Sunday Post : Hey, It’s June Already …!!! (Another me, yasu and FREE ..? Really?)

before July it’s June, and look at this man gave us …

that June look …… !!!! 

when i changed that calendar from the Hard May to this Whatever Upcoming June, it made me say : eeehhh, what with that look …? for me it’s like a questioning or doubt look. And at that time, in my mind he (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) said all of this questions …

~    Hey, what have you done …
~    What, what was that …?
~    Don’t you ever think about that … etc  etc many more …

and if you see again all of his photos in magazines, pamphlets, postcards or flyers, i am sure you will find the same images of yasu in that look which somehow it always make me a bit creepy.

Why did i say creepy …

it because it make me realized how crazy i am about all of him and how far and deep i’ve been dragged by whoever he/she was into his fandom (whom i am gonna say : センキューベリマッチ!! ).

I mean  there’s nobody in this world who will say if yasu say the ” Hey, what have you done … ” to me except myself (or you may say my other self ) . So the point is

yes, i may be a BIG (not Bit) Crazy about this, but at least that can make me a Bit Happy ….


noi       :  see that’s a win win situation ne …
yasu    :  really …?
noi       :  sure.  you happy, i am happy and they also happy …
yasu    :  they, who?
noi       :  ah, you know who …

OK, let’s see what’s on this Whatever Upcoming June …

~  1st, of course we must take a look to this 6月! from 【Team Acid Black Cherry】.

they started it with how excited they (whoever wrote that post) are about this upcoming summer. Because for them it’s about this next DVD and Blu-ray of “Erect” Live and of course Shangri La project very soon and they also said about yasu edited the DVD himself? …

and because it’s already June i’d say

yes dears, you all may start the counting down to next Jully 17th when the DVD and Blu-ray of “Erect” Live will be out, play with numbers  inside your brain and say a lot of

Jully, come right away onegaiiii ….. !!!!

there are so many different fans in this word, even in this fandom. So it is always normal when all of them have their own different way to express their excitement about this upcoming DVD and Blu-ray of “Erect” Live and how they sho to the world how they feel ready about to get a mass Erec_ted again by yasu via DVD and Blu-ray


among all the various way of fan’s excitement expresions, somehow i feel bit annoyed the say Hweee, really …? to my PC when i saw comments or post like this

~     can’t wait for this, even it would be great if they make it Free again like the last Free Live 2011


then i say my 1st of  Hweee, really …?

because even yes, they gave us the last Free Live 2011 as one of the presents of 4th Anniversary but it doesn’t mean he (read : yasu, not Mr. Friday) has to give another or the next 5th Anniversary Live for free right? …


after all as yasu said how he is not olny a man who do a band, sing and write songs but he also a businessman who have to bear the raw materials cost and taxes.

so from now on, can we at least look at the bright sight ne, in this non Free 5th Anniversary “Erect” Live DVD and Blu-ray there will be an Offshoot bonus ne, nah that’s what we cannot see on the last 4th Anniversary Free Live 2011

then another one is this ..

~   so excited, can’t wait for the torrents ….!!!

i say OMG, followed with my 2nd of  Hweee, really …? but then i think ah that person i am sure she/he never watch the amazing Brad Pitt and Edward Norton’s Fight Club ne,


yasu     :    i think you said that because you can’t do torrents …
noi        :    eeeh, don’t say that loud ne …
yasu     :    you, selfish girl …
noi        :    and you ya_san, you should watch Fight Club ….

Free, Free, Free, Fureeee  he he he ?

…  ah there you are i finally beat the lazy of me and finished this Free Live 2011 MC 5 and 6 ne, it should be the last part but too bad i lost the last part MC7 and 2012 DVD Offshoot that i already did


Enjoiii ne …. !!!!

I have no idea who the hell screwed up with my PC at office. This the problem if you (eh no, i mean me) work with more than one PCs. I never did that before ne, i used to bring my laptop everywhere and did all my stuffs with it.

But i can’t do that anymore since my accident because my after broken hand and shoulders could not bear anything more than 5 kg. So right now i use a smaller bag with only purse, 2 phones, some cash and notes inside

and i use 2 different PCs now, get confused and always forget to put what i did or half did on a fashdisk or at least move it to my phone. Then the next morning when i want to conitue or hard subb it, it’s already gone …

not only that,  i do always think working with more than one PC make me feel like a whore, me moving from this PC into another PC like a whore from one man to another man, and they when the whore get sick and the doctor said to her if she got HIV

she doesn’t know she got it from who …

yasu    :    no, no noi_chan  …
noi       :    it can be happen ne ..
yasu    :    yes, but if she is a professional she will use a condom ..
noi       :    ah ya, i never think about that ..
yasu    :    go find another analogy ..

i will do that tomorrow btw, now it’s time for me to close this post because i have an appointment with this man on my telly tonight at 23:00 PM ne.

yes, he is Mark Ruffalo a.k.a Dr. Bruce Banner on The Avengers. I dunno why i see him all over my telly.

I even thought the man who play as the Dracula on Fright Night 1985 is him.  Hell yeah, Fright Night 1985 is a very scary movie ne, indeed i think the 1985 version is more better than the lattest one with David Tennant and Collin Farrel)

and tonight i am gonna watch him with Jennifer Garner on 13 Going on 30 again. Well i always 13 Going on 30 ne, maybe because this is the female version of Tom Hanks’s BIG. A movie about a child who really wanna be adult and then they got it she/he regret it and want to back to their teenage time

and after watch this i think i know why he is The HULK, it’s because he did this Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance … !!!

last but not least is, i … yes, me already made a decision ne and i think it would be glorious for me and sure make me happy if i write it here as the closing post …

1.  I decided to join the #30HariMenulis like some of my Facebook’s Friends

#30HariMenulis (read : #30DaysWriting) is something like a movement or project where we who join this have to write everyday. Write about anything and anywhere. Since i have this blog so of course i will write in here even i will only get 28 days because …

i am gonna start that tomorrow ne. I will write daily about everything like how i use to write and yes, this blog might be boring for the next June. I will write everyday about yasu, this fangirling, and …

of course about you know who ….. *crossed fingers*


noi     :   so よろしくお願いします …. *bounce*
yasu  :   btw, can you erase the last one  …?
noi     :   i am affraid i can’t
yasu  :   boring …
noi     :   but i erased the mad/haters post ne …

so i promise i will keep myself not to put something about me getting mad to someone or how bitch i was this day to others, because from now on i also decided that …

2.    I am not gonna be so easily angry anymore ….

because i am affraid if i let this happen it will ended with me have to find the right doctor to fix me. And the worst part is if i go to Dr. Bruce Banner and  ask him to fix me he will say this …

then where should i find another doctor? and i can’t be fixed forever ? , eeehhh that’s very scary ne. then after all i think …

my life is too short to spend just by mad and angry everyday …

noi       :    so, how is it …?
yasu    :    OK ..
noi       :    センキューベリマッチ ..
yasu    :   
then what would you do in your spare time?
noi       :    well, i’ll think about that



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