Fool_ed Post : What A Long Fool’s Monday, eh …. (Another me, yasu and Jae Min)

It’s APRIL Already, Waaaa  …..  !!!

and i spent April 1st night with sleeping instead of spread a silly jokes to all my geje friends on Facebook. It’s been a long time i didn’t do that silly things we did on Facebook together. And somehow when i listen to this song :

Link from L’Arc_en_Ciel

I always say this song is our song ne, and thanks to that song suddenly i miss all of them ne, Then i tagged them on my Facebook status. Even there were not many comments like how we used to be, at least it bring memories back and make me happy indeed

Actually i didn’t tag all of them actually because i missed some persons and i couldn’t find my dear imoto mei_ru on Facebook again. The last time i spoke to her was after i got back from Japan. OMG that’s a long time ne, and maybe she is already deactivated her Facebook or she just not around the social networks much?.

But still, i missed her and all my geje friend ne.

April 1st, April Fool’s Day on Monday ….? suddenly i got a text message sayin that they were from my bank and tellin me that i won 7,000,000 IDR. What a fantastic joke in a Fool’s Day morning ne, can you imagine that 7 with 6 zeros behind it ? … #whoaaa ha ha ha

too bad that’s only a joke ne, and the best one for a gold digger like me. I mean what kind of jokes suit for a gold digger that a money joke btw.

and unlike me, they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) didn’t want to missed the April Fool’s Day euphoria to post an ABC Jokes on their latest post on Official Blog by sayin :

they are not gonna post another latest photo of yasu because of many anxious comments they got like “i can’t breath” … etc etc, thanks to how Mind Blowing yasu is make them breathless like that …

Really? just because of that?

nah now i think it would be better for all of you to take a deep breath before you open the Official Blog and look at yasu‘s photo ne  … #whueee eh eh …


yasu     :    they got you ne ….
noi        :    yes, they did. But just a little bit ….
yasu     :    ah come one, just say you got fool_ed ..
noi        :    @_@


before i scrolled down the page after that bucket of yasu‘s photos above, i was like,

~  eeeh why?
~  what happened?
~  is this because of that copyrights things?
~  but they already added that watermarks on the photos ne, then why …?

then i scrolled down and it was a joke? …  what should i say but :

Bloody Hell and well done guys … !!!

then that Fool’s Day get longer and my sachou made me feel like i am the foolish person that day. Everything i did was wrong to him. I wonder what the hell is happen to him ne?

I thought i already did text him right but eventually that was not right enough for him. He is really not an easy man, indeed he never be.

and that was a very long Fool’s Day for me eh, so i went home and after 18:00 PM i fell asleep until midnight. I woke up at midnight, i was hungry because i missed last night’s dinner and 3 calls from my office mate Zarri Bano.

Because i couldn’t find anything to eat but a guava to eat, i spent my sleepless night in front of my telly in hungry while wondering what the hell is happen while i was sleeping ne.


I remember how my hand felt hurt again. Yes, maybe Tekki was right. Lord Voldermorth is calling me, and btw i wonder if i am really one of the Death Eater and i reply him with  :

Stop callin me My Lord, i am on my day off and aren’t you supposed to be death ne?, Harry did kill you … !!!

What will happen to me? i am sure i am gonna get a free treat of Avada Kedavra … xD, then i think i heard my father got mad again and yellin at my mother again . Or it was only on my dreams? …

if it was really a dream, OMG my life is really miserable indeed ne, i mean i even dream about that. People say a dream is the flower on our sleeping time, and for me, the flower of my sleeping time is something amusing like that.  …

what did i do wrong btw, i stop to ask/wish anything BIG or near to impossible to be true ne. See even stop to ask for yasu or a chance for me to join him lyin on the Floor full of Roses like this for Christmas ….

because i know that’s impossible and there’s no Santa in this world that crazy enough to give me that. So now here i am as a simple woman who’s  simple as Magnolia,

all i want is nothing but some peace in my life …


noi        :     nee ya_san, is that too much to ask?
yasu     :     and … go on, i am listening ..
noi        :     well if you say so … and
a boyfriend like Jae Min ….  ha ha ha
yasu     :     i know you can’t be that simple, and
Magnolia? forget it  ..
noi        :     ah ya let me tell you about
Jae Min ne

jae min

actually his real name is Jo In Sung, and if you are one of the Korean Drama Lover you must know if Jae Min, from Jung Jae Min is a character he played in a drama called Memories of Bali in 2004.

memories of bali buku sinopsis

i really love that drama, and of course the Jae Min character. A spoiled man from a very rich family who don’t even have to join military service,  who is in love to a girl and somehow endend him on a really heart_breaking Love Triangle,

a Love Triangle is always sad ne ..

Then after that, i kinda follow him. You know by watching his movies and dramas and start to call him as my own Jae Min Oppa, Sarangeee ..!!! instead of his real name Jo In Sung.  For me he is an actor with a real talent, not only a good looking one (indeed he is charmingly adorable).

~  I enjoyed watcing him happily smiling in love in The Classic,

he wasn’t the lead actor, but the running together to go to library on a rainy day between him and the female characte is so sweet ….

~ can’t help myself to cry for him on Dirty Carnival and …

this movie is my first movie with Korean gangster war/fight scene, it is quite different with the whole Hongkong Triad movie that i watch. i noticed on the gang fighting or war they (Korean gangster) use a baseball stick (i think it was because only the boss who had a gun or blade) instead of a blade or a butcher knife like on Hongkong Triad movie.

But the war, indeed still have the same thrilling effect. I can’t believe how they beat Jae Min like that, and on his face …? #omoooo ..

~ how he put me in that some guilty pleasure feeling of me watching him did many sex scenes on A Frozen Flower.

again and again, sad ending for him. eeeh … is he gonna be like Andy Lau? you know howAndy Lau always ended die or heartbroken in most of his movies. I hope not, and now on this drama called That Winter, The Wind Blows.

jae min2

This is the first drama of him after he finished his military service, Not only him, there also Song Hye Gyo and Kim Bum on that drama ne, so this drama became some sort of a treat of sweets in a cup.


Why? because the three of them are really sweet, arent they?…

this drama is about a man, a conman named Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) who pretend to be a very rich girl’s lost brother names Oh Young (Song Hye Gyo) with a help from his fellow conman (Kim Bum) to get her money so he can pay his debts. His 7,8 million dollars debt.

They both meet in a certain condition where Oh Soo somehow have the same name as Oh Young‘s lost brother whom she is looking for. The story begin how Oh Soo make Oh Young believe if he is really her lost brother, and get her trust. But then the situation became dramatically blurry when slowly Oh Soo fall in love to his “sister”.

My fave scene is absolutely this one  …

the scene where they both eat that cotton candy together, OMG i think this is the moment where Oh Soo started to fallin in love to his “sister”, and he start to doubt about all what he is gonna do about her, and then confused himself with that 7,8 million dollars debts.

i haven’t finish this drama because my cable only air it every Wednesday and Thursday at 08:00 PM. So i only watch untill 8th episode. Yes, there so many streaming site and download for this drama,

but i think i am gonna wait to watch it on my telly and step by step on each episodes i enjoy how the chemistry between Jae Min and Song Hye Gyo while my heart can’t stop melting everytime i hear this so winter song …

Winter Love – The One

I know you, I feel you
even if you don’t speak
You’re a hurt person,
who resembles me a lot
I know that I never learned of love
so I don’t really know about it
But I feel that you are
a person who is my destiny

My person is soft like the white snowflakes
That person is hurting me
The wind blows and it seems
like it’ll take you far away
So I am protecting you by your side again today

I beg so that my prayers can reach the heavens
I hope for this cruel love
that I can’t stop anymore
Even if my life is broken to pieces,
There’s just one person,
just one person for me

A love like destiny that I cannot reject
That person is making me sad
Even if the cold winter comes
and freezes my entire body
I will always be by your side

I love you, I will hold you
I will always protect you by your side

Oppa …..  #nyaaaa  …!!!

and btw Jae Min, with 186 cm height, yes indeed he is a very tall man, therefore Song Hye Gyo had to use a very high heels so they can look perfect together ne …

yasu      :    OMG, now she really want a boyfriend …
noi         :    i am sorry ya_san. But yes, i am affraid so ..
yasu      :    eee … can we skipp this boyfriend talking and you finnish this post?
noi         :    OMG, sure …

what the hell is happen with me, where’s my manner btw. OK Enough about Jae Min now let’s close this silly post with this …


so finally i able to finish this 『Recreation3』 – Offshoot btw. Somebody help me on this.

and maybe some of you who have Facebook or Tumblr already saw this video ne because i uploaded it there on my Facebook and then you know, the shared button works like a MAGIC,

but maybe again, some of you haven’t see this, you can see it in here

As i wrote on that video details, this is not a perfect translations. So yes, there are mistakes somewhere, and if you want to translate it into another language, maybe to put it on your Street Team, page or blogs, feel free to contact me and i will give you the srt file so you just translate it to your own language, OK

maybe ( the 3rd maybe btw …xD) some of you wondering why i didn’t upload that on YouTube? well that’s because there’s the songs on 『Recreation3』 Album played as the background sound while yasu‘s talking. And i knew if i put that video on YouTube, they (you know who) will block or even delete it.

i am already got one penalty from YouTube and they sent me to that copyrights lessons class with the cartoon characters, so i only have 2 spot for mistaken uploading then after that they will erase my YouTube account, like what they did to my 1st YouTube account.

make another new account? that’s impossible for me, i even ask my friend to make this new account btw. And he is also the one who picked the username there. It used to be noiloveyasu, and then somehow YouTube suggested me to change it. Then there you are i got my YouTube account with username noihimura again. ..

so i am gonna keep this account save, after all i kinda confused about what kind of username that i am gonna use if i have to make another new YouTube account ne, let say i am gonna use  noiloveyasu,noilovehyde, noiloveyasuandhyde, noiloveeveryday ..

etc etc i am affraid that will ended with me on YouTube as

noilovemrfriday ….

noi        :    sounds weird ne, then tell me one  …
yasu     :    what if …
noi        :    no, no don’t tell me now, save your answer. i gotta go  now …
yasu     :    where …
noi        :    The Wind Blows ya_san, i gotta protect somebody , bai bai … *run*

yasu     :    eeeh, what the …



10 thoughts on “Fool_ed Post : What A Long Fool’s Monday, eh …. (Another me, yasu and Jae Min)

  1. You did a great job with the translation of this OFF SHOt! … I’d like to translate it in my blog, for the ABC French Street Team if it’s possible of course. 😀
    Could you send me video with subtitles for help me in translation and without for make my own video please?^-^
    Thank you very much Noi! >.<

  2. I think today is my day of bad luck, my email is, I don’t like use these email it’s difficult to write correctly without mistakes!
    I’m sorry to bother you all the time. Next I use my glasses * ^ *

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