu said a lot is

Stop It, Love ….


noi        :    and i say :  i can’t Stop, Love …
yasu     :    why …
noi        :    i am in the hurry and busy ….
yasu     :    whatever …

7.  BELIEVE (Watanabe Misato)


I  got to know with this song by Watanabe Misato, the song which invention of Tetsuya Komuro  was clearly displayed of becoming major from the minor by the punch power of an intro, and modulation of rust.

This feeling of modulation, when I wrote music, it affect  very much. I think that it is really good music.

i think this song is veri fit to play on the Christmas Eve, i have no ide why but this song, it gave me a Christmas feeling, There’s no PV of yasu‘s perform this song, but i kinda wish there will be PV for this song, you now maybe for Christmas special , yeah something like that.

with yasu in a nice tuxedo singing with an orchestra in some open venue and there will be a choir behind him, and how he will raise his hand like that image above when he reach the intro part, That would be amazing, eh

10. Ai wo Kataru Yori Kuchizuke wo Kawasou (WANDS)




this is the anti NATO (read : NO Action, Talk Only) song , see what i mean the song title Ai wo Kataru Yori Kuchizuke wo Kawasou —> Instead Of Talking About Our Love, Let’s Exchange Kisses ….xD and

I like WANDS, i sing it often in karaoke.  there were many hit songs, I wondered about which song I will sing . I talked with the staff and decided this on this song. WANDS has many other classics, please listen to them.

I am a type of  “Instead Of Talking About Our Love, Let’s Exchange Kisses” (笑)

then eventually yasu is one of the anti NATO (read : NO Action, Talk Only) … #hooooo

9. Saigo no Ame (Nakanishi Yasushi)

Kouda Kumi also had cover this song ne, and even this song is from a female prespective no wonder when i feels different from when  i listen to this song by Kouda Kumi.

This is a very beautifully sad song. the lyrics is so hopeless ne, but when i listen to yasu‘s cover i say noting but what an amazing cover he did, He really proove him self as an outstanding vocalist

I can’t put my love into words
I can’t connect to you with words
My love for you has nowhere to go, but it won’t stop
I threw away my umbrella and looked up at the rain

i have this song by Kouda Kumi on my MP3 player a long time ago and i don’t listen to it much because in this part, that My love for you has nowhere to go part  just hit me, my heart and all over me.

Suddenly i hate rain more than i hate it before …

I like this song, when this song is released i had often sung it at the karaoke. I think that it is the song which like a genre called AOR, I like AOR originally, the 80s AOR Japanese . Ballads without much restraint scream out, i think that it is quite classic.

*  AOR = Adult-oriented Rock.

10. Furare kibun de Rock’n’Roll (TOM★CAT)

this is my fave one, from all yasu‘s cover, i love how he sing it fast and perfectly like that, nah if you listen to this song in the morning believe me, soon after this song played and you hear it you will be in the hurry. Finish anything you are doing that time as fast as you can, and you don’t want to finish it after yasu say :

Watashi wa Dynamite …!!!

why? of course the Dynamite will blow and you are fail as a bomb squad ….

yasu      :    what are you talking about?
noi         :    eeeh ….
yasu      :    a movie talk?
noi         :    OMG, i am so sorry …

When i heard at  “the top ten” of the 80s program called “the spotlight of this week”, i was very shocked. I at the time not having touched from A melody , yet. I tought that was awfully good those days . Sing with no breathing and rapidly. It cannot be heard because it just a kid singing, Sing following another’s example.

It is great song, even now i am still exciting to listen the original music

indeed that song with yasu‘s voice also shocked me …

11. 「Otoko」 (Kubou Ruriko)

i used to say when i hear this song, the beginning of this song i feel like i just get a hit by a truck, but now i am not gonna say it anymore because i’ve just got hit by a truck litterally and it feel 360 times worst than how i get shocked for listening the begining of this song’s cover by yasu

i think from now on i have to think before i talk/write something, even it was only some silly jokes from me, but i remember my mom said if sometime when people say something, it can be turned into a pray and then God who always hear will hear it and then make it happen, and then ..

bang …!!! A truck hit me just like that …. #OhGod, have a Mercy on me

My friend DAIGO said 「 yasu_san, this song is really fits you to sing, isn’t it?」. It is a cover which began with one word. From the first,  i thought this song is a cool song. I asked for  「a heavy arrangement」to Mr. Muro Himeshin, it was finished very cool.

It is an enemy song

so what i am gonna say now about this song is only this song shocked me, and how yasu able to show there you are a man is the same, always like that

12. Shounen Jidai (Inoue Yosui)

when i listen to this song, suddenly my mind goes to the cover album, i imagine yasu with his acoustic guitar singing this song infront of the little kawaii creature (read : children) like that, and with a calm atmosphere like that, suddenly the world looks more beautiful ne

It is a song that i sang well since school, without considering anything those days, It was very difficult to sing, and recording. This song differs from J-POP and a popular song for a while, it is also a folk.

I think that it is an excellent classic which sings truly, children’s song-likeness

now i wonder maybe he decided to use childrens on this album cover after feel the song ….?

13. Mirai Yosouzu II (DREAMS COME TRUE)

even there is a PV for this song. I think i get distracted by the PV, and since i had no idea about DREAMS COME TRUE so i am not that into the song for this one. but when i listen to it and read the lyrics,

i think this time Acid Black Cherry really connect the PV with the songs ne and the connections are very Acid Black Cherry, two students, they are Acid Black Cherry fans, in relationship and then tryin to take another step forward for their relationship, even there’s un_nice things happen ended with QED message,

eventually everything is OK with イエス song on [2012] Live, she said イエス  then a happily ever after for Junji and yasuko

this song, she (his friend maybe)  is DREAMS COME TRUE’s great fan, and this song recorded on the album “LOVE GOES ON –” . made me to hear it every day as if brainwashed with it. I was listening while I thinking it is a good song. It became a very wonderful feeling to be allowed to cover.

waw, what a long post ne, and now i better end this post (because Jae Min already waiting) with this question :

what would you say/answer if there is someone say ariyasu to you?

yasu      :     Hmm , Jae Min …?
noi         :     so what would you say …?
yasu      :     what about you …?
noi         :    i’ll  say :
domoyasu !!
yasu      :     what …
noi         :    then what should i say ne ..






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