Mei Post : Come On, Come On …!!! (Another me, yasu and 『so … Good night 』 Christmas ver.)

Come on, Come on 【Team Acid Black Cherry】, post something …. !!!

that’s what i said on May 1st in the morning, because i kinda need something as a mood booster to start this May,

i said it would be a very good way to start this May (i thought it will be a pretty harsh May for me,) by lookin at some new pose of yasu from the Official Blog as a very good mood booster.

Yes, they did post this 5月ですね! post but then i was like  :

eeeeeeeehhhhhh, where the hell is yasuuuuuuu …..?

noi      :   where were you when they post that today?
yasu   :   hmmm …
noi      :   or maybe, i say maybe ne. They are run out of your pictures  …. whoo ho ho *dumped to Limbo*
yasu   :   as you say, maybe …

eventually it is yes, this May just start to be very hard for me

~  a new system applied start to this May

and make me a bit busy so whether i want it or not i have to leave some of my bit lazy activities that i always do every day like a short 15 minutes smooth nap on the cool mosque’s floor after my noon pray.

Since May 1st it became me sit in front of my PC, starring at it while my other left hand busy with calculator.

~  failed and feel so ashamed on my last presentation

i thought i already did my best, had all the answers/calculations for all the possible questions that they might ask to me, but hey, they didn’t ask any of it ne, none of it.

They did ask some questions very far beyond all my expectations. After they said no, the BIG NO to my proposal,

it felt like all of them just made a very nice conspiracy to put me in the gallows ….


yasu        :     gallows? ah no, they didn’t …
noi           :     too dramatic  …?
yasu        :     i think so ..
noi           :     then …

~  more and more pressure comin i became more mean to others

i don’t want to be mean, but that’s all i can do ne, because they said NO to me. I have to say the same NO to all of them. I know i should’ve say it in some polite and mean_less way. But their unwillingness to my NO made me had to say it in the mean way.

Oh God, here is am as the bitch again  …

i wish i can do something to fix it because i know it is always impossible to pull back all mean things i did/said to others recently. At least i want to make it a less_mean of me

so what should i do now? i have no idea. But all i know is now i have to write things, anything here. Because as always writing makes me feel better. So allow me to say sorry about this rambling post to all of you who accidentally read this blog or just get lost and ended here.

because yes, i ramble ne. I wish i can do that by post a status on Facebook or tweet something on my twitter, but somehow both of it just not me. i do ramblings by writing a bit long post about any fubar things as i want and insert some stuffs about yasu inside them. So what do i have about yasu on this post?

there you are …


all of you who is a member of this Acid Black Cherry Group on Facebook (which i prefer to say it as Team_yasu) already see my post about that ne, the post about 『so … Good night 』 Christmas version


as we all know on the last year’s Erect Live at Nagoya, it was on Christmas eve. That night, yasu changed the 2nd lyrics of 『so … Good night 』 became like this

今日は年に一度のクリスマス  名古屋で初めてのクリスマス
[Kyō wa nen ni ichido no kurisumasu Nagoya de hajimete no kurisumasu]

[Minna de sutekina yoru ni shimasen ka?]

[Kimi ga waratte kurerunara]

[Sore ga saiko no purezento]

[Nagoya no minna kyo wa arigato]

i read about someone who said  he repeated it again and changed it like this for the last


When i posted that on Team_yasu group, i didn’t manage to sing use that Cristmas ver. modification by yasu while listening to the song on my MP3.

Today, finally i managed to do that ….. yay !!!!

i know it is a simple thing ne but hey, i did told you how simple i am right? as magnolia, remember? (even with a bit of anger management problem) so indeed simple things can make me very happy.  On this May‘s not good situation of me, any happy thing is worthy.


i start to watch this Da Vinci’s Demon btw, and somehow i started to like that Lorenzo Medici (the man in the middle) character there. He is the head of Medici Bank in Florence. I enjoy watching how his character’s changing on every episode. Last night he said this :

When the situation become hard, it is very important to keep your mind ..

Then i was like : Oh yeah … he he he he …

so yes, things/situations is hard and difficult for me now and May has just been started, so there’s still another 25 days to go to June. I know what’s important for me now. I have to keep my mind, stay calm and try to be nice as much as i can because I don’t want when May over, my ability to be nice is also over …

Eh God, no that can be happen ….

so i think a very simple things that make me happy will help me to keep my mind. For example maybe a new post from 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 with some new photos of yasu there?

that would be delightful to me …


yasu       :     that’s not simple noi_chan …
noi          :     but i just wanna see you …
yasu       :     then say it
noi          :     what? C U when i C U
yasu       :     hee


PS  :   May, May, May, May … James May, he sould be born on May right?



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