ドキドキ Post : 『Shangri-la』 Project Season 2, Horaaa …!!! (Another me, yasu and Miss Potts)

after all the various ドキドキ, ワクワク,ハラハラ, ヤキモキ attacks , …


finally we can see the 4月26日 announcement of 『Shangri-la』 Project Season 2. Actually i kinda into this 2nd season after skipped the 1st season for whatever reason,

but after i see the list ….

Aichi   Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall
Doors Open : 17:30 /Curtain : 18:30

Mie   Mie Prefectural Cultural Center Main Hall
Doors Open : 17:30 /Curtain : 18:30

Gifu   Nagaragawa Convention Center Main Hall
Doors Open : 17:30 /Curtain : 18:30

Shizuoka   Fuji City Cultural Center Rose Theater Main Hall
Doors Open : 17:30 /Curtain : 18:30

Yamanashi   Korani Culture Hall (Yamanashi Prefectural Culture Hall)
Doors Open : 17:30 /Curtain : 18:30

Fukui   City Cultural Center
Doors Open : 17:30 /Curtain : 18:30

Nagano   Hokuto Bunka Hall
Doors Open : 18:00 /Curtain : 18:30

Niigata   Prefectural Civic Centre
Doors Open : 17:30 /Curtain : 18:30

Ishikawa  Forest Hall of Honda
Doors Open : 17:30 /Curtain : 18:30

Toyama   High Frequency Culture Hall (Shinminato Central Cultural Center)
Doors Open : 17:30 /Curtain : 18:30

Ticket price (tax included) : ¥ 7,500  (with specified standing performance for Nagano)

nah, see what i see?

it’s impossible again for me to join this season because of those cities on the list above. I mean i can’t go to Mie, Niigata, Ishikawa … etc etc because i know nothing about those cities.  Considering the last time i went to Japan, it took me forever to go to Yoyogi National Gymnasium from my hotel in Shibuya.

then I wonder what if i get lost? …

noi      :     or what if somebody kidnap me …?
yasu   :     ah stop it,
noi      :     my blood type ya_san, is A ne, it’s vulnerable being kidnapped
yasu   :     but not you, you eat a lot . . …
noi      :    
heee …
yasu   :     so nobody want to kidnap you
. Am i clear ..?
noi     :      clear, as a bell

so i think i’ll wait for the next season. From the whole 5 seasons, there’s still 3 seasons left anyway. That’s why i said to Dottie : We will go there Dot, no matter what season. Maybe i’ll join season 3, 4 or 5 who knows.

Nobody knows, I dunno and so does yasu.

OMG look at him, yasu he looks gorgeous isn’t he?

and btw this is something that i want to ask since i got my 『Recreation 3』 Album. Ha ha yeah, this is very silly question ne. Since it’s a silly question i didn’t ask this to Christine or Steffie who was at Yoyogi together with me.

The question is :

Am i the only one who’s tryin to find myself on this 「1/3の純情な感情」 PV ?

i dunno why did i do that ne, so when i received my copy on 『Recreation 3』 Album i spent my after lunch at office do nothing, but look at that PV carefully while wondering and hope if maybe, i said maybe i can see myself there….

what textbook narcissism of me ne, or you may say as a fool, but that’s what i did. Not only that, i also tried to find my other-self on the L’arc World Tour DVD – Jakarta Pamphlet. Who knows ne i can see my self captured there together with all the audience.

Deeeemmoooo …..


yasu     :     did you see yourself on the PV?
noi        :     no
yasu     :     on the phamplet?
noi        :     no
yasu     :     poor noi_chan, i don’t know what to say but … ha ha ha … *laugh*

ah forget about that ne,

and let’s check 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 with their previous あと2日! post. They asked us to play figure out what is inside yasu‘s head/mind. Just like what’s written there



named as
yasuさん and telepathy

what is something you want to eat now?


after 5 seconds ..


Okonomiyaki ..

mind reading game, telepathy? ha ha OK 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 , that’s quite interesting ne. And then i bet when he (read :yasu) wrote that, he is hungry ….?

noi        :     you’re hungry, weren’t you
yasu     :     do you think so?
noi        :     i think so ..
yasu     :     because you are always hungry?
noi        :     ha ha ha yeah …

today is really slow eh, the clock seems stay on 12:40 PM and doesn’t move. What a hot Saturday noon here. With nothing to do, now i only wait for 16:00 PM to come so i can run away from office and can’t wait for tomorrow lovely Sunday with Dottie. We will watch IRON MAN 3 ne, and do other fun stuffs like

~  cut my hair like HYDE

that’s the real forever young HYDE, it seems like even time can do nothing to him ne. He is still perfect like that. Aaaannnd i love the bang so much ne, hope that kind of bang can work for my hair … *cross fingers*

~  Find that orange shoes and brown bag that i left there 2 weeks ago

i hope they will still there, nobody buy them yet …

~  Find a new phone for Her Majesty The Drama Queen

this is my promise and i haven’t get a chance to buy that for her. I think this week is the perfect time to buy that, because next May 2nd is Her Majesty The Drama Queen (read : my mother)‘s birthday.

A new phone as a birthday gift, that would be perfect.

even i know exactly what she is gonna say to me : Boo, if you just give me the money that would be better. Yes, money and money. Like mother like daughter, she loves money just like me. Money makes her smile ..

Even sometimes she is a bit dramatic about that. Like when she is run out of money, she never ask me directly like : Boo, i don’t have any money now … like that. I give her monthly to run the house.

But sometimes there’s another things to buy/pay. Then she always talk to me on our dinner start by mention all things she bought with the money i gave,  complete with the price plus how things are expensive recently rambling… etc etc and many more but not sayin there’s no money left now.

nah when she’s like that, i know she is run out of money now, and the next morning before i go to work i will give her the money and she will smile, wavin at me while sayin : Take care Boo ...

see that’s Her Majesty, sometimes i think hey, it’s so easy ne … xD

talking about IRON MAN 3 again ne, here in my country there’s a bit euphoria of IRON MAN 3 and one of national telly station have a whole week full of Marvel Heroes. And last night was IRON MAN 2 after the previos night is for IRON MAN. i spent 2 nights watch both of it, with one scene that kinda stuck in my head,

a scene with Miss Potts


Miss Viginia Pepper Potts, she was Tony Stark‘s personal secretary but recently she is the CEO of Stark Enterprise, and also the future Mrs. Pepper Potts Stark. I love this couple ne, i hope there will be a wedding bell ringing on the next sequel of IRON MAN

the scene that i am talking about is when Miss Potts almost caught in the act by Tony‘s wicked uncle Obadiah Stane when she was on her way of downloading all the hidden contracts/project of Obadiah.

on that scene, i see how clever and fast is how Miss Pottss cover the downloading sign on Tony‘s computer with the wallpaper before Obadiah see it. She able to do that smoothly,

I wish  can do that ne, but i think i am not gonna able to do that ne, because i am too nervous.  Like when my boss was entering my office and i was doing this whatsoever i do with yasu‘s video,

I wanted to change this view on my PC’s screen so he can’t see it, but …


i was not that fast, so he still saw that and said : you’re so busy, moi …. what else i can say but : yes, he make me busy …. xD. What the hell, so i was cought on my act ne. I should learn a lot of things from Miss Potts ne.

And there you are i finished the 2nd MC for Free Live 2011


you can watch it in here :  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4762297777650

that’s not a perfect translation of course. I get lost in some parts, but i i am tellin you ne. I enjoyed a lot of being lost on whatsoever yasu may say. This thing get’s thrilling and fun to do ne. Hope you all enjoy it and there’s still 5 MC’s left and by the way busway ….

am i the last person who know if Jae Min is started to date now ?

OMG OMG then what about me, what should i do then  …

yasu       :     there’s nothing you should do ..
noi          :     but Jae Min, he is my golden ticket ne
yasu       :     to …?
noi          :     to moove on from
Mr. Friday
yasu       :     go away you fangirl, go get a real man OK




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