Erect_ed Post : Finally, “Erect” Live DVD&Blu-ray Disc .. (Another me, yasu and My Lost in Auction)

Finally …..

that’s what i said when i saw this すごくE ! [Very E] post from  【Team Acid Black Cherry】 on the Official Blog today.  Yes, finally after answering this many same question :

is there any possibility of yasu to release this “Erect” Live on DVD?

from my fellows Acid Black Cherry fans last year, now the fact that they decided to release last year 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” on DVD and Blu-ray turned to be like a before summer (eh, or winter?) present for me … xD

Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”
LIVE DVD & Blu-ray Disc
Release :  2013/7/17

from 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” at Yoyogi National Stadium Gymnasium 2012.12.13 with offshoot footage from 6 performances of “Erect” Live recorded as a privilege image.

[DVD Edition (2 Disc)]
Item Number: AVBD-32224 ~ 5 (2 Discs)
Price: ¥ 6,300 (before tax ¥ 6,000)

[Blu-ray record]
High-quality image and sound
Item Number: AVXD-32226
Price: ¥ 7,000 (before tax ¥ 6,667)

with the same contents of both DVD and Blu-ray

◆ Main Part
Opening Movie
01. Maria
02. cord name 【JUSTICE】
03. Rakuen
04. in the Mirror
05. Jigsaw
06. Yasashii Uso
07. 1954 LOVE/HATE
08. doomsday clock
09. Aishitenai
10. イエス
11. Bit Stupid
12. Cherry Cherry
13. Murder Licence
14. Kuroi Taiyo
15. Pistol
16. Shojo no Inori Ⅲ

E1. so…Good night.
E2. Black Cherry

【W Encore】
WE1. Prologue End
WE2. Shangri La

~Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect”~

1st Limited Edition
◆ sleeve Specifications
◆ Live Photo Booklet (24P)

they didn’t put the part where yasu perform coupling track/cover song (GLAMOROUS SKY, Furare Kibun de Rock n roll, … etc) , but  i am sure you all know why they have to do that …

Pre_order :


DVD   I   Blu-ray

CD Japan :

DVD   I   Blu-ray


as they mentioned on their pre_order page, there will be a bonus poster if you buy from CD Japan . Not only that, if you scroll down again until the bottom of the page you will see if there’s 10% discount for this

Recreation 3 [CD+DVD]/ Acid Black Cherry

Recreation 3 [CD+DVD]/Acid Black Cherry

from 2857 yen to  2571yen  …..  #waw …PS   :  i’ll edit this post with another updated pre-order

back to the  すごくE ! [Very E] post, they (read :  【Team Acid Black Cherry】) wrote you probably remember about yasu said this

ただ、みんなと騒ぐきっかけが欲しかったんです 」

「i think I am not a type who celebrates the 5th anniversary and any special occasion, However, I wanted a chance to make some noise with everyone 」

omo,  think i am the only stupid fans who can’t remember about it. I mean when did yasu say that?  …. wekekekeke . …xD


yasu     :   really noi_chan, you don’t remember ?
noi        :   i am not sure ..
yasu     :   don’t say you don’t even know i said that ..
noi        :   i know, i know ya_san, but ..
yasu     :   you, never do your homework …
noi        :   heee … *busted*

but even i don’t remember exactly when did he (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) said that, but still i am sooo fu**in happy they finally decided to release “Erect” Live on DVD and Blu-ray with this amazing cover.

The silhouette of yasu from back and one of his shoulder like that. As i always say, his shoulders are always my fave part of yasu.


sekushiii, isn’t he? …. he he he

i haven’t do my pre_order yet, because i am still wait for what the FC edition and mu-m0 will have as bonus, because as what they said on this Official Website


they will announce it on Monday, June 3rd about the details for FC, FC mobile and mu-mo edition of this “Erect” Live DVD. I am bit of doki doki about this ne, maybe this doki doki of which one that i will choose to order and keep myself not to be dragged by the selfish/greed inside of me who always want everything.

so i am gonna stay calm and wait ne, because i don’t want to left away again, like how i was left away to get the Booklet bonus of 「Recreation 3」 Album from TSUYATA while i only buy the FanClub version both for w/DVD and CD only

See if you read this 「Recreation 3」特典イロイロ第二弾! post, on this part


TSUYATA gave a booklet as a bonus . A 16 pages booklet with a long interview related to the production of the album Recreation 3」 plus the self liner notes by yasu himself!

i thought i can get it just by buy it via TSUYATA, simple like that. But then my proxy is the one who told me if that booklet is for pre_order only, so yes, i left away again ….

i know i know i can see all the self liner notes by yasu on but what can i do?  i still want that booklet from TSUYATA and finally after let myself lost a lot in so many auction sites, i found it and


got it … !!!!

eh no, i mean i will get it because it’s still on my proxy home btw and she is still busy traveling somewhere i have no idea so she can’t send it to me. but ah it’s fine, because i already got it. That’s the important ne …

it’s a bit freakin ne even for me. I myself who always have a faith to this being fangirl and support your idol, it doesn’t mean you have to buy all your idol’s stuffs sentence ne, i really do.

But for Acid Black Cherry/yasu related stuffs somehow that sentence just leave me, leave me alone and let me say i want that, i want that to my PC over and over like an idiot.

Yes, i might be 360 idiot by how i let myself to think every Acid Black Cherry/yasu related stuffs are something that i can’t avoid to get/buy .

But this

Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live “Erect” LIVE DVD is very un_avoidable, indeed it is


noi        :   but thank God, i still can avoid to  get the Blu-ray …
yasu     :   because you don’t have the player …
noi        :   ah, how did you know that …
yasu     :   still greed, as always



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