AHEAD Post : Eventually My Loyal Follower is Always .. (Another me, yasu and who else but HYDE?)

2 days ago, yesterday and until now, these videos are everywhere ..

start with this …

then The Making …

followed with the fast and amazing translation of mini interview on that making video from VAMPS UK Street Team on Facebook, you can read it here, but i am sure all of you already read that right? …

then today we all can hear the song itself , the full one. Because they said we can buy it from i-Tunes, even i hear it only available in Japan, but ….

~  thanks to how fast internet nowadays,
~  how BIG is the feeling to share among fans are …
~  and also because hey, it’s VAMPS we are talking about ne, i am sure you can find it by askin (read : type AHEAD) to Google


and yay,  we can enjoii this song together ….. !!!

Nee nee listen how they start it with that guitar intro, and when i am listening to this song, i can feel how the feeling of HYDE and KAZ about their plan to make a full English album, and this song is a very well start …


wen i watch the 1st short video,  i had to reply it about 3 times to realized if the man with glasses who was sit behind that girl with her adorable Sexperia is HYDE ….?


OMG … what the hell is happen to me …?


HYDE      :    you didn’t notice me …
noi           :    i am sorry …
HYDE      :    then what did you see, the phone?
noi           :    no, maybe i see the other you …

enough about HYDE and VAMPS even now i am still listening to that song while tryin to sing it, now the next question is

Where the hell is yasu ….?

yes, without the blog post from his team on the Official Blog since their last post about Mother’s Day,  i know he must be very busy now, maybe he is …

~   busy to prepare his next all over Japan Tour “Shangri-La” which i will skip all of it  #eww ..
~   maybe, i said maybe ne he is on his way of writing a new song for the next new single?
~   or he already wrote it, and now he just on the finishing part?
~   and many other things he may be busy with …

but still, i am sorry i have to do this …

yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu yasu ….. i am calling you yasu ….. #uuuuuu

yasu     :    stop it noi_chan, that’s annoying …
noi        :    i am sorry, but …
yasu     :    hey, you said that sorry twice …
noi        :    did i? well i just wanna tell you if i am still here, waiting for whatever you will give me  …
yasu      :   good,

Btw, not only me who is change_able, but the things around me also. Everything like my works, feelings, and how i write recently. ah ya, i didn’t write a lot recently ne.

But the truth is i am still writing daily like i used to be, but instead of posted it what i did mostly is just save it as draft, then read it the next afternoon before i write again then erase it because i thought it was not quite good/save to be publish everywhere. I erased about 10 of my very long rambling post, why?

~   believe me, that was a very long and boring post
~   i wrote a lot terrible things about peoples that i really hate,

the point of that post was about how i really hate them, and how i just want them to be vanished from this universe plus a lot of my inappropriate thoughts about them complete with inappropriate language i used. It feels like i was writing a death note for them

~  i put too much details about Mr. Friday on some of them,

so i think i will be in a very danger situation if i click the post entry button and you all know how open my blogs are. Everyone can be free to read it, so there will be a bigger chance of him (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) to find my blogs and read it ….

nah, that’s a total disaster for me …

yasu     :    what would you do, if that really happen?
noi        :   
Mr. Friday find this blog?
yasu     :    yeah …
noi        :    what else than kill one of these 2  :    this blog or myself
yasu     :    so 1st option hmm  ..

but then i think again ne, i did write a lot about Mr. Friday and all those boring 1,000,000 reasons why i am still not good enough to be with him and i wrote it over and over again. I think what i did make him less real. I mean soon he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) just becoming another fiction character in this blog.

Yes, he (read : Mr. Friday, not yasu) is real and exist, but only me who know the real Mr. Friday.

brilliant isn’t it …?

yasu     :    brilliant ? from where?
noi        :    see i give you ya_san, that character of
Mr. Friday
yasu     :    then next is my turn to be fiction?
noi        :    no, you are reall and after all FanFiction is not my division, indeed it never be
yasu     :    you are not in any division ne …
noi        :    だから, 心配しない ..  OK …

what can i say about my final of Mr. Friday is

no matter how hard i try to make my self worthy so i can be with him, i am still lack of everything.

So this way of turning him into a fictional character in this blog and make everyone think if he is not real but just a fictional character is my final way to deal with him and also make me feel much better.

my brain didn’t work very well recently, i made a lot of wrong calculations even my boss tellin me to get a new calculator. I also forgot a lot, i forgot how i already promised to somebody to scan Re-Birth pamphlet so when i said tomorrow on my Facebook message reply to her, it turned to be one week later …. ..

what a messy brain i have now. Ah ya, maybe there’s some of you also want to see this Re-Birth pamphlet, there you are …


PS   :   just click the image, and it will bring you to my Facebook album

i don’t use Photobucket again, because i don’t like the new version or am i the only one who is to fool to use it?

because the last time i use it and put a password on it suddenly when i tried to open it after a logged out from my account, the password didn’t work …

noi        :     do you think they can change the password ..
yasu     :     who?
noi        :     you know who …
yasu     :     ah, don’t ask me

well it just too complicated to use unlike the old one. So i give up to use it and from now on i will only upload to my Facebook. But don’t worry since i make it public you don’t have to add me to see it …

have i told you how i always get something to connect to everything happen to me from what HYDE did/said/wrote?.

maybe some of you will say ah, it just another my fangirl dramatic euphoria. But i told you again ne, whatever HYDE said/did/wrote things always touch me …

this time is with his new song that i listen over and over while i did my nonstop paperworks this afternoon  ….


Give way to just another day,
I start over again.
No way so hai ni naru made
It’s driving me insane.

World’s end sozo ukabete saki o uranae
I ask myself, What then can I do?

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.

Kimi ga ireba i
By my side I need just you stay.

Just stay the hell outta my way,
No time to be restrained.
I pray shinjiruga mama
I hope this path ain’t stained.

World’s end saigo no kodo de honshitsu ga mieru
I ask myself, what then can I do?

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.

Kuinaki jinsei e
By my side I need just you stay.

At world’s end hold to no regrets (×3)…
The light ahead.

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.
Sonohi ni nattara kimihadare to sugosu? Yeah

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.
Kimi ga ireba i
By my side I need just you stay.

source and credit in here

on my way home, it made me think a lot. This song lyrics just kinda like describe how my situations are now.

Give way to just another day,
I start over again.
No way so hai ni naru made
It’s driving me insane.

me, who start to work in a longer working hour than before and i feel like i just give away my another day and have to start over again this whatever i should have ended it a long time ago.

Those works are following me everywhere. And with this recent gadgets make it more easy to follow me, so eventually my works is my loyal followers …

like how now i follow yasu, it follows me everywhere ….

yasu       :    but you’re not following me …
noi          :    hello, i do follow you on twitter …
yasu       :    but not everywhere …
noi          :    i can do that if you want me to
yasu       :    really?
noi          :    i told you ne i am a wonder woman ..
yasu       :    yeah right …

Yes giving away my another day to pass very fast,  it is drivin me crazy and i wonder can i survive from this whatsoever scare me?

World’s end saigo no kodo de honshitsu ga mieru
I ask myself, what then can I do?

Everything I’m craving,
all the things I wanna do.
And I don’t know what to do,
I’m not done yet.
その日になったら君は誰と過ごす [Sonohi ni nattara kimihadare to sugosu] ?

if the day comes, you will pass with whom?, ah if this miserable life i am now end/reach the final chapter which i hope soon, i think i am not gonna be with anyone, but untill i reach the final chapter i will pass it by stay by Her Majesty‘s side ..

my mother, Her Majesty The Drama Queen is not unwell. Her health and her ridiculous emotion just not good recently. Yesterday she said she was sick so she went to her doctor (her doctor is very old ne, older than her). it scared me to hell just by imagine if there’s something wrong with her health.

eventually not only me who was worried about her health, because Her Majesty herself also scared about it. After her visit to her doctor and found out if she only bit stressed and need rest, she said to me how she affraid if she also get sick like my father.

The imaginations about how much money that we have to pay for her treatment and of course we have to hire at least one nurse to take care of her and her husband (ah ya, my dad) scared her a lot plus how i supposed to eat more and be healthy … etc etc and many more. She ended her scared rambling with :

I’ll get my medicine and go to sleep now Boo …

see how ridiculously dramatic she is, i mean i am really worry about her health while she worried about how much money we will pay? what the hell is that? Not only that, last week  i went home and found her cried alone in the kitchen …

i asked her               :   what happened, he did something to you again? ..
she answer me with  :   the water pump, it won’t work, we need to buy a new one …

eeeh, i thought so many bad things may happen to her ne but when i found out if she cried just for a broken water pump and how she said she don’t wanna bother me by ask another cash to buy a new one, ah  it just made me wanna cry.

oh come on, it just a water pump ne. It’s not a new car or a new house that i can’t afford to buy. Why she always like that, don’t wanna bother me? that’s nonsense. Now i don’t have a child yet so all this time i work for who? it always for myself and my family right? and she is one of it

i think i really have enough for her drama, not that kind of pathetic drama anymore. All i want is nothing but her health, and happy if it’s possible because i know she is not happy at all recently.  …

that’s why with not happy and not really healthy of Her Majesty i decided i will skip all the Shangri-La seasons, include the upcoming ones.

I am not gonna go anywhere far and leave her home alone deal a sick and bit crazy husband alone at least till next year, i will stay home and be on her side.

Because who knows maybe

next  2014 i will reach the Final Chapter of this Miserable Life …. *cross all mine and all my neighbor’s fingers*

noi       :    nee ya_san …
yasu    :    what, you also want my finger crossed?
noi       :    that would be great …
yasu    :    i think you already have enough, and i am not your neighbor …



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