Bestday Post : Terima Kashii …. (Another me, yasu and HYDE)

look what finally arrived,  I’d say all of these as my tanjoubi present ne…!!!


~ my L’arc DVD ne,

finally it came to me. And it came in a such perfect day. this DVD is my tanjoubi present , from who? from Tekki of course, because she is the one who bought it and also paid the custom tax. And now she is on the real stage of Okane Ganai

yes, it is the Honolulu version ne, I choose to buy that because of the Audio CD, you know all of them (flower, Pieces and Kasou) are my fave L’arc songs ne. and take a look at this ne …


They put MAHALO on the Audio CD‘s cover. MAHALO from Hawaiian language means thank you. That remind me to the boy on Acid Black Cherry :  Mirai Yosozu‘s PV, Sando Tatsuya_kun,


Kazuki Ono_san, is the actor who played Sando Tatsuya_kun. nah if you ever Google_d, then get lost and dumped into his Ameblo —–>  , i am sure you will fine some interesting about his way to post there ne.

He always start the blog post with ALOHA and then ended it with MAHALO.

At the first time, i think MAHALO is for bai bai because he (Kazuki Ono_san_san, not yasu) put it at the end of the post, like i always put owari on my blog posts. but then i remember Lilo (the cartoon) say that MAHALO and it means thank you

then this stunning image of HYDE, my King HYDE


~ my Fan Club magazine,


yes, this Vol. 54 is quite different from the previous one. It is bigger with bigger photos inside and on the backside …

OMG OMG, i can’t believe they actually put that username and password like that, in English ne. Because all this time i thought the password and username only distributed via mail or email to each members. But this time, the also put that on the FC magazine.

Yes, it is normal the because magazine is a FC magazine, but then i wonder if maybe they (the staffs who deal with this FC magazine) have no idea if other fans who are not a FC member also can buy this FC magazine on auctions ne. I see there’s many people sell this FC magazine there.

so yes, that’s a bit weird i think …

this volume is full of lIve reports from the last Erect Live with some lyrics of so … Good Night Christmas (or new year’s …?) version lyrics when they were in Osaka and Nagoya (if i am not mistaken), then 69 Live with some cute photos of the almost broomance yasu and DAIGO.


not only that, there’s also DAMIJAW Live report and last but not least is kiyo‘s marathon in Hawaii … #waaa, OMG he joined a marathon in Hawaii? waw that’s awesome.

eeehhh suddenly Hawaii is on the air tonight eh, L’arc Live DVD – Honolulu Audio version, ALOHA and MAHALO. on Kazuki Ono_san‘s Ameblo and then kiyo’s Hawaii Marathon, that’s soo …

Hawaii, Waikiki, Kawaiii  like this image below …


that’s perfect for the group cover photo, isn’t it?. You know the team_yasu group on Facebook. Talking about team_yasu there ne, that group already reach 1,957 members ne. Add another 43 members then it would be 2,000 members,

It’s millenium … #whoaaa ..


noi      :    now i wonder what i am gonna do/post when it reach 2,000 members ...hmm …. *thinking*
yasu   :    what, you are gonna post another whoaaa again?
noi      :    eeeh , i didn’t say that ne

you already see my stuffs arrived, now look who is comin back to me …

~~ my cat, MULYONO … !!!,

yes, his name is MULYONO,  from Javanese language means noble, glorious.

But the fact he is not that noble or glorious ne, he is a bit wild. He always go anywhere like an independent (or you may say wild?)cat. And today after almost one week’s gone. He suddenly back with some scars next to his left ear.

i think he also add some more weight, because when i tried to carry him. My hand, it feel hurt ne. OMG now i can’t even carry my cat …? That’s why i just took one of his leg and dragged him go inside with me.

back to the topic, nah topic of today is …

Terima Kashii …

actually it supposed to be Terima Kasih (means : Thank You), but i dunno why i’d like to say it that way Terima Kashii , instead of Terima Kasih. Just like what HYDE said after finish Good Luck My Way Live in Jakarta. If you already have all the Audio CD from Hongkong to Honolulu i am sure you already hear it,

HYDE’s sexy way to say Terima Kashii ..

Actually i heard/noticed about that sexy way to say Terima Kashii is from Yukiko. On one of her blog post, she put that Terima Kashii as the title. At the first time, it was a bit surprised me, but then when i tried to say that, i realized … OMG it sounds more sexy ne, and then HYDE say it in a million more sexy way on last year’s Live in Jakarta ..

yes, Terima Kashii …

that’s something that i said a lot today to all who said Happy Birthday to me. At office, social networks, bank even on my bus ride in the morning. And thanks to my boss, i missed the Birthday prank this morning because i spent my whole today at bank, dealing some payment stuffs with him.

Actually that kind of Birthday prank is not my division at all (read : if i am in some division). I think i am too old to get something like that, for example when someone flushed me with a bucket full of water. Well that’s not funny eh, it’s never funny. I almost got that on my last year’s birthday but not this year ne…

Terima Kashii, again …

for all the birthday wish for me today and when someone who posted this on my Facebook wall,  …

that image is posted by Chibby Cherry (she is the admin on ABC group in Columbia) just blown me away ne, i mean OMG ahaha i dunno what to say but enjoy this blown away moment from her …

and of course i also like to say Terima Kashii to 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 for the lovely post even i haven’t read yet the last post but as always the lovely images of yasu always make me happy

in this 愛のキメ写真お願いしてもいいですか? post where this 愛のキメ写真

just turned into this photo of a shy guy …  ?

and this more mind blowing ABC宅配便 post

he read that female magazine, that’s CanCam magazine right? that photo above is my fave ne and then read all the comments. So they printed out all the comments ne …..

then answer this  「曲づくりは順調ですか?」 「Is the song making going well ?」 with …

i say Whoaaaa ….. !!!!

for that answer, that’s why my next is of course the never ending

Terima Kashii for The Mind Blowing Man, himself …

noi        :    sounds sexy ne and let me tell you how to call a taxi in a sexy way …
yasu     :    how ..?
noi        :    tekshi and how to call you in a sexy way  …
yasu     :    is …
noi        :    yashii ….
yasu     :    go away …!!!

If i have to make a resolution, that’s what a normal people do on their birthday ne. My resolution this year is i wanna be more wise.

I mean as i mention before how my mouth is a bit dreadful, full of scary things that i will say to others when something went wrong. Last week i heard one of my office mate tellin me about my other office mate. She told me how scared she was when she made one mistake. She said :

OMG, what should i do if she (read : me) find out about this, what should i say to her? because the last time i made mistake like this she was mad at me … etc etc

at that time i was like OMG am i that scary on her mind? maybe yes, i suppose. When people say your mouth is your tiger, believe me it is true ne. But in my case my mouth is tend to be my own Pandora Box. When it open, there’s so many bad things came out from it. And most of that bad things usually hurt other people around me.

That’s why i tend to say nothing, because by saying nothing it would prevent me to open the Pandora Box. But then Mr. Poirot told me something new and heaven, i have no idea about what is the last thing inside Pandora Box. He said

When all the bad things inside Pandora Box came out, there’s one small little thing left inside it. That thing is a hope. A little hope for us to change at least reduce all the bad things came from Pandora Box.

Dakara my hope is, even just a little bit, i wanna be more wise, simple, less selfish and also maybe

a birthday text message from him …?

yasu    :   who …?
noi       :   you know who, he has my number anyway
yasu    :   forget it
noi       :    no, i’ll wait until after midnight
yasu    :    it is already after midnight, so go home Cinderella, The Party is Over …




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