PinkPost : Well done Rain, you ruined my new Shoes … (Another me, yasu and MEGATRON)

Rain please, don’t fall today because i am on my new Pink shoes …. !!!

that’s what i say every morning since last weekend, after i get stuck in the middle of Orange or Pink shoes to choose at the Shoes Dept. inside some mall i went with Tekki Perry. I can’t buy both like how i used to be.

There’s a vacation for 2 i have to prepare from now on, so no budget for double shoes again, Then after ask this to myself :

Pink is Tetsuya,  but Orange is who …?


yasu    :    who ….?
noi       :    not you
yasu    :    then who?
noi       :    i dunno …

finally i choose the Pink one, Tetsuya, Leader_sama‘s color, and now that shoes already look like hell. I only wear it for 3 days, but it’s already like that? OMG how am i supposed to say to Leader_sama? …

ah i’ll think about that,

but recently i just read some article about how important is for a woman to make her shoes look always new everyday. That’s what a sophisticated woman do. The article also said if there’s nothing should rush you, not even works or some meetings, they all can wait.  so there’s no reason for you to put your shoes in some puddle or mud because you are in the hurry …

but today my reason is rain and the bus who will never wait for me. At 18:00 PM, rain fallin and i had to run after my bus, so yes i am sorry it ruined my new Pink shoes.

it became less Pink now  …

now we better go to  Acid Black Cherry Official Blog to find out what is the answer of their (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ) on their previous ABCDictionary #003『Favorite』 post, Well they did post this ABCDictionary #003 完全版『Favorite』 post at 21:00 PM JST which is 19:00 in Bahama 221B.

and the answer is

仮タイトル「デビル」 =  正式タイトル「Murder Lisence」
仮タイトル「メイ」     =  正式タイトル「cord name 【JUSTICE】」
仮タイトル「クライ」  =  正式タイトル「ジグソー」

Temporary Title 「Devil」 = Formal Title 「Murder Lisence」
Temporary Title 「May」  = Formal Title 「cord name 【JUSTICE】」
Temporary Title 「Dark」 = Formal Title 「Jigsaw」

so i only got one answer right.  ….  aha ha ha ha ….


yasu      :     what kind of fangirl you are?
noi         :     Blimey, this can’t be right …
yasu      :     it is right, and you are failed again …
noi         :     i am sorry, …

i don’t even think about cord name 【JUSTICE】 ne, i even wrote SPELL MAGIC instead of Jigsaw, really?  for that SPELL MAGIC answer, well maybe this is because i think about that song a lot while watching Acid Black Cherry Story manga,

and look what i just finished tonight   …


that’s in English btw, and i did skipp the 1st page because i deleted it accidentally, …

and btw today is Yukiko‘s Birthday btw.  i can’t give nothing but a song. This is a song from Indonesian‘s band called JAMRUD. And this song is the most wanted song to play/sing on someone’s Birthday Party here.

I also sang this song today at office because today is also my office mate Wachidah Jo‘s birthday. Talking about Wachidah Jo, she got a pretty hard Birthday prank today, somebody just dumped her into that full of cement and mud hole, nah that’s a really hard  …

so Happy Birthday again to my both friend Yukiko, Wachidah Jo and all of you who migh have the same Birthday as them. Let’s enjoy this song together



here’s the lyrics in English ..

Happy Birthday

today is the day that you are waiting for
added one year, your age,  be happy always
what i give you is not a watch and ring
not a bucket of flower, poem or heart necklace

sorry is not that i be stingy, or do not want to spend
that i wanted to give you is my decent pray/wish

May God always protect you, and hopefully you
May achieve all your future goals,
a long life and healthy forever …

Happy Birthday, Selamat Ulang Tahun and お誕生日おめでとうございます


i gotta go now, because  Miss Fisher’s Murder Myteries DVD is waiting for me. This is an Australian telly series with The Honourable Phryne Fisher as a Detective Lady.

I started to watch this series after i ran out of DVD to watch after i finished my MARPLE DVD. I got this DVD las week and i love it. I love the character of Miss Fisher herself, and of course the costume ne especially this when she arrived at Merlbourne

look at her hat … so cute ne ..

so now i shall leave you with MEGATRON ne and imagine how BIG is MEGATRON‘s foot. It’is bigger than an elephant’s foot ne. Oh God, i know this post seems very FUBAR, and you all think i must be so fucked up and went crazy like this.

But after you get that stuffs you will understand what i mean, and …..

yes, i mean it but that MEGATRON’s stuff is 100% joke ….


yasu      :     and that joke is not funny …
noi         :     really …?
yasu      :     yes, you should get another smaller  …
noi         :     smaller than MEGATRON? i’ll think about that




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