1st Post : Erect Original Earphone Cord Reel? (Another me, yasu and #30HariMenulis)


they updated The Official Website with this  upcoming “Erect” Live DVD and Blu-ray benefits,  that we all been waiting for, at least me .

~    FC  Edition from mu-mo

to all of you who joined the Janne Fan Club, Madmoiselle Ananatachi you can go to the mu-m0 FC special site, because they also updated their site so when i go there i got  this view….

Sugooiii nee …… !!!

so if you buy that “Erect” Live DVD or Blu-ray from mu-m0 FC special site, they will give you an Original Earphone Cord Reel ne. Honestly i had no idea what the hell is that bonus, then i said …

eeh they will give an earphone as bonus, really?


noi         :     Whaaahaaha ha ha ….
yasu      :     not funny …
noi         :     OK OK my mistake ne  i didn’t read it right,
yasu      :     you never read anything right …

so they will give you Erect Original Earphone Cord Reel, a reel for your earphone’s cord. Well because i am clueless about that, so before i write this post i Google_d it and finally i get what they all talking about,

Oh I love Google , don’t you?

an Original Earphone Cord Reel with some Erect and of course yasu details? that would be my 1st great ne. because there’s never be a cord reel for my earphone …. #whoaaaaa

~    FC Mobile Edition from mu-mo

for Mobile FC members, if they choose to buy it from mu-mo FC Mobile special site, they will get a mini clear file  as a bonus. One interesting about  FC Mobile edition is they always give a mini clear file ne as i remember from 少女の祈り III single until the last 「Recreation 3」 album.

i even saw somebody who always purchased all her/his singles and albums from FC Mobile ne so she/he has all of the mini clear file series.

And yes, of course she/he is a FC Mobile ember. Nah can you imagine how much  rare/limited photos of Acid Black Cherry/yasu on her/his phone ? …

just don’t, don’t imagine it …

~   mu-mo Edition

this site is open for all, i mean you don’t have to be a member of Janne Fan Club to buy there. And if you decided to buy “Erect” Live DVD or Blu-ray from mu-mo you will get a B2 poster .

As always, the poster from mu-mo is gonna be different from  other online shop, i think this is gonna be an interesting point for a fans who tend to be a poster collector.

You can go here to start your order

DVD       :    http://shop.mu-mo.net/a/item1/?jsiteid=mumo&seq_exhibit_id=87253

Blu-ray :    http://shop.mu-mo.net/a/item1/?jsiteid=mumo&seq_exhibit_id=87250

yes, yes, yes that store is Japan Only, but it’s not impossible for you to buy it, just find some shopping service that will do the order for you , There’s so many shopping service all over net ne,

so if you want this  mu-mo poster bonus, you better start to do your research ne before SHERLOCK say this to you instead of Anderson (eh, or to Japp?) …

enough about this ABC CM post, and let’s wait for another details from [Team ABC Official] on their regular post on The Official Blogabout me ….

eeh i might get worst in calculation  because i got 2 different results from 3 different calculations  ….

~ 16,644,060 + 4,140,890 + 873,590 – 2,390,000 – 2,105,000 – 2,373,000 = 14,790,000
~ (16,644,060 + 4,140,890 + 873,590) – (2,390,000 + 2,105,000 + 2,373,000) = 14,817,540
~ (16,644,060 – 2,390,000) + (4,140,890 – 2,105,000) + (873,590 – 2,373,000) = 14,790,000

and it took my whole morning to figured out the 27,000 different …. #eeee bloody hell

then i know my boss is really right when he told me to get a new calculator while sayin if there’s too much yasu on my brain than numbers. But thank God, he didn’t ask me to get a new brain ne,

A new calculator is not a problem, but a new brain …?


yasu    :   you might need one
noi       :   where can i get a new brain?
yasu    :   a brain store?
noi       :   that’s not funny ne

~ owari~


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