Disconnected Post : Ya HYDE, Aku Juga …!!!! (Another me, yasu and The L’arc Traveler)

Disconnected? yes i was …

about 5 days ago, somethin happened to my internet connection provider. They said, they had some troubles with their cables which is in deep blue sea. The funny thing is of course the rumors/gossip following said it was because of shark.


Just because it was in deep blue sea, so it was because of a shark bite the cables, really? well that must be jobless and crazy shark, eh. i can’t stop laugh all by myself because of that ne.

i work using a net connection like everyone else, so yes i need it. I really need it not just for continuing my fangirl living, cherish and support both of them (read : HYDE and yasu)


but after had 3 days disconnected with a nonstop ringing phone, how i had to gave some details to my boss via phone instead of Yahoo Messenger (read : a silent letter on my PC screen is more easy than a voice of my boss on my phone) i realized if i do need net connection even for things out of my fangirl living.

Thank God, it only 3 days ne, i can’t imagine if it was more than that, i mean how many files would be on my drop box without able to send it anywhere. And then after the net disconnected days, somehow the phone’s provider also got some trouble, and then before there’s one person say some crazy idea for what caused it, i said …

so, what’s for this time, after a shark now it is a whale …?

yasu      :    your whale ….?
noi         :    eh, Willy? ah no that’s impossible,
yasu      :    who knows
noi         :    my Willy, he is a good boy ne  …

so with no net connection, what i only able to do was using my phone, they said it is the smartphone ne, but still i am not that in to the idea of going OnLine using a mobile device (PC tablet, phone, smartphone … etc you name it). It always have to be a PC or laptop for me

maybe because that smartphone is a way more smart than me or i am the one wo is too stupid to use it,  I even never post a photo to my twitter using my phone ne. I only did one time posted a photo of Steffie‘s ticket of Erect Live on my Facebook and tagged Steffie on it .
That’s why it is only one photo on  my Mobile Uploads Album

and that time i was amazed myself by that and sayin OMG i can do that …!!!! to both my self and my phone while laughed alone like an idiot in front of Post Office while waiting someone to pick me up back to office.

so I ended on twitter and tweet a complain to my net provider via their official twitter.

but the weird thing was on that kind of situation where everyone who use the same provider tweet_ed the same complain, but their official twitter keep tweet_ed some quiz with a PC tablet as the price, some tips related to healthy livin and gadget stuffs instead of tweet about what really happen at that time with their connection.

even yes, they finally tweet to explain what happened and say sorry for the inconvenient, but it was late. i am sure they already lost some user because of that. If you ask me did i change my net provider? the answer is yes, i did ne just in case things like this happen again. But i don’t like this new provider ne. It is faster than the last one yes, but it is too fast ne.

i dunno why when my net connection get faster than it use to be, it bored me ne. I mean hey where the hell is the waiting ne. i don’t need a very fast net connection anyway, because i am not some spy, secret agent or a hackers who should have that. I don’t even download a lot recently. The only time i need a fast connection is when yasu do/announce something via streaming site

Actually i enjoy the waiting time ne. It sounds weird but that’s what i feel. Maybe because while i am waiting for the loading or waiting to finish to download something my mind and my fingers working (read : typing) things like what i am i am doing now.

yasu     :      don’t tell me now you are waiting for him …
noi        :      Mr. Friday …? i am waiting for you ne ..
yasu     :      me, for what ..
noi        :      well, maybe you’ll tweet something …

so if some of you ask why there’s i didn’t write/update my blog a lot recently, well the answer is because my net connection is getting faster than before and it bored me.

so what next …

ah ya The Official Blog, they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) already updated it with 2 post …

~ ABCDictionary #002 『DREAMS COME TRUE』

OMG what a long post ne, it is absolutely longer than the last ABCDictionary #001 ne. In this ABCDictionary #002 the letter is [D] for DREAMS COME TRUE, not DAIGO even yasu did this so DAIGO move.

i forgot what this called, a rock subaru or something …. xD

DREAMS COME TRUE , yes they talked about things behind the PV and The ABC couple Tatsuya and Haruka, and the song 「未来予想図Ⅱ」 it self, and i love how they ended that post with this :


that’s very 20 Century Boys ne …

~ 「外は雨〜♪」

The Out of The Rain post, well it started with question :  Do you enjoy the last ABCDictionary #002 …? ..

my answer is yes, sure i enjoyed it as how i enjoyed flip my [Dorama Dictionary] over and over to get it ne. And now i think i better watch another dorama to add the words/terms on it.

They also mention about there is a plan for yasu’s Dictionary? …. #eh they really have a lot of plan ne

and then about the ticket for this next 『Shangri-la』 tour. They explain that this 『Shangri-la』 tour is not a FanClub Only Live, so even if you are not a FanClub member you still can buy the ticket because there is a general sales open.

Of course it will be not easy ne, as usual to get an Acid Black Cherry Live ticket is never easy. But you still can buy it via re_seller if you missed the general sales (not auction btw, but still with a higher price)

dakara, join a FanClub is one other way to make it less difficult ne, because by join the FanClub you will able to join the FanClub ticket’s lottery which usually will held before the general sales open.

enough about the Official Blog post, now let’s talk about the article on CanCam magazine ne.

I am still waiting for this magazine to come btw. And it surprised me by how expensive is the shipping cost for this magazine, it almost 4 times than the price of the magazine it self. If i am not mistaken this magazine is only about 600 – 700 yen, but the shipping cost is 2,000 yen?

i think with that 2,000 yen shipping cost they really want to send that magazine to Mars ne …. xD

this article’s title is HowTo ABC? (eh it is not the title isn’t it …?) kinda teased me to dig because when i read that Q&A about ABC, i was like  OMG is this another ABC #001?

Q   :   The origin of ABC?
A    :   I wanted to set an initial to ABC. ABC which is also the degree of progress of a man and woman. I think that it is not called ABC nowadays.

i wonder how many time yasu has to answer that question ne, because i read/heard that question a lot ne, he even explain it on his Live MC, it make me think about what he said on [2012] Live MC about how dirty jokes is not gonna funny anymore to hear. i think he is right ne, because i myself have a lot of friends who keep talking/sayin dirty jokes in a various story,

started from how they have to go to office with a wet hair as the result of how they have to wash their hair early in the morning before they go to office because their husband/wives want a quick sex in the morning … etc etc complete with how and where they did that so their children can’t see it.

why do they have to wash their hair after sex? it is because as a muslim, we have to clean ourself from top to down after having a sex ne, so after that we can do our pray today.

That’s why at my office if there’s a married man/woman who go to office with a wet hair (A hairdryer? don’t even think about hairdryer ne, because nobody have a hairdryer here except the barber), all the pervy will say/ask :

~ how is it last night …?
~ how many time last night …? …
~ or just some simple blink blink with their eyes … etc etc 

at the first time i listen to it, yes i admit it was funny to hear, but then when i have to listen to that kind of jokes with story like that everyday, it just not funny anymore ne, it feels like i am listening the same episode of a porn radio show.

but of course it will be different for yasu ne, because as the real ecchi man, yasu will still have another dirty jokes to say to his fans and his fans will still laugh to hear it while wondering

how many soap needed to clean all the dirty jokes he has so it can be a clean jokes ….?

clean jokes? is there anything like that? Well maybe that’s a joke for a dry cleaninng or laundry related ne, and now i hope tomorrow somebody at Post Office can answer this …

Question : Where the hell is my this DVD now? ….


That DVD is the last on my Matsu wa List ne, because right now i don’t have anything else to wait. If i am not mistaken, CD Japan sent it on March 18th together with 500 extra points added to my account.

So add another 9 days it should be here on March 27th ne, then i hope it will be tomorrow? But because this DVD is more sexpensive so i think it will take another time


i bought the w/ HONOLULU Audio Live CD btw, and don’t ask me why. Now i am already got the Audio CDs from Hongkong until London. Somehow listening to all Audio Live CD make me feel like i am one of the L’arc Traveller.

You know ne fans who follow L’arc on their World Tour from the 1st country Hongkong until the last one back to Japan. Tonight here i am as one of them, of course with my ears from Hongkong to London. Enjoy the funny and fabulos MC of HYDE and Testu’s talking in different language.

so when i saw/hear someone ask what is the point of this 13 different Audio Live CD from each country for the same DVD, my answer is it can give me a sensation to be L’arc Traveller with my ears. that’s a brilliant idea, isn’t it?

how am i supposed to do when on a hot Friday at 12:00 AM suddenly i hear HYDE said :  Kalian senang bertemu aku? Aku …? in a HOT tones like that, i supposed to do what but get HOT and reply him

HYDE, Aku Juga …….!!!!!

OMG is this post it turned into a dirty post? i better stop writing ne, before it get more dirty. I am not gonna sleep tonight ne, because tomorrw is my day off. I did finish my POIROT DVD, so tonight i am gonna start this MARPLE DVD’s marathon …

I finished my  POIROT DVD with the episode of HALLOWEEN PARTY, and it amazed me how Hercule Poirot thinking about HALLOWEEN. He said

HALLOWEEN is not a time to have a party while spent the night by tellin a macabre stories, but it is a time for us to light a candle and remember all those who already died …

waw …. xD

Day off, eh. What i am gonna do tomorrow? i will do nothing stay in bed ne. Because now even my hand and head is OK, my back is get hurt every time i turn my head to look back. I dunno what the hell is wrong with my back ne.

Maybe this is another late effect from the accident? but as i remember i got hit not on the back part ne, or am i wrong? I think i have to go back to hospital for this but i am too scare to do that ne. I am so scare of what the doctor might say to me. i’ll take a full day bed rest tomorrow, maybe it will make my back better …

and also it is a nice plan to help me to avoid people. recently i am so busy to avoid people to talk to me. Last week my dad went crazy again and he screamed very loud at midnight until all my neighbors can hear it. And the result is in the morning they keep askin me about what happened last night when i walk to bus station.

the next day, and the day after that until now, that question change into another different question everyday, all of it about my dad who became like that,

i wonder maybe they annoyed with that? I can’t even give them a perfect answer that will make them stop me on my morning walk to bus station or on my way back home from office.

so now when one of my friend ask me what are you gonna do this evening…? i reply him with

avoiding people …

noi        :     what about you ya_san …
yasu     :     you know i am not gonna tell you
noi        :     what if you join me ne, so we can avoid people together as a duo…
yasu     :     you better go to sleep now …. !!



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