A Bit Stupid Post : Ship &The Fan-Shipping in This Fandom World .. (Another me, yasu and team_yasu)


i dunno why i feel so Happy …

and that this happiness i feel has no reason, so yes, i knew it must be somethin wrong. I mean is there any possibility for people to feel happy with no reason? Just feel happy like that?

That’s impossible, ah ya you may add that impossible / ありえない with some sexy way like what yasu did on this Bit Stupid Free Life 2011 performance  …. xD

and still, it is ありえない, ….. !!!!

Bit Stupid,  is my fave from all 25 videos of Free Live 2011 on Acid Black Channel. Eh god,

what’s more funny than how Junji teased yasu by not giving him one beat with his drum while yasu already move his body as sexy as he can be very sexy ….?

and then suddenly after watch that video above i feel it is forever OK to be a Bit Stupid and do some Stupid things sometime … xD

but even for a Bit Stupid me, i still believe there should be a reason for anything happen for what you feel. maybe i was really need to take some days off, because i took 2 days of and …

here i am just happy and a little Bit Stupid like this ….


yasu     :    just like that?
noi        :   yes, what a simple sugoii ne …
yasu     :   yeah, whatever …

nah because this is a Bit Stupid post, let’s begin the Bit Stupid of me ….

~    Ship &The Fan-Shipping Things in Fandom ..

well, it was started when i saw someone posted about Hayamoto (sounds like a name of a ship ne …xD) on Tumblr complete with how perfect is yasu and aya as a couple . I found out if she is Aya Sakamoto one of the DREAM (i think it is a Japanese girl band who also a fan of Acid Black Cherry)’s member,  .

at that time the foolish me was like

*  eeeehhh        :    what happened?
*  eeeehhh #2   :    a couple …?
*  eeeehhh #3   :    yasu and aya, who is aya ?

complete with a tone like how a mother accidentally found out if her lovely adorable son already secretly engaged to a girl that she don’t even know , you know like you all see in the drama recently …


yasu     :    a new drama?
noi        :    yes, i’ll be your wicked stepmother …
yasu     :    but, noi_chan ..
noi        :    i’ll get the script for you …
yasu     :    what script

and then another ..

*  eeeehhh #4 :  is this a new gossip? from where? Friday magazine ? why nobody is talking or post about this? … etc etc

even until they said about how they ship them (yasu and aya) together because how much they love them both, i still don’t get if everything is also fangilring stuffs, fanfic exactly.

until today when somebody finally posted about that Hayamoto with a complete explanation on this Acid Black Cherry group on Facebook (team_yasu), i finally know if all of it, the Hayamoto ship that shipped yasu and aya in this fandom world is just another version of fangirling …



i must be blinded eh, blinded so deeply because how i never know if when a fan say

this  —– >  i ship yasu and aya,

has the same meaning with

this   —–>  pairing : yasu and aya,  on fanfics …

that’s totally beyond my mind ne, all i ever know and think about whenever i hear about ship and shipping word is literally a ship or a shipping fee that i have to pay for my stuffs from CD Japan or other online shopping to my home …

that’s why i can’t stop to laughed at myself because how blinded i was. But hey this is fun ne. I mean this is the 1st time for me to read about this fan-shipping thing between yasu to another artist other than HYDE.

and it is very normal when you love/support 2 artists and it ended with you feel how perfect they will be as a couple and you wish for that will happen.

Maybe because i am still here, stuck in this endless Bahama Love Triangle of yasu and HYDE.  See i am stuck between both of them just like my twitter cover, so my fangirl radar  only read how fans often make a pairing/shipped both yasu and HYDE together in a fanfic.

and if i make/write or think about a fanfic, sure i will ship yasu and HYDE together, which i never do because as you all know how i don’t do fanfics and i’d rather choose to ship both of them differently,

you know in a different container …… #whaaa ha ha ha

yasu       :     nee noi_chan, that’s the same with your comment there ..
noi          :    OMG, you know? but don’t worry i type it again ne, not just copy and paste it here
HYDE     :    is she talking about us …?
yasu       :    ignore her HYDE_san, she’s just
Bit Stupid tonight.
HYDE     :    only tonight or …
yasu       :     i don’t know …
noi          :     hee guys, come on  …

OK, i better stop talkling about this ship and this fan-shipping because the next one is not a Bit Stupid of me, but i am a Bit Smart about this

~    My Social Networks and PC’s Conspiracy of Lust  ..

when you see all of these in under Shower of …

*  yasu on my Facebook Home

one of my friend post that on her Facebook.

Oh God, that image it’s like forever for me. I mean when did the last time i saw that? it’s part from Free Live 2007 pamphlet right? i don’t even dare to scan that pamphlet ne and don’t ask me why ….

and then somehow i saw this

*  benny  on my Tumblr Dash

on STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, they deleted that scene btw and they choose to kee the Doctor lady’s change scene, with her only wear her bra and panties.

you don’t have to be a genious to guess what the hell is happen and what kind of song really fit for the Lust moment that my Social Networks conspiracy gave me. And the perfect song is none other than this …

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain …. *singing*

and last, instead of Bit Stupid of me, it’s a BIG Stupid of me

~    Blog design, costumize template and Hosting questions ..

Maybe some already now, if i also have another blog on WordPress with the same contains as the others on LiveJournal or Ameblo. Last week, when i open my mail, there was a notification from WordPress.

As always, there wil be a notification when someone add a comment there so i can choose whether i will aprove or not aprove that coment. That’s one my fave thing about WordPress, so there will be no a spam comments ne  …

and the comment is all about —–>  this post

when i approved the 1st comment, i thought hey, he/she must be love yasu or HYDE like me. But then as i received another email notifications i knew this not all about fangirling for yasu and HYDE stuffs …

and the worst part is i dunno how to answer that questions ne, i don’t even get what they really want from me. Yes, it is my blog and i made it that way, so it look like that, but how and what kind of template and hosting? heee really ? ….

That’s why i choose not to approve the rest of the comments. Let’s just say …

They don’t Ask, I don’t Tell … wekekekeke ….

yasu     :     but they did ask noi_chan  ..
noi        :     still, i don’t tell
yasu     :     why …
noi        :     because ya_san, i am not Jim from IT
yasu     :     i never call you Jim ne



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