Sunday Post : I Say, Keep The Cherry for The Last … (Another me, yasu and September Ceria …?)

Sunday morning, rain is fallin when i let myself lost  …

all over Yahoo Auctions after seeing these photos,


ups sorry i know i shouldn’t post things about auction stuffs a lot ne. This time is the 1st time because it is different, if you know what i mean …xD

And about those photos of stunning yasu above,  trust me ne it would get more blurry if you click on each photo, because i have no idea what just i did with those … whoa aha .. haha … *wicked laugh*


yasu      :     new version of laugh …?
noi         :     yes, go find a stepdaughter for me, and i’ll be the wicked stepmother …
yasu      :     but who is the father ..
noi         :     i am a single mother btw ..

talking about the 1st time, today is also the 1st time i use a speaker on my PC to listen a song instead of using an earphone. yes, this earphone below as my compannion everyday by helping me to isolate myself from the world everyday and also make me almost deaf.


I think the last time i use a speaker was 5 years ago. It was the time before we entered the silent era of my home. after that we never put anything on max volume, not even when we watch some show/drama on telly.

So my home is a bit scary home ne with all the silent things we do inside it (read : eat, pray, watch telly … etc), not murder related things btw. Just in case some of you are crazy enough like me who never miss one day without thinking about murder.

It started when i bought my PC, it was a complete set. So they added a speaker wich i never use or try. For what, eh? …  i mean in this silent era why would i need a speaker anyway. But today is different ne, today he (read : my dad) is on a little bit of jolly heart feeling, so i think today is perfect for me to try my new speaker.

to play this song while asking to myself  …

omo Jae Min, is he dead ….?

over and over and i blame Tekki Perry for this, because yesterday she finished this Korama, the last episode, and i watched it a little bit.

I know i should not do that ne because here i am now still questioning whether if they made Jae Min, OMG my Jae Min died or not at the end of the story. And btw take a look at this …


that’s Jae Min hand, see what i see anyone? i suppose that’s a hand of a man who did his military service and this drama is Jae Min‘s 1st drama after he finished his military service.

I remember Tekki also had that hand after she came back from her school. Tekki and i were not at the same university even we spent 12 years together at the same school from elementary until high school, but we took the different path after high school.

i went to a university to be a great veterinary (it didn’t work btw because i hate animals except the wild one) while Tekki went to a some semi military school complete with a military training of course. That’s why she had that kind of hand like Jae Min‘s hand. That kind of hand with some bruishes gotten from a long time sit up, push up, jump up?  …  or anything else ended with up ..

I am not gonna tell her about this ne, because i am sure if i tell her she is gonna, … ah you know what i mean, she’s gonna win one point of Jae Min from me … so Bloody Hell no, I am not gonna tell her about this  …

OK back to Jae Min, then what if they really make him dead …?


OMG  …..

yasu     :    your Jae Min …? nee noi_chan, he is not yours
noi        :    OMG, stay calm ya_san, it’s only 8 episodes left from 16 episodes ne ..
yasu     :    what the, i am the one supposed to say that to you right?
noi        :    ah ya you are right, sorry …

that’s a wrong dialogue, you can ignore that ,,,, !!!! …

ewww … what the hell is happen with me anyway …

well this morning i should  go to the market with my mom this morning for breakfast. Market (i mean the traditional market, not the supermarket at mall) on Sunday Morning is always fun and amazing ne. I mean i love to be there on Sunday Morning , for having a breakfast, find some of my childhood foods/snacks and of course with me sit on the corner of a block waiting for my mom while watching peoples.

But thanks to the rain, that plan failed … #eww

I think i better stop to make a plan. Plan for everything, because most of them didn’t work anyway. That’s why when i read my friend’s journal about his complete 2 weeks Japan trip, somehow it amazed me. I would never able to do that ne, i mean make such a detail plans like that.

And even i did manage to make it, i am not sure i am gonna able to do it. After all things always went out from the schedule for me ne. And talking about schedule, look at this update from 『Shangri-la』 Special Website


from that site, they told us if they will send a DM for Janne Da Arc Official Fan Club about the ticket pre-order of 『Shangri-la』1st Season on April 6th with

【Entry Period for Acceptance】
2013年4月15日(月)13:00~4月21日(日)23:59 … and

【Transfer and Confirmation Period】
2013年4月26日(金)13:00~ 5月5日(日・祝)23:59

as i said before i am not gonna join this 『Shangri-la』 Live but, now everything seems have to change ne. I mean yes, i am so changeable but if this thing is the one supposed to change i believe it will be a BIG plan changing for me.

yes, it is BIG ne, because if i go to Japan this year, i am not gonna go alone. I am gonna be with Tekki Perry. I promise her that, and also did think about to visit Hokkaido.

Then i dunno why last night i Goolgle_d about VAMPS Live 2013 schedule and it took me in this Universal Music Site with this awesome photo of HYDE and KAZ


and stucked on theLive 2013 schedule part , then …


i clicked on Acid Black Cherry Live schedule on the Official Website,  …


then again Voilà …!!!

HYDE, yasu, Masumi Hayashi, Hokkaido and Hakodate just all over me ..

yasu    :   eh, me  ..?
noi       :   ups sorry, i mean
yasu Hayashi then Masumi Hayami
yasu    :   calm and focus noi_chan, focus …
noi       :   i can’t, this is so hard to be calm with ne ..

Masumi Hayami, the awesome male character on Garasu no Kamen manga by Suzue Miuchi. I read that manga since i was a little girl together with Aoyama Gosho‘s Meitantei Conan.

well then  ….


HYDE, yasu, Masumi Hayami, … beautiful man with a beautiful soul,

then add Hakodate, Hokkaido as the setting, that would be perfect for my next September ne and then yes,

September Ceria (from an old Indonesian song means : A Cheerful September) is comin for me and Tekki Perry … !!!

but this plan is not gonna be easy ne, i mean Acid Black Cherry Live on September 13th, and then VAMPS Live on September 22nd, there will be 8 or 7 days between it ne, waw it’s one week? OMG what i am supposed to do there ne, one week in Japan. I am sure i’ll be death for my bizzare homesick.

and not only that, i also have to take a day off at least 2 weeks from office ne, nah that’s the hard part. I have no idea if they will allow me to do that. So yes, it is not gonna be easy so let’s just wait and see ne ..

am i gonna say Hola or Bai Bai to September Ceria …

next is let’s go to The Official Blog . because again and again, this time they did it different ne. Btw how many time i said that this time and different words btw? do i have to change the title of this post as Different Post? …

What is the different on The Official Blog, i am sure you all know. There is yasu便り with 【yasu便り】 instead of 【Team Acid Black Cherryより】 like how they usually post  Even with some simple post like this so there’s no way for me to use Google translation?

I say, Whoaaa   that’s brilliant idea …  .


「Komento Arigato」 … and then


「Chanto yon deru yo」,
I have read properly … and then this

【TEAM ABCの皆さんにお会いしたらどんなことをしたいですか?】 … post

… eeh, that’s confusing ne, what that H, but i am sure that’s not HIJ, …xD

What kind of thing would you like to do when you meet TEAM ABC? …  kind of thing that i want to do? i say nothing but singing …

then i wonder when did the last time i add a comment on The Official Blog because now what i do is only read it properly (yes i did that ne, not just look at yasu’s photo there like how i use to do) then click the Facebook Like button. Even without him post that 2 photos above i always think he is reading all or maybe some comments posted there.

Recently my time on Ameblo is only for update my blog, read The Official Blog then Yukiko’s Blog, yes it always fun to read, make me happy and added some terms on my Dorama Dictionary of course.

maybe yes, i am a bad fangirl who don’t add a comment or even give a peta for them …  wekekekeke …


noi        :     ask me why ya_san …
yasu     :     then why …?
noi        :     i am just being ..
yasu     :     lazy …?
noi        :     OMG waaa …

yesterday, Mr. Ardiyanto from The Post Office sent me a text message tellin me if there’s a package for me from Japan. I wonder that must be my L’arc DVD or maybe my FanClub magazine. I’ll get that tomorrow …

i am so curious about the FanClub magazine ne you know because of the Acid Black Cherry Story manga with it. As i always say ne, i am the last FanClub member who received that magazine. My friends who already received their FanClub magazine said it’s quite different from the last one with 8 pages of Acid Black Cherry Story.

I also read if the manga started with the hiatus of Janne and then followed with the idea of made a solo band Acid Black Cherry, then not only that, i also i find this on Google btw, some little piece of the manga.

with some comment of yasu sayin : I think had drawn as cartoon is more easy to understand” .

He also said somethin else about 2 page then 4 pages that i don’t even understand. but look at that cartoon ne, that hairstyle, hat and the glasses is really brings memories back, but i can’t remember when/where did i can find him with those outfit like that …

yes, i forget, and if i am starting to type i forget, forgot over and over, that means i have to close this post ne, But before i close this Sunday Post (waw, sounds like a newspaper ne …xD)  let’s watch this

an ABC lessons from yasu sensei …..

i think this MC 3 is the most hillarious part form all the MCs on this [2012] Live DVD ne, that’s why when someone asked me why did you put this MC 3 on as the last video on your YouTube? instead of tell them what the reason is, i told them my reason is

I want to keep the cherry for the last ne ….

The Cherry, yes The Cherry for yasu‘s lessons about the essence of ABC itself ne with a great advice for the twenties to use condoms when making love with a very make sense reason.

Eh God, this man is really brilliant ne.

I mean i never think to put a line between using condoms with greet each other. That’s brilliant thoughts, isn’t it? but i think i failed in this ABC lesson after this part …

reall?  he doesn’t like one who tell lies? while here i am the liar. even not the pretty little one, but i always tell a lie to my mom about a lot of things … OMG OMG

so i think that’s make me officially failed from that ABC lessons with sensei yasu. I think i am gonna back to Hogwarts next semester ne, But if Hogwarts also doesn’t like one who tell lies …

then what about me, where should i go  …..?

yasu    :    nobody like lies ne, I am sorry you’re failed …
noi       :    but, my lies are gentle ne …
yasu    :    it still a lie ne …
noi       :    then what should i do …?
yasu    :    go back again next year ..
noi       :    eeehh …



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