待つわ Post : Voilà ….!!! (Another me, yasu and The Godzilla)

well then,

Tuesday morning, yesterday was not an ordinary morning ne, like it use to be as a smooth and calm morning that i always have, i almost get caught by the Police .

This Police with a Chopsticks … ?


eh God, if he is the one who almost caught me this morning, then i would be so delighted ne, but it was not. The Police here is my shacho, I dunno what the hell was happen that day or the night before because that day he came to office very early ne exactly at 07:00 AM. While me, the Capt. Slow came at 07:20 AM. Yes i was 20 minutes late …

My friend called me soon after he came, but because at that time i am still on bus, i was like … eh God, what should i do? he is gonna catch me again ….!!!. So this morning on my way to office my heart beat fast and faster when i get closer to office.

i am sure he is gonna mad at me, and who knows what he is gonna say to me, but when i arrived at office, i didn’t see him because he is already look at the machine which had it morning troubles as usual on a rainy day and …

Voilà, i am save …!!!!! … aha ha ha ha ha ..

so from now on, there is and there will be no text messages alert for his comin like how it used to be. Maybe, i said maybe ne, he knows about it and decided just to come. Nobody know so there’s no text message alert.

For what reason? what else than to catch some lazy employees who always late … (read : like me noi_himura)


yasu     :    so you are happy now?
noi        :    of course i am, he didn’t say anything so i am save …
yasu     :    i think he is gonna catch you next …
noi        :    ah come on, ya_san i am a simple woman like
Magnolia ne. So yes, simple things make me happy ….

i am happy just because my shacho didn’t catch me, and then i got a text message from Mr. Postman ( not yasu or Superman btw). Now i know what his name ne, the man who have a Victory Smile on his face every time he say : no Miss Himura, there’s no package for you from Japan …. , his name is Mr. Ardiyanto …. #whoooo

i hate when he said that ne, for me it always feels like a bet between him and me and he always win by sayin that BIG no … etc etc to me. Ah forget about him and now look what finally arrived today …

Agatha Cristie’s MARPLE Box Set DVD ….!!!

i almost finish POIROT ne, and i really enjoy my fave case : The Cat Among The Pigeons. There is Amanda Abbington there and also screen play by Mark Gatiss …? brilliant eh.

Now i am still on the : Appointment With Death episode, with Mark Gatiss as Lord Boyton’s son Leonard. It’s a thrilling episode with a wicked woman as the victim who deserved to die …

Do you know when Mrs. Christie decided to make her famous Belgian Detective character Hercule Poirot to be death, when Hercule Poirot passed away there as an obituary on New York Times : RIP Hercule Poirot

i love Hercule Poirot ne, because as what David Suchet said on behind the scene interview, Hercule Poirot is not Jarves (the police who after Jean Valjen till the end of the world on Victor Hugo’s Les Missarables). So sometimes he didn’t report the one who did the crime to the police. He had his own way ne ..

and not only that yesterday these also arrived …


it took exactly 9 days from when my proxy shipped it on Sunday, March 10th for the CDs and for the magazine i dunno when did CD Japan end it, . I told you ne, it always need at least 9 days my stuffs from Japan to me no matter what kind of shipment i use.

As always you can see all the scans on my Photobucket :

Recreation 3 cover in ———> here

ARENA37℃ 2013年4月 in ……..> here

yes, yes and yes  it is password protected, but i am sure all of already know what the password is right?


I am not gonna talk about 「未来予想図Ⅱ」  PV again, but this time let’s talk about The Off Shoot. I am sure all of you already seen it right? It’s quite interesting. For me, who always think if  「未来予想図Ⅱ」  PV is The Official Acid Black Cherry Dorama ne, but more than that is cameo.

Yes, cameo ne,

Remember OCEAN TWELVE ? nah that movie did a great job to surprised me with Bruce Willis as himself who call Tess (Danny’s wife, played by Julia Roberts) who pretend to be Julia Roberts ….?

even some people said it was a lame cameo celebrity in a movie, but i love that cameo scene ne, because they kind a confused me with the idea of Julia Roberts tryin to be Julia Roberts, but after all i always love if there’s a cameo in a movie like how Donald Trump as himself n Hugh Grant and Sandy‘s Two Weeks Notice

yasu talk about this 「Recreation3」 album and then something about the cover album with him and childrens there (i only get it until there …xD), and of course about 「未来予想図Ⅱ」  PV ne.

But, i say but ne …

in this  「未来予想図Ⅱ」  PV’s Off Shoot is like an answer (or you may say it as a revealing?) of the PV itself. Like mean how they put yasu himself, yasuko and his boyfriend JZ, as cameo. Then they (you may read it as yasu and his team, or whoever directed this PV) kind a like put some little quiz in the PV for fans who noticed/watch carefully that cameos.

if you asked me did i noticed it? i did but only for yasuko and his boyfriend JZ‘s love story, but not yasu himself

~ as the policeman,

~ as the pedestrian,

~ or even all of them as a group of dudes singing in the karaoke

sorry, but that’s the fact eh, even i see the PV over and over, but still i can’t get if all of those checkpoints. can you imagine ne, me with my blurry eyes? it is was impossible for me to noticed all of it ne ..

yasu    :   you didn’t see it …?
noi       :   i am sorry, you can blame my blurry eyes ..
yasu    :   no, no i want another reason ne …
noi       :   well then here is my other reason …

noi       :   see ya_san, i was too busy to find out what is the color of yasuko’s underwear … xD ..
yasu    :   what the …
noi       :   it can’t be pink right? ..

and i think i kinda missed 【Team Acid Black Cherry】‘s post on The Official Ameblo because now what i did is bookmarked it and read it when i have some alone time at office, unlike how i use to be ne, by just looking at it, then save the images of yasu while reading it as fast as i can then it always ended with me understand nothing about the post.

~ in this という訳で今日も。,

they finally announced 47 cities (if i am not mistaken counting) for the next 『Shangri-la』 project and i see Okayama there,  Is that Yukki‘s home? OMG Yukki, yasu is gonna come to your town …!!!!

eh, is it Okayama or Wakayama  …?

~ in this こんな感じで。 post

i read it again and again and i smile ne, i this this post is my fave post from 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 by how it make me happy on this part


It is a melody which is just on yasu_san’s head now」…

OMG, a melody for a new song …?  #nyaaa

~ from The Official Facebook Page

THE NEW MADMOISELLE NA ANATATACHI with  「Acid Black Cherry Story」 manga ….!!!

it is the Fanclub magazine ne, now they added 「Acid Black Cherry Story」 manga , i really can’t wait to see it, i wonder when did i am gonna get it ne …. so yes, i am so sexcited with this …!!

about me, well

Right now my left hand is an idle hand. i can’t use it to do anything yet, because the only thing i can lift is only my phone ne, so everyday i did the squeezing move as a practice.

Today i took my afternoon bath with my mom, she wanted to wash my hair, but i said no, i’ll do that myself. I don’t want to bother her again with me because she is already tired by taking care of my father. So what she did is only watch me do all my forever bath. Then she said to me : Look Boo, all the bruises gone …!!

OMG yes, all of them gone ne. Waw, human body is amazing ne, with it recovery ability. At the first time all my body was full of pink bruises, and then it turned to red, then blue, dark blue, black and then it’s gone like a MAGIC.

My head already back to normal size, even there’s still one scar on it but it will gone soon. Nah when it totally gone, what i am gonna do first is i am going to a salon to have a creambath treatment. I can’t wait for that, maybe i will able to do that next month.

After all i am perfectly OK now, i have a smooth recovery even my left hand still an idle hand, and i dunno why every night especially when it rain and the weather is cool, it feels hurt like there’s someone step on it over and over.

I told Tekki about this and she said : OMG Boo, that’s Lord Voldermorth calling you. Of course it hurt  ….!!!!!

eeeh, so now i am one of The Death Eater …?

yasu    :    you what ….?
noi       :    no, no of course i am not
yasu    :    and if you really are …
noi       :    don’t worry i am not gonna eat you ne ..
yasu    :    good

So recently, i said Thank You a lot ne, everyday more than 10 times to peoples around me or people who is next to me. It is because now i become somebody who always need other’s help to do some simple stuffs that i use to do it by my own.

~ to my mom who always want to help me to wash my hair,
~ to my sista who cut my nails,
~ to my friends at office who help me to do a lot of stuffs
~ to peoples on the street who help me to pick up all mystuffs when i fell on my walking to the bus station

see i am the one who walk like i am one of The Avengers and then when a little boy (about 10 years old) running and kinda smashed me with his shoulder, i just fell like it was something BIG hit me ne. Then it took me forever to pick up and put all my stuffs on my bag, until someone finally help me.

that’s embarrasing eh, everyone lookin at me with those eyes, and i don’t like it.

~ to the bus driver’s assistant who always find me a seat on my bus ride every morning and dawn so i can sit and don’t have to stand ..
~ and even for school boys/girls who gave me their seat on my bus riding …

somehow right now i feel useless ne

and not only that, added with how BIG is my appetite now. I always feel hungry ne. The doctor gave me some medicines and somehow the effect of those medicines is make my  appetite bigger than before. See i already have this BIG appetite but now

it turned into a Godzilla ….!!!

yasu      :    so you only want banana …?
noi         :    what ….
yasu      :    banana ne …
noi         :    OMG, i said Godzilla ne, not Gorilla …





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