Haiaaa … Post : Adiós, 『Shangri-la』 ….!!! (Another me, yasu, Benni and Tony)

from a very short post on the Official Blog today


omo, that’s a really short post ne. See i even can do that ne, moving the post here  … ha ha ha … *laugh*.

So they said about the second phase information『Shangri-la』 project is scheduled for Friday, April 26 at 18:00 JST.

nah, talking about 『Shangri-la』 1st Season, i did skipp this 1st Season. Because the entry period of acceptance for 『Shangri-la』 1st Season is  2013年4月15日(月)13:00~4月21日(日)23:59 and today is 4月22日, so ….

yes,  Adiós is what i’d say to 『Shangri-la』 1st Season and my September Ceria with Tekki Perry. I knew that would happen if i make some plan, it will ended like that. Now i have no idea what i am supposed to say to Tekki, when she ask :

so Boo, when will we go to Japan …?

yasu    :   when ……?
noi       :   chotto ne, i’ll ask to the wind blows …
yasu    :   eeeh ….
noi       :   ah, the wind didn’t say anything ne ..
yasu    :   but ..

i think from now on, i am not gonna make such a detail plan again, just following whatever flowing in my life ne, just like that. At least, that will not ended with me disappointed like now with no one to blame but my self and the wrong timing.

But at least Tekki never failed to plan something, she already make plans for our weekends, This weekend …

~   is for Tony ..


The premier date for Indonesia is on April 25th, which is next Thursday, so Sunday April 28th is a perfect day to enjoy the dandy and brilliant Tony Stark and whatever he will do so yes, i can’t wait for this, what this brilliant industrialist Tony Stark will do ne, … ?

btw i watch again The Avengers last night again, and then i found this scene is very scenegasm. You know when Dr. Banner arrived last, and all they need now is him to be angry

then i get if even i do have some anger management problem, still i am not that Hulk enough ne. Because there’s a different between me and Bruce Banner. The difference is when he said I’am always angry,

i’d say i am always hungry  …..  aha aha aha ha ha ha …


yasu      :    is that make you happy?
noi         :    indeed, it is. So do you think i should join The Hunger Games?
yasu      :    no don’t, you will loose anyway ..
noi         :    really?

i also read about IRON MAN 3 in 4D. OMG can you imagine that,  in 4D, with a smoke effect … etc etc ?. When i posted how i wondering about IRON MAN 3 in 4D in Japan on my Facebook status, i got a nice and very funny reply from one of my friend on Facebook. He said

if there is an explosion, you also will explode …

nah, that’s a very nice and  funny answer ne. I dunno if i have one friend with a nice sense of humor like him on my Facebook Friend List. I don’t talk to him much ne, maybe because i don’t talk a lot about movies again there on Facebook and kicked myself out from one movies community i joined a long time ago ..


so for this RDJ i’ll make sure i am not gonna fall asleep in cinema for this. Because if i do that, i am sleeping in the cinema with Tony Stark on the screen saving the world? that’s not a good idea ne,

and then the worst part is if maybe i would sleep more than 10 minutes, you know it will end with me wake up and get nothing about the movie? Oh God, what a shame on me if that’s really happen.

ah ya, talking about sleeping and since i am Nemuri Hime, let’s have a little talk about sleeping ..


yasu     :     what about Wonder Woman …
noi        :     she is takin days off ne, and i am just following where the wind blows btw
yasu     :     OK, but don’t say i am the Prince Charming ..
noi        :     omo ya_san, how did you know i am gonna say that ?
yasu     :     i know ..

OK, i repeat, since i am Nemuri Hime, let’s have a little talk about sleeping. I did say ne, if my fave comfy place to sleep (short one, not the all night long sleep) is inside theater  while the movie’s playin and a bus moving. And then the best part of it is the after sleeping. So when you wake up and

~     if you are sleeping in theater, you still able to follow the story of the movie you watch till the end or
~     if you are sleeping inside bus, you know where you are now and not missing your stop …

nah that means your brain and your self is still on a Ready, Steady Go …!!! phase, nah see how  sugoooiii is that?

you should try that, ne go find how Ready, Steady Go …!!! are you brain and your self


~     Next month weekend is for my future brother in law, Benni

so for my darling Tekki Perry, i am gonna join Indonesian Star Trek Community to watch this movie together in IMAX theater next May 19th in Jakarta.

Tekki , who will do anything for Benni already arranged everything from bus, schedule, tickets, luncheon plan with adrio_nevralka after the party and also a costume for both of us.

they ( read : the Star Trek community, not 【Team Acid Black Cherry】) ask us to wear anything with Star Trek logo on it, because there will be some after party and cosplay after the movie.

Can you imagine that ne, me who proclaimed myself as a private fangirl and not involved too much with some gathering activity now have to do that for Benni

no only that, i also start to think about writing a letter for Benni, OMG i think Tekki Perry is already brainwashed me with him ne. see i don’t even join the Live Screening of Acid Black Cherry last month in Jakarta ne, but then eventually i will do that kind of stuffs for Benni.

Then what am i supposed to do on the after party and cosplay? because until now i still don’t get what is the point of watching cosplay festival. It is not the same thing with you watch a fashion show ne?

i’ll think about that ne, but look what The BIG Brother Mycroft tweet today ..


aha aha, OK  ….

back to 『Shangri-la』 1st Season i’d say Adiós because until the last day for acceptance, i can’t talk to my sachou about my plan this year. Somehow i feel it was like there’s no spot for me in his mind right now, maybe until at least for next 2 months.

I get that ne, because i know his mind full with the upcoming baby next few weeks and his dearest Osaka son’s graduation day

that’s fine, because i’ll catch the next season then, or at least the season with Tokyo on it. And i better forget about Hokkaido and Masumi Hayami. i’ll just wait for my turn to come and there’s some spot for me on his mind (read : my sachou, not yasu)  …

so what do i missed ne,

~   Re-Birth  as CM song for SUZUKI SWIFT Taiwan

~ then  another 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 post, this yasu便り アンコール便 (日帰り) post?

yasu便り アンコール便 (日帰り)
「yasu’s letter encore service (day trip)」


「Medicine from everyone」


「It came as suddenness」


「It is different」


元気でた ♥ yasu
「and i am fine ♥ yasu」

i love this yasu便り アンコール便 (日帰り) post btw, i mean for me it is always thrilling to find out what the hell is yasu‘s wrote ne, and i feel they (read : 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 ) kinda put that last image with half yasu‘s smiling face as a bonus for me to get what yasu wrote there.

nah, that’s a nice bonus ne 【Team Acid Black Cherry】

this midnight  is the last night for me to be on line ne, because i forgot to pay my net and my cable bills. Nah i think they will disconnect me tomorrow maybe so i better finish this post in a hurry with this


i just finished the 1st MC and you can see it here : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4740848681436

there’s 3 videos part ne, and too bad what i have for the last video is not the good one. There is delay between the video and sounds. The sound is about half minute faster than the video. Maybe that’s because i did something wrong with that video file ne, so it became like that. So now i think i will find another place to download it

and the funny thing is when i upload that on my YouTube, it blocked world wide ne. and it feels like i am join Loki to destroy the universe, then The Avengers catch me and i can’t say anything but a long …


Haiaaaaa …….. *crazy.com*

I was like OMG, really? i mean it was fine when i uploaded [2012] live MC, but not fine for this Free Live 2011? Well OK then, i still can put that on my Facebook anyway …

i think i started to love doing this ne, and find things that i don’t get on my early days as a fangirl, and more things he say. But then one of my friend said if what i do now is useless.

He said this whatever i do with all my videos with yasu‘s talking will never improve my Japanese. It would like me who is tryin to fill a bottle with water using a bucket. It’s impossible, that’s what he said ..

then you all know what i said to him?

i said nothing is impossible, it is hard to do yes, but not impossible. OK if you said i am tryin to fill a bottle with water using a bucket, but at least among all waters that spilled around the bottle, some of them may fall inside the bottle ne.

Nah that’s sure possible, and then suddenly  …

my fangirl – idol relationship with yasu feels like a bucket full of water with an empty bottle and whatever they may do 


yasu     :     i am what, a bottle?  …
noi        :     no, i am the bottle, you are the bucket
yasu     :     full of water  ..?
noi        :     yes …
yasu     :     ah, what this all about ?







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