Tuesday Post : The re_New_ed me ….? (Another me, yasu and Ken, The Pom Pom)


i started today by stuck inside bus with 2 goats, …

and when  i open my Facebook, i saw somebody uploaded this on YouTube ….

Ken, The Pom Pom ….!!!!

that’s my fave part from L’arc DVD ne, and he really enjoy himself dancing like that, and also how HYDE laugh at the corner like that….? that’s epic. I watched this DVD only once, and i replay that part over and over. Well i better watch this DVD again ne …

and on the MC part, unlike yasu whom i can hear what he said exactly even i didn’t understand what did he was sayin on his MC, HYDE is different. I can’t hear clearly what HYDE said. He spoke not that loud, he became so yasashii during the MC talk.

Maybe this is because all this time i never pay attention for the MC part from all my L’arc DVDs. I said to myself : i am not gonna understand what they said anyway,  And when i get what he said after pay attention more, i got whoaaaa … !!! _ed by him sayin :

Leader, onegaishimassu …!!!


But now is different ne. Right now i enjoy my efforts of tryin to get/understand what all of them (HYDE and yasu) said. I said i am changeable right? nah this time that’s the change   …

instead of busy scanning or share my Google result for yasu‘s images, (even yes, i am still do that yasu‘s image scanning and searching all over the net), but now i am enjoying this jolly busy with tryin to get what he said.

It feels like i or you may say my fangirling got re_new_ed just like how my FC membership get an annual renewal every year …

i’d say it was like somebody re_introduced me to that mind blowing man, and enjoyed every words he said and how he was sayin it. I mean the way he said some certain words or sentences and i understand what he said,

OMG this is so thrillin, eh he he he he …

so right now what i am doing everyday is re_watching again all the videos of yasu that i have while reading all translations from the muggle., OK now let’s go to the Official Blog


they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) say it as the summary post, sum of all the previous post with yasu and his handwriting on paper  :


where he said thank your for the comments posted on the Official Blog



then he said he read the comments properly …


i’d say :  really?

i mean is he really have time to do that? in my mind i do think he always busy ne, but maybe he he is busy but still able to do that, OMG that’s awesome …

3日目【TEAM ABCの皆さんにお会いしたらどんなことをしたいですか?】

then this fubar (or horny …?) handwriting,  He should write it again in a new paper ne …

added with some question like : that words, it says what? …


and the answer is

「H」のあとに「愛(i)」がありましたね(笑) —–>  it was 「愛(i)」after 「H」 …

so it turned to be …

H な 愛 すLEひ♡ ….? eeehhh …..


yasu    :    you still didn’t get it right …. ? *laugh*
noi       :    that’s confusing …
yasu    :    think noi_chan, think …

5日目【ABC宅配便】 – Day 5 【ABC Delivery Service】

he is reading the printed out comments …..

and then answer this 「曲づくりは順調ですか?」 「Is the song making going well ?」 question with …


they asked yasu to write what’s on his heart in one character and he wrote this …


病/Yamai/sickness …?

eeeh what happen ….? ,

that’s what i said when i saw that, while …  ah you know the fangirl dramatic action of getting worried about her idol, then i think again, that’s not gonna be that simple like yasu is sick and then he wrote that so everyone will know  …. etc etc ….

no way …. !!!!


the post closed with they wrote how all the comments from his fans is very important for yasu himself, it became such a medicine for 病/Yamai/sickness character he wrote.

Well the point is : yasu is not sick, litterally ….

and next is …

ABCDictionary #003『Favorite』

『ABCDictionary #003』 is [F]Favorite  名詞
yasuさんの好きなもの[yasu’s favourite thing]

it is game,

as you all know how he love to play game ne,  he is a Monster Hunter lover. And also, how one song from Black List album – DRAGON CARNIVAL was made imagined from that game.

He also love Devil May Cry, an action game where the hero Dante beats an enemy (evil spirit)  using various arms and firearms. He even made a song imagined from this game, Devil May Cry

but what song?

they didn’t gave us the anwer ne, because they said they will post the answer on next as 『ABCDictionary #003 完全版』 on April 17th at 21:00 JST, it’s tonight, with only this whatsoever thing as a clue …

仮タイトル「デビル」=正式タイトル「 ? 」
仮タイトル「メイ」=正式タイトル「 ? 」
仮タイトル「クライ」=正式タイトル「 ? 」

i’d say : Bloody Hell, is that Murder License ….?

OK, i’ll listen to Q.E.D and 2012 album while waiting ne, and btw that F on 『ABCDictionary #003』 is for Favorite? that’s kinda surprised me ne, because

i thought that F is for F *** ….!!!!! ajajaja *got slapped*

yasu   :    that F*** ….?
noi      :    maybe …
yasu   :    why …?
noi      :    nah, you tell me why …



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