INK Post : 『Shangri-la』1st Season is ON …..!!! (Another me, yasu and Helen)

from last night’s post on The Official Blog :  「INKに来てくれるなんて!!」  …. #waaaaa

well as what they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) said on their post, INK term as what yasu mentioned on last year’s [2012] Live MC. Maybe some of you haven’t get the meaning of INK is, you can see it on this video

INK (country-features) is from いなか [inaka] means countryside. On that video he said even he is livin in The BIG Orange (read : Tokyo) as a Jrockstar and often sayin inaka inaka but he is still a man from countryside himself.

noi        :   INK, eh …
yasu     :   then you are …
noi        :   OK, it’s all over me, who else have more
INK than me ..?
yasu     :   really …?
noi        :   i told you ne, i am your Alien fangirl who live in Mars

ah ya talking about that video, of course it is not a perfect English-subbed video maybe there is some grammar mistake, but still finally we (read : me and maybe some of you) finally get what said on that live, his stupid dirty jokes ?

well it is quite funny and the important things is his thoughts. For me it feels like step by step the gate started to open (if you know what i mean by that)

well actually all of the idea to make an English-subbed video of Acid Black Cherry [2012] Live, the idea to get what yasu said came from Helen.

Who is Helen?

she is one of Acid Black Cherry fangirl from Vietnam and also a member of Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook. It started when AVEX Taiwan released Taiwan version of Acid Black Cherry [2012] Live DVD

it is the Taiwan version and there is a Mandarin subs on the DVD. so one day,  because she really want to understand what yasu said on the MCs ne and because she understand Mandarin, so when she got Taiwan version of Acid Black Cherry [2012] Live DVD, she also understood all what yasu said on the DVD ( i think she bought 2 : Taiwan and Japan versions).

Helen post/wrote a comment about the idea to share it for all Acid Black Cherry overseas fans by translated it from Mandarin to Vietnam and then to English together with her friends. She asked me to make the English-subbed video and without thinking again i said :

OK, i’ll do that …!!!

i am very proud of her, i mean for her wish to share all  what yasu said on the DVD ne, i mean not every fans want to do that ne, I know every fans have their own way to get/understand what yasu said on DVD, telly show or else but an idea to share it?

i myself got/understood what yasu said by reading all the live reports in many blogs of Acid Black Cherry fans, i save it. Then when i got my DVD, i watch it while mixed it with all Live Reports that i read and bookmarked on my PC.

I know it took forever, but you know sometimes took forever on doing something will end well, very well indeed …

i don’t know much about yasu, what yasu said or maybe what kind of guy actually he is. I only know him as him right now. About his personal life, what happened to him,  … etc etc ..? well as i mentioned on one of my post, it is not that i don’t want to know, because of course i do want to know.

But i think i kinda put a line between my curious about his personal life, rumors … etc etc and him as one of my fave musician, the main idea of this blog and the reason of this blog exist.

So if one day i read about some rumors/things about his personal life i consider it as a gift and i am being lucky for the great gift of getting what this amazing man said, dirty jokes and thoughts …


and now by this idea of sharing what yasu said on the Acid Black Cherry [2012] Live DVD from Helen, i say i am very lucky and i am so thankful to Helen for her brilliant idea and works she already did. So again and again …

Thank you Helen, and i am so proud of you ..

i am still waiting for her for part 3 from 6 parts MC on the DVD. And after that, i am gonna join all of 6 part MCs in one file together with the singing, and then play it on my telly.


now i am still on my way to finish the English-subbed video for [Recreation3] Offs Shoot ne. As i said to my friend, now i don’t have to use Google Translate anymore because now i have my own living Google Translate. I have someone who is so kind to help me to understand yasu‘s videos.

then every weekend i kind a stalk him ne, but this stalk is not a smooth one because have some problems with him, like …

~  he doesn’t speak English and he only speak Indonesian

and using a lot of slang terms that i don’t understand, while i don’t speak Indonesian like that. Honestly i don’t speak/never use Indonesian much ne. Because i am so INK everyday i use Javanese even at office and to my boss i use Javanese mixed with Indonesian.

so my Indonesian is  very bad especially when i have to use/listen the kind of IndonesianIndonesian that people in BIG city like Jakarta use. Sometimes i kinda lost even for a simple things like how they use gue/gua for me instead of saya and loe/elu for you instead of kamu.

When i was on my vacation with my Geje Fams 2 years ago. I tried/forced my slef to talk like that, using the slang terms, then what happen was when i want to say What’s wrong with you ..? to my darling Bunta Shindameru who always call me Gong Ja Mama ,

instead of saying eh, gimana sih elu (what’s wrong with you?) i said eh, gimana sih gue (what’s wrong with me?)

then what happened next is everyone laughed at me because of how i got lost in my own talk. Then i never talk like that anymore, i’d rather speak with a common Indonesian or Javanese.

~ and he is a muggle

you know what i mean with muggle ne, see in Harry Potter, muggle is someone who can’t or don’t deal with witch or witchcraft but in here, in this fandom muggle is my term to call people who don’t get into Japanese Music/fandom. nah because he is a muggle so everytime i show him a video that i want him to help me, he keep askin the same question

nape sih aktornya musti orang ini?  elu liyat khan sekarang dia jadi cewek  (why the actor always this guy?, and now he is on a girl uniform?) while pointing at this man …


then i said to him, of course it is always him, who else but him? then i realized  Eh God, this is gonna take forever to me to finish the video ne

enough about the INK talking, now let’s move on to the next topic.


It is about 『Shangri-la』1st Season Announcement. As what you can see on the 『Shangri-la』 Project’s Special Site, they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) already posted the schedule for the 1st season from all 5 parts for all 47 perfectures of this 『Shangri-la』 Project .

Acid Black Cherry Project “Shangri-la”
Hokkaido and Tohoku Tour ~ 1st Season ~

August 13 (Tue)
Large Hall Cultural Center in Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture

Doors open 7:30/Start 18:30

August 17 (Sat)
Akita Bunka Kaikan Big Hall,
Doors open 17:00 /Start 17:30

August 21 (Wed)
Sendai Sun Plaza Hall,
Doors open 17:30 /Start 18:30

August 23 (Fri)
Yamagata Citizens’ Hall Large Hall,
Doors open 18:00/Start 18:30

August 25 (Sunday)
Aomori Bunka Kaikan, Aomori

Doors open 17:00/Start 17:30

August 29 (Thursday)
Otaru Citizens Association,
Doors open 18:00/Start 18:30

September 02 (Mon)
Nitori Bunka Hall,
Doors open
17:30/Start 18:30

September 6 (Fri)
Asahikawa Shimin Bunka Kaikan Hall,
Doors open 17:30/Start 18:30

September 09 (Mon)
Civic Cultural Hall Large Hall Obihiro, Hokkaido
Doors open 17:30/Start 18:30

September 13 (Friday)
Shimin Kaikan Hall, Hakodate, Hokkaido
Doors open 18:00/Start 18:30

September 15 (Sun)
Civic Cultural Hall Large Hall Morioka, Iwate
Doors open 17:00/Start 18:00

ticket’s price is ¥ 7,500 (tax in) and for Sendai and Hakodate is a standing performance, so there will be no seat …

Hakodate …, hmm sounds romantic ne …

so if you have a plan to go to Japan this year, why don’t you go on those days or the upcoming days that they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) will anounce later so you can go to Japan while getting a chance to see Acid Black Cherry‘s Live ne?

and who knows if maybe you may attend the Live where yasu is gonna announce something ? like a new single release?

while for other fans who have no plan to go to watch this 『Shangri-la』, i only have one word to say ne : 『Shangri-la』 is ON, then The Game is ON my Dears …..!!!

the game of what? of course the game of waiting ne, and waiting for what? of course waiting for all things related to this 『Shangri-la』, like :

~   details of the tour date, place … etc etc
~   goodies of course …
~   set list ..
~   live reports from all the brilliant fans of Acid Black Cherry who will write it ..
~   【Team Acid Black Cherry】 post on the Official Blog after Live, and last but not least ..
~   of course the new single …

Then i am gonna sit on my chair, be calm and join this waiting game while hoping one day i can get that chance to reach 『Shangri-la』 with yasu. so ..

yes, My Dears The Game is ON  …..!!!

noi      :     before i am getting OFF …
yasu   :     why …?
noi      :     soon i will be out of battery ne …
yasu   :     ah come on, don’t say now you are an Android …
noi      :     omo, ya_san, how did you know? well then listen to this : an Android Fangirl … #whoaa sugoi ne?
yasu   :     whatever ….


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