Friday Post : ♥ it, ♥ it and always ♥ it … (Another me, yasu and The Effushiii …. xD)


look at my new banner アップアップアップ …  !!

ええええ .. と この


as my new Facebook Cover …!!!!

yes, that’s from the Effushii magazine btw, i scanned it with 600 dpi and then i crop exactly on that part, and there you are i got that beautiful image with a very beautiful shoulders there on top of my Facebook Page

and OMG that shoulders beautiful, isn’t it? i love all about yasu, but my fave part of him is always his shoulders ne. I think yasu‘s shoulders are the most beautiful shoulders i ever seen after Mr. Friday‘s.

i’ve seen it a long time ago when he was praying at mosque. Well actually, i also seen him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) when he was topless. I think it was when i was going to mosque to my night pray and he was just like that topless after do whatever he might do with his motorbike.

At that time it kinda ashamed me because it’s always not polite for a girl in her hijab to say :

OMG OMG yay, yay, yay , sekushiiii ….. kyaaa !!!

to a man who’s topless, even i really enjoyed to see him like that. because it only happen once, so that memories became more blurry on my mind right now. I think his (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) shoulders  was quite not different with this


eeehhhh he he he he ….

bear with me please, this is Friday …. xD  and not only that,  i also  remember he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) had his six pack ne, So yes, 5 years ago he was pretty sekushiiii ne . And now he is eeeeeee   …


yasu     :     what about him now?
noi        :     i dunno, i never see him and i hope i will never see him again
yasu     :     really …?
noi        :     yes, i promise you …

ah, sorry ne today is Friday so i am a bit loose control to talk about Mr. Friday . So let’s moooove to ….

ah ya post from 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 on the Official Blog. They updated at May 7th with this ゴールデンウィークも終わって。 [Golden Week is Over] post . Then they said the story is start today.

The story of what?, it is the story of

773898Beginning of Acid Black Cherry Live 773898

on May 7th 2007, Acid Black Cherry had their 1st Live at 「CLAPPER」, Osaka. The first day of the Secret Live House Tour which turns around 15 places across the country without a notification  entirely.

it was a performance in the form of not the one-man live but the opening actout of large number bands . The audience on that day was only two persons, and they actually didn’t know that Acid Black Cherry will come out.

yasu‘s MC was

Good evening everyone, we are Acid Black Cherry, …

Please learn and remember at least a logo and a name today! Acid Black Cherry, initial  ABC!  a name which is very easy to memorize!


see the first image at the left corner? that’s the live that 【Team Acid Black Cherry】 was talking about on that May 7th blog post. And you also may see the performances with fews audience Acid Black Cherry had on the Secret Live – Documentary Offshoot inside of Black List album w/ DVD type.

i love that Black List album w/ DVD type, especially because

~ they gave us 2 different angles of The Free Live @Yoyogi (all angle and yasu’s angle)
~ and you can see/listen Aishitenai song with a different lyrics from the official lyrics you use to hear nowadays

Okay, let’s talk about Effushii ….


go take a look at what Google gave me 2 nights ago.  This is the index page of the Official Mobile FC


look at that ne, the Mobile FC member got all of the suffs (if you know what i mean). See there’s complete member’s room, wallpaper and even movie,  really?

not only that, i also see this ne …

the 1st image if i wasn’t mistake is the wallpaper for this May 2013, and OMG they also got a birthday message from yasu? while only 1 new year’s card for the PC/non mobile FC members.

i wish i can join that mobile FC, but too bad it is only available in Japan only because it required some Japan‘s cellphone provider. So if i want to be like them i have to be in Japan and make a contract with a Japan‘s cellphone company. That’s what my pproxy told me

and If i compare to this the PC/non mobile FC members site …


that’s a huge difference ne, for me that site is kinda like an abandoned spaceship for something called FC website, because there’s only links for members to check for the tocket’s lottery result to find out whether they got the ticket or not and some other very old not updated again stuffs.

then i realized why there’s difference between mobile FC and PC/non mobile FC members, it should be different ne because they (the mobile FC) pay it differently. I think they pay (added to their phone bills maybe) it every time they open or download some stuffs from the mobile FC site not only 5,000 yen for a year membership

that’s why i always ask and tell people/fans outside Japan who ask me about FC membership this question  :  what is your real purpose to join the FC …?

~  if you want to join just because you only want to get the magazine, i think you better think about that, but …
~  if you want to join because you think maybe one day you will go and watch one of Janne members Live on stage, then i will say :
go, sign yourself as a FC member.
so you can join the ticket’s lottery which will make you more easy into the battle of getting a ticket for their Live concert.

i think maybe that 6,000 yen for the first sing up and then another 5,000 yen annually is still a bit expensive to spent for some fans, they might choose to support their fave artis by buying their CD singels or album rather than for a  FanClub membership.

and also you always can ask to Google to find that kind of stuffs ne, maybe there’s some members who is really kind to share their stuffs via their social networks ne, and things like that is something that i always appreciate.

Today is Friday ne, ah don’t worry, i am not gonna talk about Mr. Friday again.

This Friday is a very long Friday for me. I didn’t get my weekly nap at Friday noon like always, instead of a nice nap what i get is another me who had to squeeze my brain (read : think) over and over. I hate that

the only think – things i love to do  is just when i make a ting – ting sounds use a bowl and spoon on my kitchen table waiting for my mom cook a dinner for me while sayin :

Hurry ma, i am starving now  …. !!!

But this Friday afternoon during my squeezing brain activity i finished one of this video belows


PS   :    click on the image to go to the video link,

i dunno why now LJ refused to embed a video from Facebook. It used to be worked ne, i did that a long time ago for some of my video from Facebook.


again and again,

that’s not a perfect translation ne. I am still on my study, i get lost a lot in some parts and i don’t even get what the hell he (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) was sayin but i do hope you can enjoy this exciting feeling that i get and will get again by doin this


After all yasu is a really mind blowing man,

so would you like to be blown away by him together with me? i wish i can hear you all say yes …. ♥♥ xD

OK, i am gonna close this post about how evil i am today.

I did another terrible things again by put someone in a corner wthout gave him any chance to explain. Things went not OK, and there was mistakes, and i kinda force him to say : yes, the fault is mine … etc etc …

with a bit high tone like that, i think i failed again to control myself again. Eventually i am still having this anger management problem inside me. Slowly it turned me to be a very not kind person to others now, everyone will hate me eventually  …

I think i have to start my Monday and Thursday fasting activity again ne. I stop it after my accident.  i gotta do something before it is too late. I don’t want me ended like him, a man who can’t control his anger and get mad whenever anything went wrong or out of control,

Geez, that’s too scary to imagine ne, me as a female version of HULK? OMG that can’t be happen ne, even yes i love Bruce Banner and his science bro he has with Tony Stark


very charming ne, it seems like they are sayin this each other

Tony    :     Dude, you are awesome
Bruce  :     no dude, you are more awesome ..
Tony    :     we both awesome then …

then they will laugh together ….

but still female version of HULK that will never happen, because who will get a very huge bra (it would be triple D Cup ne)to cover her breast anyway, at least they have to make some bikini or swim suit right?  … ajajajajaja nyaaaaaaaaa … *slapped by HULK*

allow me to say this pray or whatsoever you may name it  …

I am OK, calm, still and will be simple as magnolia forever …. *crossfingers*


noi         :    nee ya_san, do you know what i feel after i get mad like that?
yasu      :    what, guilty ….?
noi         :    yes, and also hungry ne because anger eats calories btw, see how is
HULK‘s body?
yasu      :    hey, can we stop this
HULK talking?


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